2012 honda pilot common problems
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2012 honda pilot common problems

All right hello hey guys it is justin here with jsw cars i’m gonna do a little review today a couple reviews it’s gonna be kind of three parts part one’s gonna be some cons about the 2012 honda pilot e^x and this second one is gonna be some pros benefits the things i like about the third one’s gonna be just reviewing it talk about all the things on the one we have

And what we think about it and all that so i’m gonna jump right into it so first of all common problems with this car if you get the leather interior some thing you need to keep in mind the points where you rest your arm here the leather wears out and tears sure it doesn’t so many cars too but same thing here if you have the armrest here that wears out you can

They can be replaced you can contact honda to do all that but just keep that in mind if you’re going with certain interior trims whatever second of all takata airbags this one came with one we never had any issues with it but as you know takata has had some major problems with their airbags deploying and put metal shooting out into the person’s face pre deploying

Of airbags certain things like that so it’s a big recall so honda should contact you about that so you that should be a first thing always check on that the next point is let me pop the hood something with this car this has the 3.5 liter v6 vtec motor i think it’s double overhead cam i believe variable cam time and all that the issue we had was the piston rings

I don’t remember which ring it was but on certain pistons it was sticking to the cylinder walls when it was cold and when it was cranking that’s not good as you know that’s a very bad thing to happen and we got it fixed immediately some people don’t pay attention to it because it only happens every once in a while and if it just does it the right time you know

Crack you know it’ll crack the piston which pretty much destroys the cylinder wall and everything else because all that metal floating around in there we got a replace they kind of honed the cylinders from place to certain rings and put it all back together change the time and bail this was around 90 i think it was a hundred thousand because that was when they

Changed the timing belt but yeah that’s an issue to keep in mind and the way that i knew it was happening i kept hearing it when it would start if it was cold outside it would kind of kind of thump make like a thunk noise when it started what really what it was doing on the dashboard was the traction control see it’s off right now but the light come on and so did

The check engine light after it would do it and even if i tried to hit the button for that it wouldn’t go away the traction control button would not turn off crash co control light so the computer knew it was messing up so it was trying to go it was about going crazy you know kind of figure out what was going on with itself i thought it was a misfire but well it

Actually wasn’t misfire because the cylinders weren’t moving correctly therefore the pistons weren’t moving correctly therefore you know the ignition was going crazy but it would resolve itself but keep that in mind try to get it checked out that’s the problem with this is a 2012 that’s an issue with a lot of the v6 stuff like the cost or the minivan the odyssey

And the pilot i don’t know if crv i can true if they have v6 in them or not but in the ridgeline too it is not common enough problem for it to be a recall however honda does know about it so if you come to them saying what’s going on they’re gonna know what to do because it is somewhat of a common problem but some reason they still haven’t made it a recall because

It doesn’t happen often enough let’s see what else another thing that i dislike normally on the face of radio you would have us be an ox where you can get to it however on this model you have to reach all the way in here for usb there’s an outlet in here and the aux is right over there so if you were driving or something you wanted to hook the aux cord up you’d

Kind of be in your way there let’s see another thing about this car is the ones are gonna say the brakes now this we figured out this could be an issue because of the guy that works on the car the technician at honda we think he might have over typed the lug nuts one time maybe warp the rotors i don’t know but when do we stop really hard it does a little bit of

A shutter noise there’s not a but you can feel it it’s not really noise and the broder’s aren’t you know ruined or nothing but it just it always does that when you’re slowing down hard no never given us any issues it’s just one thing i noticed also these glasses break real easy i figured that out if it has any type of pressure coming onto it from the inside or

Whatever they will burst into a million pieces of little glass and they’re very expensive to replace and you can get the handles for from honda parts now just an fyi there also what was i going to say it is two-wheel drive on the eax base models now four-wheel drive so it doesn’t do very well in any type of snow stuff like that traction control does alright it

Cuts the power to try to get it just to connect with the ground you can use drive number two which kind of uses the clutch bands more that way you’ve given it more engine rpm but not putting it all to the ground that way not as much power which means you won’t spin as easy another thing you got to keep in mind is the headlights and the haissam the headlights are

But i know the fog light our glass because this one got busted out and i’m working on replacing it right now and i’m gonna do a video on how to do all that but they’re like 200 some dollars at honda i’m getting mine like on ebay replacements but just keep that in mind if you run into like if you run into a bush or something might could bust that out so just keep

That in mind there isn’t really that much else this bad about this car it’s a honda i mean you can’t give it too much aid it is a very good reliable car but this is the end of part one i’m going to do a part two on the pros of this car and what i like about it and everything which is gonna be a lot then after that i’m will actually just do a review talking about

Every little bit and piece here and there but other than that yeah i think that’s it if you could leave a like on this video subscribe to my channel jsw cars leave a comment below whether you like it or not whatever you know if you don’t like it it’s fine this isn’t my dream goal to make everyone like it i’m just trying to get the word out there trying to get my

Channel started but yeah leave a like and subscribe and we will be back with part 2 shortly

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