2012 nissan nv2500 hd cargo van
Altair Club Cars 2012 Nissan NV2500 HD Cargo Van 5.6L V8 Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev With Exhaust View – 7 Miles

2012 Nissan NV2500 HD Cargo Van 5.6L V8 Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev With Exhaust View – 7 Miles

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2012 Nissan NV2500 HD

Hey there youtube versus 2012 nissan nv 2500 hd with only 7 miles i’ve done an envy before it was an envy 1500 but it was a v6 model this one is a 2500 so it likely has the 5 point 6 0 v8 so basically i just want to show this one off – he has the steelies 17-inch you see this high roof and looks like these doors fold all the way open transit connect style well show

That off in a moment first i want to start it up chrome door handles let’s saw that over here still has the plastic on top even on the steps yeah this thing is not seen well seven miles duh nothing never really saw any work yet well the keys chained up i can hear my echo whoa yeah he is here somewhere what the hell’s the point of this chain if the key is here in a

Cup holder dumbasses even the door chime of the echo senator quite monstrous has navi to so yeah let’s do a quick tour of this one that’s a great exhaust no engine note – probably the best and all of these cargo vans let’s go down to comfort this driver seat is actually powered i already have it adjusted with all the thigh support that i want this is lumbar very

Flimsy dial to rotate here rather cheap like you could break off right or easily see that already clicked it and sound nice so yeah comfort is quite good the sita is plush enough but yeah it feels quite flat let me pull off the plastic over here you can see the design of the seat is quite flat but the side is bolstered somewhat as you can make out your hub into the

Seat somewhat so yeah it’s a comfortable seat light room quite good much better than the e series because you don’t have that huge engine hump in the way but the downfall is that you have this huge nose to deal with so it’s not going to be the easiest thing to park getting into tight spaces the problem the e series has virtually no nose but then legroom is going to

Be like this you have to have your feet stash to the side because of the huge engine hump again um shoulder room is quite good headroom you have over three feet of headroom above you so that’s not going to be a problem so yeah you can see these storage bins up here obviously this is all plastic but when else can you expect this is a work man this paper towel like

Headliner actually echoes too lighting fixture push on push off this massive sun visor no mirror vanity lights this is a work van so there’s no reason to look pretty or even bother combing your hair but even before driving this thing yeah this one huge hunk of plastic is not even padded whatsoever it’s just huge probably one of the biggest sun visors i’ve seen well

Interior quality entire dashboard all plastic also to be expected a greeny cheap plastic that will scratch rather easily left box is huge just shut evenly over all of the hazards climate control rather easy we leave it on a little bit cuz it’s actually warmed a ac the radio but that’s navi you really don’t find many of these fans with navi sd card slot i say this

Navi works huh yeah it does work um thankfully it’s paired to a 5-speed auto and you can manually shift for this little teeny thing over here this thing’s empty i hope this guzzler won’t die on me anytime soon steering wheel it is nicely thick but it’s bear radio controls hands-free controls seems to have bluetooth i’m quite sure seems to have that too interesting

Cruise control steering wheel only tilts this little latch over here wipers and trim it speed turn signal lever going back over here snider i’m going back and forth you have another power outlet no some available ports this ac 120 volt power outlet i’m quite sure there’s one back there somewhere backup sensors that’s definitely a necessity in this huge thing usb

And aux jack cupholders a little tray and as you can see obviously this is quite self-explanatory huge center console here this armrest it’s also hard as a rock not going to be the most comfortable place for your arm it is huge it’s just massive mini me can actually fit in there oh there’s the power outlets 120 volt and the traditional power outlet to the side so

Power everywhere in here and the central console the lid is a little bit on the jiggly side but the entire center console itself is sure-footed it’s not going anywhere it also has a lock up here too so moving back up again headlamps stability control power mirrors tired door panel all plastic grainy cheap plastic nothing else padded even the armrest everything hard

I really do not like how on the handle here when you grip it there’s this sharp edge over here which you cannot avoid the second you grab it you’re gonna feel it both below and on top this comes off easily camry style without effort this is not going to be very good in the long run some for those who work in their vans all day and open and close their doors i can

See this piece breaking off quite often in the future i know some of you didn’t like that but hey it happened these box let’s open the hood we break down here push on push off as blind spot mirrors say driver window does go down automatically does not go back up automatically say door locks and window lock you have the window down i always do that or usually do

Rather than leave springs so yeah this is 2500 one downfall to these that they don’t offer their diesel version like the e-series does a lot of cargo van shoppers do like having a diesel you saw i open the door you can dis latch over here and you can swing it out open like so just like the transit connect it is actually a magnet back here to keep the door in place

See this is a magnet and it will latch right in this you the transit connect is even more simple it’s just a button that you push and it does everything so just open the other door and this is huge have a bunch of lighting in here there’s a jack to the side so hey you can see the backup sensors on the bumper i really don’t like the exposed track here for the

Sliding door but i like how they gave it this stainless steel look to it so it doesn’t even look that bad chrome door handles and let me just stand inside this thing i’m 6 1 and i am just yeah this is pretty much the space that’s leftover or lighting fixtures they all have their on and off switch the floor is coated with this vinyl it also has its insulation so

It’s not going to be a noisy ride oh and i skip there’s actually a power outlet over there too so that’s probably what that switching flip was you guys have an idea the door despite being massive it actually feels quite light once you’re working i mean very effortlessly actually it doesn’t feel heavy at all it’s rather smooth so let’s take a look at this engine

And pretty much the biggest downfall to this van that massive nose i already see lots of these in the auction already well here’s the five point six liter dual overhead cam v8 it is a powerful engine no doubt but it will also be awful on gas these things are never great on gas the only thing is it will be much easier to work on them the e-series you really have

To remove that engine cover in the inside and it will be a bit more difficult to work on but this everything is upfront yeah this thing is just massive i just notice this little drawer here actually hold 20 pounds worth of junk it says right there 20 pounds of max it’s a clever idea but you can see just how sloppy that thing is just dances all over the place this

Thing is so high off the ground you really have to step right up in here and i’m 6 1 and it feels like a struggle gonna sound good though and let me close all the doors so you guys can hear what it sounds like with all the windows closed i tell you what though it will be quite satisfying once you drive it i mean that’s a rather nice note that you’re gonna listen

To as you drive this thing that’s it for this 2012 nissan nv 2500 even copied the honda door chime somewhere

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2012 Nissan NV2500 HD Cargo Van 5.6L V8 Start Up, Quick Tour, & Rev With Exhaust View – 7 Miles By Intechdude300

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