2011 toyota land cruiser
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2011 Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser remains at the top of the class when it comes to luxury and off-road capability. It provides legendary durability and reliability thanks to Toyota’s impressive level of quality control.

Hi this is jorge with fenton family dealerships toyota volvo of keene i’m here today to show you this 2011 toyota landcruiser 5.7 liter v8 fantastic full wheel drive system that’s renowned in these land cruisers this is the nice gray color walk you around the vehicle here so you can get a peak tow package with the cover up in the back to keep it looking nice and

Classy running boards 18-inch alloy wheels take a quick peek at the sticker here you can see 2011 land cruiser about 13 miles per gallon in the city and 18 on the highway and it’s got the upgrade package with the navigation the dvd player and a few other options that i’ll show you on the inside this model has the rain sensing wipers again the 18 inch alloys with

The bridgestone dueler tires headlight washers as part of the upgrade package the fog lights front parking sensors as well as the parking sensors in the rear it’s got the remote access with the smart keys so you don’t ever have to take the key out of your pocket all you have to do is go up to the door and unlock it with your thumb spacious rear seat here this

Vehicle seats seven comfortably center armrest here cupholders and storage you’ve got your rear controls for the heated seats the temperature control the audio system in the video system there’s the dvd unit there which is electronically dropped down with the remote you’ve also got your ducts around here for the hvac and your map lights as well mat pockets ashtray

Automatic up and down windows on all four windows go around to the rear here it’s got the clam shell opening design that the landcruiser is famous for easy access to the spacious interior first aid kit it’s an ac outlet here in the back the headphones for the dvd system the carpet to go over the back here as well i’ll head up to the passenger side 10 way adjustable

Power seat spacious glove compartment you’ve got the the multi-use console here the top is just for your a few smaller items and then inside is the cool box as part of the upgrade package so you can put your sodas or waters in there to keep cool cup holders in the front as well and also on the side door let’s go around to the driver side again 10-way power with

The lumbar support as well memory driver’s seat and then your all auto window and door lock controls over here again this vehicle has the push button start so just depress the brake pedal press the button the vehicle starts up for you attractive gauge cluster with the information center in the center speedometer tachometer fuel gauge it will show you your gear

Selection as well woodgrain steering wheel as well as the center console over here you’ve got your headlight washers your park assist and your rsca control you’ve got the power folding exterior mirrors and then also your mirror control here as well cruise controls behind there the bluetooth here voice-activated navigation here your light controls over here and

Then your wiper controls over here up top here you’ve got your temperature displays for the climate control you’ve also got the exterior temperature and your time of course you’ve got the jbl synthesis system here with the navigation you control the audio you can call your phone set up a map data very nice system easy to use all your climate controls are here fry

Zone climate control and then all your manual controls here for the audio and your six disc changer in there 12 volt outlet down here with an ashtray automatic transmission with the ship tronic over here and then of course you’ve got your full a drive system selection here over here you’ve got your hill hill climb mode here crawl mode with the on/off then the ect

Power here the heated seats are located right up here automatic dimming rearview mirror you’ve got your home link up here for the garage door opener the sunroof controls and then your safe to connect sl this button right here sunglass holder and then your sun shades with lighted mirror and then the additional shade behind that about sums it up there’s a lot to

See in this nice land cruiser if you’d like to set up a test drive or an appointment please call our customer care center at eight eight eight three eight zero zero nine nine four or online at fenton dealerships comm thank you

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2011 Toyota Land Cruiser By Toyota of Keene

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