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Altair Club Cars 2012 Ford Transit Connect: 4 Guys In a Car Review

2012 Ford Transit Connect: 4 Guys In a Car Review

Just how well does this workaholic utility van handle passengers? We know that the ‘wagon’ version of the Transit Connect isn’t the most popular variant, but surprisingly enough it offers a ton of functionality for families on the go—or workplaces that need to haul workers as well as cargo.

This is four guys in a car in the ford transit connect yeah this thing’s great around town it’s fantastic on gas my actually took it home and visited my parents my average just under ten liters per hundred k which i think is plankton for commercial vehicle now this this vehicle can come configured as the passenger vehicle you see here or you can get it as the high

Speed cornering cargo bed but it has a ton of very cool options so if you’re a small business owner you can actually get the back get it out with with mounted bins on the side so if if you make beaded bracelets or something like that you need large volumes of beads you got little cubby holes or you can get racks in the back it’s actually configurable to quite a

Number of different options so depending on what your business is or what you’re hauling it can be configured to suit up until this thing came cargo vans were pretty rudimentary old vehicles i mean those savannahs that and econoline mcconnell lines and that that that ford and gm sell they’re very old bands they don’t handle very well they’re not very sophisticated

I mean they do do the job that they’re intended to do but this thing is like mike said for a small business it’s right-sized if this is actually a work vehicle and you need to haul around five people and some ear then you’re in good shape i would say that they made a good move because i mean i’m pretty tall so i’m about it’s long-legged as you’re gonna get in the

Backseat and it’s passable this vehicle is actually just shy of the savanna in terms of height so you can fit very tall things like 100 inch tvs i think if you’ve got the cargo configured version without the backseat you could fit a 100 inch tv diagonally here and just you know pack it up and that’s something you can’t do in many vehicles the transit connect can

Actually have a lot of the same features as mike was saying that the mercedes sprinter can have which is sort of its unofficial big brother they sort of look the same this is the plain sized version but even those rear doors you can get them so that they swing all the way around to the side of the truck to make it easy easier loading in small spaces sliding doors

On both sides so it’s a good vehicle for city delivery – i actually i’m kind of pleased because there’s a florist that lives just up the street from me and he knew what i did for a living he said okay what should i buy i’m looking for a new vehicle and you know should i get a minivan i said get a transit connect and he went out and he drove it and he says the best

Purchase that he’s ever made for his business wow i hate to get guys all excited but in europe they do sell a sport version of this what do they really yeah to the airport and you can get it with the diesel in europe and manual transmission i mean this is my only problem with the transit connect is the sort of ancient four-speed automatic it’s fine in town and

The shifts are nice and smooth but on the highway it does rev quite a bit and you start to think that it could do slightly better fuel economy five-speed now fellas you guys are sitting in the back seat do you think that somebody could use this as a family vehicle with the back seats in there i think you as long as you don’t mind the children complaining about

Their discomfort perhaps but you know it’s uncomfortable there’s a reasonable amount of room certainly more for children but it would be it would really be an unconventional family that’s for sure fred for a work van this is this is really fantastic and it is because it’s size right for the city and it also handles better than i think one of the one of the biggest

Benefits really is the fuel economy having a 2-liter four it doesn’t have a crazy amount of pulling power but when you look at something like the grand caravan you’re stuck with a fairly large v6 that although is relatively fuel-efficient it’s almost you know vegas a little more than 50 percent more displacement and the fuel economy isn’t anywhere near what you’re

Gonna get out of this so for ya someone who needs space but doesn’t need to pull a ton of weight i think these guys have really found a niche and i think they’ve just hit it right on the head

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