2012 mercedes benz sprinter 3500
Altair Club Cars 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500, Front Brakes

2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500, Front Brakes

2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500, Front Brakes

It’s mark from top local we’re here with bernie pawlik pawlik automotive in vancouver bc canada 38 years servicing cars and their owners in vancouver and 18 time winners of best auto repair in vancouver as voted by their customers how you doing bernie doing very well so we’re gonna talk about a mercedes benz 3500 sprinter van and there was a front brake problem was

Going on with this vehicle yeah so the sprinter was brought to our shop actually for pre-purchase inspection and we did the inspection on the vehicle about a few issues beyond her like beside he’d like to be at the mall and want to buy it to break her here’s what we found brakes routinely rust up vehicle that’s great caliper brake reel is very difficult rotating you

Tomorrow so why would the brakes get too rusty it’s a good question let’s just why don’t i just get into a photo here and then i’ll talk over the photo just here’s so here’s our a rusty brakes you can see this is a brake caliper here which squeezes the brake pads that’s the rotor the surface this is usually normally extremely shiny piece of metal and the brake pads

Are located somewhere here you can see a general amount of rust around here so i would say two things first of all this vehicle probably came from a climate that used more road salt than fine around vancouver and second i think that the vehicle probably sat for a while that’s usually causes this kind of rust buildup on the rotors to be driving the vehicle everyday

Continuously you don’t get that level of rust so i think the vehicle probably sat for a while just to give a a comparison shot after that’s what the brakes looked like when they were repaired so there’s a nice replace the caliper see the rotor services shiny metal inside the rink and they get the camera to see them but there’s also a great pad where centers on

This vehicle friend that’s a brand new as well so kind of intensity with a newly-built break so how are the rear brakes on the vehicle well they had some rust as well but the calipers weren’t so we for that we elected a service on the back brakes there’s a lot of pad material left side remove the rotors we give a rate through the rough wanted material on the ap and

Ad service on the caliper we have a sense i’m joking i’m actually taken calipari lighters a heart stands off duplicates in where the pads slide very seriously pretty much as good as being done and anything unique about the brakes on this sprinter man that’s pretty good that i mean there it’s a truck so they’ve been you know the brakes are larger than you find on

A car but they’re you know they’re built well for the vehicle and probably only about this is supposed to be beheaded american that is that has great penguins on the patch all the pads which is kind of a typical european thing so when the great that’s where a certain point like will come on – tell me embrace or whatever assuming everything works properly because

The the pad where sensors on the outboard pads i don’t know depending on which way the frames for support you could actually african situation where the brakes wear out will they start is right now but generally the pepper reliable and how long do brakes generally last on a sprinter van like this well they’re pretty good they’re pretty good i mean i say you know

Somewhere anywhere in the 50 to 100 thousand kilometer range for brakes depending of course of how much targa london during them that’s your give us richer band all you carry leaders you know chips breaks the last a long time because they’re lighter here your your plumber uses pull the cloud heights we want to have your stuff they want possible but terry they’re

Pretty good they’re well-built brings forth identical so there you go if you’re looking for service for your sprinter van in vancouver the guys to see your pawlik automotive you can reach them at six oh four three two seven seven one one two to book your appointment you have to book ahead they’re busy or check out their website pawlikautomotive.com calm or our

Four or five years hundreds of videos on youtube at pollock automotive repair thanks bernie thanks mark

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