2011 volkswagen golf gti autobah
Altair Club Cars 2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn Review and Test Drive by Bill – Auto Europa Naples

2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn Review and Test Drive by Bill – Auto Europa Naples

Offered for sale is this immaculate example of the legendary Volkswagen GTI,  a 2011 Autobahn model in a very attractive color combination, and with only one prior owner and 31K miles. Amenities include Keyless Entry and ignition, 2.0 liter turbocharged engine with 6-speed manual gearbox, the best cabin room in class, incredible fit and finish, Navigation, Sirius/XM radio, Bluetooth, Power windows, locks, mirrors, steering, 18 inch rims, and much more. This sporty car is like new, and is ready for use as a daily driver. All books, keys, and windows sticker included with car.

Good morning this is bill from audio pinay polls and i’m here today with the what the hell am i here with it’s a 2011 volkswagen gti two-door hatchback you know the gti was the original hot hatchback in the 80s and has been just loved perennial ii loved by every car magazine every enthusiasts publication for decades and there’s a reason for that it is one of the

Finest funnest most purpose-built you know ways to commute around town that you can possibly buy and this one is a mark 6 oh the sixth generation of golf and of course the sixth generation of gti you know i call them all rabbits to me it’s always going to be a rabbit but what a fantastic rabbit this is you can see it’s finished in a gorgeous black color outside i

Believe it’s metallic but don’t hold me to that the sun this morning isn’t cooperating to show me it’s got stunning red trim it’s got those optional 18 inch detroit alloy wheels which are some of the best-looking alloys in the entire world the thing just looks incredibly beautiful with those you see the red calipers big disc brakes a very very rakish styling cafe

Racer if you will big twice pipes at the back you know rear diffuser nice rear spoiler from the from the top of the roof there and gti badges it’s very subdued it’s almost sinister for a practical car and very very good-looking all around this is again 2011 with just 31,000 miles one owner it’s the autobahn edition which is an upmarket version some nice goodies

In there and you know if you’re gonna order one this is the way to do it what a good-looking piece so let’s start inside the back a very neat way to get in there that emblem tilts forward becomes a handle and up it comes you see the cargo covers in there it’s got the vw accessory rubber mats nice stuff doesn’t really look like it’s been used to haul engine box

You know transmissions everything meant and tidy back there all proper you got a 12-volt outlet those rear seats of course fold down to give you a tons of cargo room and everything perfect in the back the way you would expect you can really tell an enthusiast on this thing it’s just so meant it’s not just the low miles and the fantastic way the car was ordered

It’s the way it’s been kept it’s really really impressive okay so under here is the heart and soul of the gti that’s a 200 horsepower 2-liter turbocharged engine very free revving absolute joy to move through the paces and put down the road just a terrific deal under the hood of this car that’s coupled to a very traditional 6-speed manual gearbox shifts buttery

Smooth and everything just lovely under here i also see a nice big power sunroof up top the styling on this car is just fantastic and looks so good in black now in here we’re gonna find something very special and by special i mean leather it’s not something you see very often in gti’s they’re kind of famous for these plaid you know almost cheeky cloth bucket

Seats that you know they’ve been using for decades believe me you want the leather it’s just that much nicer beautiful black leather in this car almost nowhere at all lovely soft been very well kept fantastic and you can see the rear seats same story beautiful black leather back there you know it’s a very useful and functional rear seat it’s not just for kids who

Can stuff some big canadians back there you know another couple if you’re going out to dinner you know whatever you need you’re gonna be able to stuff in the back nice proportions inside this car you can see the door panels are an exercise and simplicity very nice fit and finish you know everyone raves about the fit and finish in this car they say it’s much more

Befitting of far more expensive cars and that’s true although at 30 grand plus this thing isn’t cheap so you can see it’s got what the hell is that the dynaudio dynaudio system in here there’s the tweets upline your power mirrors power windows power locks this does have the keyless entry system so i can lock it by putting my thumb on that little indentation and

Open it just by pulling the handle top then another cool vw feature is that flat-bottom steering wheel very very cool makes it nice and easy to get in and out of very sporty feeling reach back and get my seatbelt on okay again an exercise in simplicity beautifully laid out classic traditional gauges here i’m gonna put my foot on the on the clutch and the brake

Tap the start/stop fires right to life very very nice stuff you see it wants to connect to my iphone hopefully it won’t because i’ve disabled it so it won’t kill the video okay there it is very nicely laid out instrument cluster i like the red illuminated trim you can take out a brake light on there everything else fine nice little driver information center in

The middle to all the little stuff you got going tack temp miles per gallon over here your headlights and fog lights very nice multifunction steering wheel with radio and you know with the how information controls bluetooth controls back there you’ve got your cruise control and wipers over there you’ve got your headlights vice versa actually but all very nice

And proper and as it should be here’s volkswagens in – infotainment system that gives you of course your bluetooth your auxilary input satellite radio again this thing being the we’re going through the different setups and from now what the hell it doesn’t matter anyway your satellite radio am fm that sort of thing also of course your navigation so nice to have

A market version here’s your climate control you’ve got heated seats which i’m gonna use this morning it’s like 50 traction control off you’ve got a fantastic classic shifter their 6-speed manual gearbox i love the design the brushed nickel the red the black the leather lovely in there a nice set of books let’s see if i can find them i’ll show you our two keys

I can’t you know you put on a seatbelt you’re just like chained in the damn car it’s really hard to know they’re there so there we go two keys books window sticker and let’s see if i’m not wrong about this thing being particularly expensive for a gti there you see it’s an autobahn it’s base price of twenty nine and out and this one was up over 30 as a clip so a

Pretty good option package on this car up tomp you’ve got the power sunroof works very well and i stuff will close that because it’s kind of chilly and everything proper i think this car also it’s like eight or nine airbags in it so it’s pretty damn safe okay move the seat back for the photos and i’m a short little guy saw me put that seat forward a little bit

So the joy of driving is truly what this car is all about i mean you have all seen them you know the ads of the martin ones too is going around the racetrack picking up the the rear wheels as it makes corners really really cool stuff and you know i would put it in the category of like the bmw 3-series in the porsche 911 in terms of what a gti means to a car guy

It’s just one of the the awesome hallmarks of driving you know something that everybody should own or if driven at some point you can see a beautiful free-revving engine it just so quickly goes up through the power band very little torque steer they managed that nicely fantastic feel from the shifter i know people rave about that dsg automatic or you know this

Shift less manual clutch less manual whatever it is there is something so nice and classic about a six-speed manual gearbox in this car and a clutch that’ll very very classic nice feeling and it’s the way i’d want to have the car and of course the handling is just so precise and perfect the thing goes exactly where you point an instant response from the steering

Lovely fuel from the brakes and just a terrific car all around a drive and that’s what this thing’s about you know it’s a practical way to get to work and at the same time you really love driving so 2011 volkswagen gti autobahn leather inside 31,000 miles one owner sunroof nav set bluetooth just a fantastic piece if you have an interest give us a call two three

Nine six four nine seventy three hundred on the web at mercedes expert calm thanks so much for evident look we really appreciate it we’ll see you at the next one take care got it like that exhaust note

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2011 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn Review and Test Drive by Bill – Auto Europa Naples By Curious Cars

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