2012 ram 2500 crew cab 44 diesel
Altair Club Cars 2012 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4×4 Diesel Stock # DCG301036 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA

2012 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4×4 Diesel Stock # DCG301036 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA

Look at this beast!! Bright White 2012 Ram 2500 Laramie Crew Cab with a Cummins 6.7L I6 Turbodiesel and Automatic Transmission. Go anywhere you want in style in this lifted Cummins Ram Laramie. Comes with 20″ Moto Wheels and 37.5″ Tires. Other options include Heated/Cooled Power Leather Seats, Bluetooth, Backup Camera, Heated Steering Wheel, Heated Rear Seats, Spray in Bedliner, Tow Package with Mirrors, Touch Screen Alpine Sound, and much more!!

Here we got a 2012 ram 2500 laramie 104 000 mouth reowner vehicle in white uh yeah i’m a short guy so i’m gonna hold this phone up but as you can tell this one’s lifted up we got after-market suspension i think we got 37.5 inch tires with aftermarket wheels on this thing it is an absolute beast we had a hard time getting it into the showroom but this truck is

Everything you would want uh in a in a lifted heavy-duty diesel and we’re just gonna kind of walk chuck here and show you what you got uh you can see there we got the chrome uh lariat grille classic dodge crosshair with the louvers see we’ve got the chrome lower bumper fascia with integrated fog lights halogen headlamps when you come around to the side this is

Where it gets fun you can see we’ve got uh moto metal wheels i think we got 20 inches maybe yes 20 inch wheels tires are about eight nine thirty seconds so we’re still about half tread there on them you can see brand uh new brakes uh on that front that’s one thing we do pride ourselves here at all things automotive do use car mechanical check on all our vehicles

Find the results of that inspection signed off by the technician that performed it in the glove box of all of our cars you can see it does have the chrome capped with signal uh trailer mirrors and as we open this up you’ll notice um leather interior um ebony leather looks like we got some offset white stitching full console in between a little bit of synthetic

Wood grain on the door panels and in the center display there as you can see as well and just pop this open and show you the repair port you can see we do have the books there and i want to show you the uh the report as well you can see uh 7 30 seconds on the tires and then brand new brakes on the front and the rear 19s and 15s so you won’t have to spend any

Money on routine maintenance items uh on this particular vehicle now coming around to the back again you can see it does have the floor liners all the way around on it good looking interior there on the back you can see you do have heated rear seats on this laramie laramie is the top level trim here so we do have heated rear seats as well as front you can see a

Power supply there also coming around to the back i think we got the six foot four inch bed uh of course we got the fender extenders which has to be for the size tire that we have as we look underneath you can see enough no frame oxidation a little bit of surface rust there but no rusting issues uh on the frame or chassis uh you can see it does have a magnaflow

Uh aftermarket exhaust uh we do have the bumper sensors there with the trailer hitch uh does have uh all the badging backup cameras you can see power sliding rear window we got soft to no cover on there and we also have the fifth wheel hitch as well as the spray in bed liner so this thing will do whatever you need it to do coming around to the side just show you

All these moto wheels are in good shape and again just give you a shot of the frame rail you can see no oxidation issues does have the five inch round door-to-door step bars and the chrome door handles it’s a clean interior no rips or tears other than in this front driver seat which we actually have a brand new uh cover ordered it hasn’t come in yet so our parts

Supply is a little delayed i will show you uh there are some tears here but we will have a brand new cover put on this truck uh whoever buys it next you can also see we do have memory seats full power including lumbar we do have your power windows locks and mirrors right there on the side of the door we also got power pedals on the side of the uh cluster there with

The integrated brake controller we’ve got your headlamp controls with your push button fogs and your cargo light and dimmer there so let’s go ahead and climb in just beeping on it because we got the key in the ignition here but let’s go ahead and turn this on let the diesel warm up here for a minute here we go and while that warms up let’s show you the carfax uh

