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2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Engine swap

This week I removed the old 3.6l pentastar engine out of my 2012 jeep wrangler unlimited and installed a 2015 3.6l low mileage replacement engine. To do this engine swap you don’t really need any special tools and with the large engine bay of the jeep it makes the install go pretty smooth.

What’s going on guys so today is a good day i found a guy online that has a 2015 jeep wrangler engine with 35,000 miles on it is supposed to run mint and he’s bringing he’s delivering it to me right now but there’s one thing that i didn’t realize today’s monday mlk day and all the banks were closed so we agreed on price for this and i could go to the bank to go pull

Out the cash to pay this guy so i had to like go around to like a couple buddies pulled out as much as i could from the atm like you know you’re only allowed to pull out like eight hundred from one card they’d only count on a 300 for my other so i got like a bunch of miscellaneous bills like $100 here in ones we’ll see how he reacts my paying with this but yeah

We’re gonna install this whole engine hopefully in one day get inside the jeep i don’t think it should be too hard so let’s wait for him to pull up you should be pulling up here soon and yeah i’m pretty excited so the guy with the engines pulling up here yes i’m good guy what’s going on you got it off how we use a forklift get it off is it on policy or close it

Off you get a spoiler right here it’s not on that race how do you feel about that feels good it feels like a lot more money than this yeah like i should stop with the fruit code when i need from here you should do that’s about 50 bucks and ones i’ll have you good time get you something thank you some wings do it but you can see i got this engine i’m really

Stoked about it but it came with all the pieces on it like the alternator the power steering pump and the condenser for the ac and right now i’m just pulling all of that stuff off so then it’s all prepped and ready to drop inside the jeep and i got most of stuff pulled off of the engine so it’s good to go i’m pretty sure i’m still gonna pull the wiring harness

This intake manifold and use mine off of my jeep on this because this thing does have some corrosion on it definitely gonna use these manifolds keep those on it and the only thing i noticed when i tilted on its side is leaking oil so i pulled off this gasket around here because for some reason whoever undid those on that side it pushed it off and then it made it

Leak so i’m just gonna take my gasket off my other one put it on this hopefully it’s good to go i’m really hoping for the best on this engine you never really know when you buy things like this so yeah let’s get this thing on and i gotta pull the jeep in to start pulling it apart so michael just pulled up with the goods this video is actually brought to you guys by

Just kidding so i’m gonna do next take off the serpentine belt pull off alternators pull off other things set them all the sides then unhook the exhaust this really shouldn’t take me more than like i guess two and a half hours three hours to get this engine out then hooking it back up will probably be another three got money on this thing yeah it’s game done yeah

I got a bet that i need to get this done before like the other people come to work tomorrow and yeah start getting to work faster yeah dude hi guys so it’s like 12 o’clock at night right now i’m still going strong because i’m about to win this bet that i could do this fool and just swap before my neighbors get there in the morning this is going i would say like

It’s not going the smoothest but it’s going decent i like this engine had the headers on and everything pulled off with it and i figured you could pull out this engine with them on and yeah that definitely wasn’t the case so i had it all pulled and like i definitely was having real hard time getting it out and also like the transmission only bolts up to not all

The vault holes on this which i didn’t realize that either so like it’s just a couple learning things transmission thing you know leaked a ton when it pulled outside of that seal down there kept my ac charged and everything seems to be going pretty smooth can’t really complain can’t get this all done i won’t know where that ac chord it this is probably just gonna

Get this done all it is is some work getting a little tired but i got a gotta get back to it right here i’m installing the catalytic converters the engine dropped in decently smooth i had a little bit of a hard problem getting the driver side motor mount to line up towards the back so that took a little bit extra time after i put those catalytic converters on

Right here i am currently installing the power steering pump the a/c condenser on the side and then alternator so once i get that sermon team belt on i start hooking up all the coolant lines that go to from the engine block to the radiator and after i get those lines hooked up i start installing the battery tray which holds the fuse box and everything and pretty

Much like all the electrical kind of like goes to this section of the jeep poke all that stuff up and start on the battery in it once everything’s hooked up i put some pennzoil 5w 20 inside of it full synthetic and then load it down with some coolant and this thing should be good to start now let’s give it a go yes i got it all back together i already started up

One time about to start up for you guys i started up it started i was really hyped about that and the only thing it started to make a noise it was the exhaust down on that end it wasn’t hooked up all the way like it didn’t tighten down and i ran into an issue here is i was turned down my battery and it’s not this one but that this thing already broke on this but

I was tightening down the battery terminal on the battery that came with it and right here it came right off so i took the battery outside of my blue jeep and they’re not the exact same batteries so i took it out of that jeep and just put it inside this to see like how it is maybe i can drive this tomorrow see what’s up with it but i’ll show you guys real quick

Starting this thing up i’m so so so happy that it starts up and it’s neat oh it’s a good engine so good it is another day i got to drive this chief all day today and i got absolutely no complaints the chief had plenty of power i really can’t complain about anything about this jeep like it just it went pretty flawlessly and even the install and everything that i

Feel like i did to this jeep it just it ended up going pretty good and pretty smooth i have absolutely no complaints about it and i’m very happy about the way this kind of turned out so um yeah i’m not gonna be able to get any rollers or cool shots of this jeep this week inside this video because um i’m today is friday busy saturday i think i’m going down to key

West and then i go to fort lauderdale to run a marathon on sunday so next week i’ll be able to get out some really cool content of taking this and a 6-7 power stroke that is actually the kid in the beginning of this videos i just tuned deleted it to the 5 inch exhaust egr delete i’ll be getting that out to you guys next week which i’m excited about that’s going to

Be really cool video and about this video so if you guys liked it go hit that like button and if you’re new to this channel you watch it this far please go subscribe and i’ll catch you guys next week peace

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2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Engine swap By Built From The Bottom

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