2012 nissan versa review
Altair Club Cars 2012 Nissan Versa Review

2012 Nissan Versa Review

Nissan Versa is an automobile nameplate used by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan in North America and Australia

Lacy this is the least expensive car sold in canada the nissan versa it starts at just eleven thousand seven hundred and ninety eight dollars now granted it’s got a manual transmission roll-up windows remember those but the fact that you can get a brand new car roll it off the lot with a full warranty a full complement of airbags and stability control for under

Twelve thousand dollars is miraculous now zack i don’t think a lot of people will be buying the base versa have a feeling that the volume seller will be what we have here the middle trim sv with the automatic transmission comes to about fifteen six the most expensive versa is just over sixteen thousand not only does the versa have a lot of value but it’s also

Full of innovation it comes from the all-new v platform it’s the first north american product that’s actually stemmed from that platform v stands for versatile that platform has been a huge investment from this on globally and the versa sedan ways as a result this platform sixty eight kilos lighter than the previous generation the biggest change to this vehicle

Is the design it has a sleeker look the dimensions though are roughly the same as the older model it’s about the same length and same width what they did was they drop the roofline which gives it that sleek appearance the eye gets tricked into thinking that the versa is longer because the back of the car the section behind the rear wheels is disproportionate to

The rest of the car but it has a big advantage and that advantage is a huge trunk on the sv model the rear seat splits and folds so you get even more room for cargo it’s hard to believe that this is a subcompact car the bristol savannah offers the most rear legroom in his class actually per dollar the most rear legroom in canada you know that back seat is huge

And it really is miraculous that they can have all that room in a subcompact car the whole cabin is airy and bright feeling there’s plenty of headroom for the driver up front even though the front seat is high off the floor that affords shorter drivers especially great outward visibility you can see easily out of the versa what you have on the inside though is a

Lot of hard inexpensive plastic that can scratch quite easily you have to always consider the price the most expensive versa is about 16 grand if this car was five thousand dollars more it wouldn’t be acceptable but on a car of this price range it is the steering wheel tilts but does not telescope air conditioning power windows and door locks along with keyless

Entry are all standard on this trim level and for $400 more the convenience package gets bluetooth steering wheel radio controls and an ipod interface system one of the biggest differences that consumers might actually feel is the lighter body structure it’s actually 68 kilograms lighter than the previous model now you got to think about that this is a subcompact

Car that’s significant the lighter body provides an opportunity to reduce fuel consumption and this 2012 model is better by 1 litre 400 kilometers compared to the last car it’s rated at 6.7 litres per 100 kilometres in the city and only 5.2 on the highway when equipped with an automatic the manual transmission with the versa actually uses more fuel that’s because

Today’s automatic transmissions are much better at shifting and much more efficiently than humans and the new continuously variable transmission fitted in this car is smaller lighter and produces less friction standard safety features include a full complement of front side and curtain airbags anti-lock brakes traction and stability the thing about this new versa

Is it competes on price in the subcompact set but it actually straddles two classes sub compacts and also compacts i think this cars probably even bigger than accenture was just ten years ago so you get a lot of features especially with this middle trim but you get it at a fantastic price a subcompact price what’s under the hood is an ultra powerful but it doesn’t

Need to be because of the lightweight body the new 1.6 liter engine is lighter as well it has a hundred and nine horsepower and a hundred and seven pound-feet of torque the power goes to the front wheels through a five-speed manual or the already mentioned cvt the truth is nissan does a great job of their cvt it doesn’t have that motorboat effect where it puts out

The power and then it feels like the car has to play catch-up you got to be honest i think that most people after they spend a couple of hours behind the wheel will completely forget they’re not driving a conventional five or six speed gearbox the steering is electric power steering which is becoming common in the industry this produces a light feel which helps in

City driving but is still fairly precise not the case with other manufacturers one of the most impressive features of this new car is the ride quality it doesn’t feel like a tiny econo box in fact quite the opposite the ride is refined and not jarring but there’s a certain amount of feedback to the driver the noise insulation is good for a subcompact on the road

The versa doesn’t feel as peppy or responsive as the honda fit but it definitely has a better ride quality and more oomph than say the toyota yaris alright lacey this car is obviously got some great packaging but what do you think of it overall well you know what zach there’s a lot to like with this versa first of all it’s incredibly fuel efficient the new engine

And continuously variable transmission is one of the best out there in fact it’s really easy to forget that you’re actually driving a cvt and you know what this little car isn’t just a city car it’s quite comfortable on the highway as well and on the downside there’s only really one thing i’m not too crazy about on this car and that’s the interior it’s just a little

Too basic and plain for me you spend all your time sitting in the car looking at it and i don’t know it’s just missing something i wouldn’t disagree with that but i think there is a counterpoint we’ll get to that in a second what i love about this car is the packaging huge backseat big truck it’s a subcompact car and you actually have to sit and feel it in person

To realize just how roomy it is also the price tops out at just over $16,000 but even though this is an inexpensive car it doesn’t ride like a cheap car it’s got a fairly long wheelbase it handles well it’s got good insulation from the road and from the engine so it really is remarkable there on the downside no telescopic steering is not a big deal but that i think

Should be added now lacey let’s get to the interior i do agree it’s a bit drab on the inside i don’t think they have to spend a ton of money all they need to do is break up the colors it’s also 2/1 charcoal gray if they had a lighter gray maybe in a beige in there would look better it would just be something something just needs a little song in the market for

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