2012 ram 1500 slt crew cab big h
Altair Club Cars 2012 RAM 1500 SLT CREW CAB Big Horn

2012 RAM 1500 SLT CREW CAB Big Horn

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Hey this is mike check out this this truck is one of my favorite truck something a lot right now it’s the it’s a ram 1500 always like that but um it’s the ram 1500 bighorn with a hemi 5.7 liter it’s got look at it it’s got the nice beefy tires compared to the you know like the other trucks you see that other one over there you can tell bigger rims bigger tires

It’s a nice dark blue can’t really tell the color too much this is that time of year where there’s pollen all over it but it’s a nice dark blue and and that is the crew cab big doors it’s got the nice dual exhaust to go with the hemi your towing package down there that’s the big horn and there’s some big horns for you right there right now that’s me and got a

Little backup camera you see right here his little camera i’ll show you that when we get inside the front and let’s see what the bed looks like i got a mat there not bad at all already let’s go around here check out the interior you’ve got a 2-ton black with a like a light tan you got pockets here here and here so i like about rams i got pockets everywhere even

Hidden ones here we go check this out you got the little pocket here you can put drinks in or whatever and this little thing comes out and you can empty it and then put it back in the ice or whatever and you get your cup holders there we’ve got rear air conditioning vents a little power supply and you’ve got the center console back here so arm rest and also a

Cup holder and this comes up and got even more storage here same thing on the other side by the way we’ve got a whole big section goes all the way down in there and you can put stuff and then it covers it up and then you just put a seat down and then that way it’s completely out of the way but yeah this is a nice truck and i like this little handle right here so

That ways give it in that easier maybe you can tell the color here a little bit better sister she’s less piling on it so yes a nice like a dark blue and here’s the front we’ve got the same type of pockets here and you got cup holders and in a big pocket here and the automatic headlights you’ve got a pocket right here you’ve got the electronic seat controls and

Lumbar support which is a huge thing for me you can make the seat that part of the seat go in and out it makes it really comfortable alrighty and then you’ve got a pocket here it’s long and a hole size file folder can fit right in there and that’s a rough you can see it let’s get that pocket there it’s got some steering let me go ahead get in all righty get the

Nice round there we’ll turn the stereo down and the air conditioning on right here get that going getting kind of warm in here all right it’s got the alpine now if you can see that let’s see you zoom in yeah alpine sound system and you’ve got like little pockets here and you’ve got a power supply there we’ve got a pocket pocket right here the pocket here another

Power supply there you’ve got two cup holders here and here a little pocket here and a pocket right in here and then you’ve got your big nice armrest with a ram on it it’s arm rests it could be like a little desk all right something then it comes up there’s the original sticker information and then you’ve got a place there to put maybe a tablet or something and

The power supply there alrighty and then with that lifts up even further and you’ve got this huge pocket huge can you know container and then you’ve got little pockets on each corner here so that’s nice alrighty turn the heat off in there can i shawn accidentally had it there and yeah and you’ve got this comes up and you’ve got a pocket nice big open space there

With a usb port there and you’ve got your glove compartment too and you got a pocket right over there in that corner underneath the event you see the pocket right there and of course you got your pockets in the doors and your steering wheel controls here and here plus you’ve got on the back of the steering wheel here you can adjust the volume to the stereo and on

The other side here you’ve got you can change your stations and stuff and then you’ve got a it’s got a lot of features as vehicle alright so you see if you can see that on the camera it has a full menu where you can check the tire pressure and different things on the vehicle like twelve coolant temperature oil temperature stuff like that transmission temperature

Engine hours and you pretty much get a lot of information for this menu and let’s see tire pressure shows the exact how a tire pressure in each tire any stuff like that you got a digital compass on the top and you got a digital temperature on the top right and there’s your nice easy to read gauges love that ram on the steering wheel that looks i don’t know why but

Uh i like stuff like that all righty and alright let’s go ahead and just i’m gonna put my foot on the brake and i’m gonna put it in reverse and then that way we get to see our backup camera now if you can see that right seers reflection the hood looks like but he has a backup camera the shows exactly what’s behind the vehicle you can see the shadow right here that’s

The shadow of this vehicle that we’re in and and that way when you’re backing up you can see out back you can see out there pretty good you know in all directions but the camera just adds another level of safety and also so you can back up trailers you know hook up to a trailer or something a little bit easier all right that’s the backup camera and i also have some

Up here we have some garage door controls and we have the sliding control for your sliding rear glass right here that up alrighty and then we have got your little lights right here here here and the visors got a little light there and of course one on that side and you got your nice handles here on both sides there’s just a ton of features in this vehicle so if

You want to come out and check it out take it for a test drive my name is mike it’s a 2012 dodge ram stock numbers five zero zero 2-1 and so if you want to check it out my name is mike my phone number and email address will be in the description all right i’ll see you next time

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2012 RAM 1500 SLT CREW CAB Big Horn By MikesCarInfo

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