Three owner vehicle it does have a minor damage incident on the carfax which i’ll show you uh not an accident related just minor damage i’m sorry for under vehicle now let’s go ahead and show you the minor damage incident it happened on the right front corner and it looks like it happened prior to four six sorry it kind of goes over two pages here so yeah there

You go damage on the right side happened on 10 21 of 15 so it was quite a long time ago and like i say it was minor damage uh it was not an accident uh it says minor damage is usually cosmetic including dents and scratches so nothing to be alarmed of there but we do always provide the carfax we keep it right on dash continuing the tour here we do have the high

Beams turn signals intermittent wiper washers on the stem to the left got a column shifter here with the ability to select any of the gears in the center we do have your blue bluetooth here on the top with your navigation of your center display as you can see as i kind of toggle back and forth down here cruise control was to the right does have the electronic

Shift on the fly four wheel drive transfer case does have your am fm satellite radio as you can see uh also has the ability to play mp3 files through usb or auxiliary we do have your dual climate control so we can go down here to auto select our temperatures you can see and it will automatically then keep it to that temperature we also got heated and cooled seats

Here in the front as well as a heated steering wheel so it’s all loaded up uh power supply here in the center you can see a couple cup holders and then here if we look over you can see another power supply in the in the console uh it does have a factory sunroof does have a power slider on your rear uh window your universal home link auto dim on your rear view and

It does have illuminated visors there on the driver and the passenger side so this thing is uh completely decked out you can also see is the upgraded alpine sound it’s a completely decked out truck accessorized to the max said the weathertech floor liners all the way around let’s go ahead and take a peek underneath the hood here and there you see the 6.7 liter

Cummins engine trusted true reliable no exhaust leaks no fluid leaks no corrosion on the battery terminal all your essential check and fill points denoted with the yellow dipstick handles and caps makes it easy to navigate you see it does have the cab lights up top as well let’s go ahead and shut this monster off here and get into the last portion of the video

Now just to recap uh we got the four owner vehicle with a minor damage incident no accident reported from carfax uh we have a half treader better tires with all new brakes all the way around last part of making form buying decision is cosmetic appearance so we got a little scrape there on the wheel liner um just kind of walk around a couple little stone chips here

On this door uh it is a 12 we’re to have a couple a couple little spots here chipping the paint there but not bad at all you know not really minor scratches across the top of the bed rail there but as we look down that side no major things or dents does have the body color with vent visors i can’t really get up high enough to show you the roof but it’s in good

Shape as well you can see there the couple little dents here in the rear bumper not too hateful tailgate again a couple little scratches a couple little marks around the lip there but nothing out of the ordinary on truck you’re always gonna have a little bit of damage on the bedsides typically and uh when the tailgate area of a truck because you know obviously

People use trucks to do truck things haul things in the back just a couple little stone ships here i’m pointing out to you as we’re walking up the passenger side now there’s a few up there by the top part of that door mirror caps look pretty good though and again as we shoot down this side you can see there’s really no major dings or dents other than the few

That i pointed out here uh we do have a little crinkle here in the chrome portion of the bumper and then across the hood again a couple little chips you can see i’ll point a few of them out a little bit of light scratching there across the chrome uh grill area and a few more chips up on the hood but all in all guys where are you going to find a uh 12 diesel only

104 000 mile on a 12 diesel this thing’s just getting broken in um all accessorized to the match you know if you were gonna do these types of modifications brand new you’d have probably six thousand dollars wrapped up into the modifications that are done in this truck it’s all done up for you it’s ready to drive and have fun with if you’re interested a few ways of

Getting a hold of us come visit us two one five one eight great road in mcconnellsburg pennsylvania give us a call eric code717-485-4224 hit option one for sales of course you can shop 24-7 online www.allthanksautomotive.com again my name is kevin richards i appreciate your time watching this video i hope you found it beneficial and i wish you an excellent day

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2012 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4×4 Diesel Stock # DCG301036 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA By All Things Automotive

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