2012 ram 3500 crew cab laramie l
Altair Club Cars 2012 RAM 3500 Crew Cab Laramie Longhorn Review and Specs

2012 RAM 3500 Crew Cab Laramie Longhorn Review and Specs

2012 Ram 3500 Crew Cab Laramie Longhorn review. 2013 Ram 3500 Crew Cab walk around. Don Marshall Ram in Kentucky

Hey we’re here today with dale hansford he’s our new car manager in the chrysler dodge jeep and ram department he’s going to show us a couple of features on this brand-new 2012 ram 3500 crewcab laramie longhorn right yep so dale give us a quick overview on some of the outside features on this truck what’s different about this truck this is one of our best-selling

Trucks here dump marshal which it is one of the most loaded trucks that you can get we try to equip these for the people it’s going to be using them this is a 12 2012 ram 3500 crewcab longhorn which it’s got the high output cummins diesel on the inside which it’s got 800 foot pound of torque which is awesome pulling trailers i’ve got a lot of guys using these

Trucks to work with everyday cattle trailers travelers you name it and they they’ve got the tool to get the job done just a really really awesome truck you’ll see the long horn is pretty much standard with everything it’s going to come with your your alcohol rims on the outside your fog lights you can get it in a monotone trim which what that means is that you

Can get it in a solid black or you can get it in two tone either way you can also get the color keyed steps or you can get the chrome steps which it comes standard with chrome mirrors the long horn badging the chrome door handles spray in bedliner have a lot of people asking about the rear ends in these you can get a 342 or a 373 or a 410 depending on what size

Loads you’re pulling and that’s going to make a difference in your fuel mileage too just a really really awesome truck a lot of other features that come standard your rear backup camera is going to come standard on the longhorn you see the islander forward the locking tailgate your built in the trailer tow wiring for a four-way and 7-way it’s got your rear backup

Sensors back here that way when you put it in reverse if something’s behind you it’s going to beep for you you can it’s actually locked right now but it’s actually got the factory spray in bed liner on the inside really really nice they’ve got the dodge emblems the berber inserts you’ll notice the one morning – this one actually does not have the dvd in it but that

Is an option it’s one of the only options that you can do on this truck unless you’re downsizing that on the back seat if you notice the buckles the nice edging on the seats the long horn you can get it with or without this most of our buyers seem to like this etching in the seat it’s like a fan it’s a really really really nice also standard on all these very

Cabs you have stores and the in the crew cab area that you can take out what you could use this as a cooler or storage whatever whatever you want yeah makes it really nice if you’ll notice all the legroom back here i mean these crew cabs are are awesome on the inside child safety door locks got all the safety features on the inside which your longhorns going to

Come standard with your power seat on both sides it’s got your dual dash on the inside and it’s also got where you can actually plug your ipod or your computer in which makes it really nice you can program your music in and it’ll actually download it’s actually got memory in the stereo so it’ll actually remember your music on the inside it makes it really nice but

Everything’s a lot of stores on the inside there cupholders everywhere cupholders in the door cupholders up here you’ve also got electrical outlet up here on top on the dash that you can actually actually use to run run electric something on these longhorns with the leather on the inside you’ve got heated and cooled seats which they’re actually ventilated whatever

Your temperature the inside is going to actually bend light through the seats you’re also going to have heated steering wheel your volume controls and your settings for your radio you can actually flip the room on the steering wheel makes it real nice so you don’t have to take your eyes on of course the big console in the center it’s got plugins for your phone she’s

Got a lot of storage on the inside these trips are awesome if you notice the the burner wood trim on the inside it’s got the nice leather look up at the top it’s going to come standard with your alpine stereo i mean it’s it’s a truck that sets itself apart from all the competition comes with a five-year hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty and a thirty-year

Thirty-six bumper-to-bumper it’s the best truck out there if you want something that’s going to take you there in style and at an affordable price you need to look us up

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2012 RAM 3500 Crew Cab Laramie Longhorn Review and Specs By Don Franklin

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