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Altair Club Cars 2011 Toyota Avalon Limited Long Term Owner Review

2011 Toyota Avalon Limited Long Term Owner Review

This is my 2011 Toyota Avalon. I’ve had it for just over a year now. I figured it was time to do a “long term” owner review.

What’s going on everyone this is my 2011 toyota avalon this is gonna be just basically like a one-year check-in um kind of review i guess i picked this up in august of 2021 it’s now september of 2022 so i guess just a little bit over a year um i was thinking about doing this video last month but just didn’t have the time and i’ve got a little bit now so i was

Like let’s go ahead and try to make this happen so yeah i picked this up in august of 2021 with 165 000 miles it was a single owner basically just meticulously maintained in great condition other than some clear coat fading on the rims and whatnot i’ll talk about that a little bit more but by the way the car is is dirty right now it’s not clean at all i’m just

Going to keep it real and raw i didn’t have time to wash it today so first things first and basically since i picked it up um at 165 000 miles now i have 182 000 miles so i’ll just show you that let’s see here 182 just over 182 000 miles and so since then it’s basically been my road trip vehicle um we take this out on road trips whenever we get the chance just

Because it’s pretty much i mean it’s the most comfortable vehicle we own the other vehicle is a 2015 hyundai elantra and that’s just not as comfortable you know when you’re in the car for four or five hours um even like two hours three hours it’s just not as comfortable this car i mean just rides like a cloud any minor bumps and whatnot it pretty much just floats

Over it yeah this is our main road trip vehicle we like taking it wherever we go it’s super comfortable um like the leather seats it’s it’s just fun and and relaxing and comfortable to sit in i don’t know there’s not really much else to say about that in terms of you know just general maintenance and how the vehicles treated me i have not had any issues with it

I do need to change the brakes coming up here in the next few months probably outside of that all i have done has been just oil changes i’m pretty sure um i remember saying that i was going to replace the rims because there’s clear coat fading doesn’t have it on this one but you can see it on this one as well all of this and then on the other side too you can

See just like the clear coats fading and whatnot um but i haven’t i just haven’t had the extra funds to you know pick up some some nice rooms um i do like the ride and the way it like sits and pretty much feels right now so um when i do decide to purchase rims i want to look into something that’s gonna not affect my ride quality um other thing uh i was kind of

Forced into like uh a curb basically and just screwed all of this up so that was a fun experience and the back one isn’t as bad as the front but i mean it just it just was not a pleasant experience but you know had to stay safe and i had to do what i had to do um so outside of that i haven’t done anything else to the car myself um the rear sub i think is going

Out because i have noticed a little bit of rattling and i’ve seen some people on the avalon like forums talk about you know being able to like push this down it might not be the sub itself but it could just be um like the cover itself is loosen it loose or causing it to rattle but i think it’s a sub so i’m looking into replacing that right now but i don’t think

There’s a direct swap so if anyone knows about that you know that could be helpful just because i’m not entirely sure on the interior everything is still in great condition um i try to do leather care you know at least once every two months or so this has pretty much been here since i got the car so that’s nothing new but the leather still in incredible condition

Um that’s been there as well it looks dirtier in camera than it actually is it’s not really that dirty at all um heat like heated seats and cooled seats still work like great um the mats this is dirty guys i’m telling you i need to clean it up but um a little bit of a hole kind of develop there i do need to get some mats especially before winter wants something

That’s going to be a little more weather appropriate so i might do like a husky liner or weathertech or the max max piper max bitter whatever they’re called um steering wheel i mean this fake wood grain it’s all in great condition haven’t had any issues the navigation system is a 2011 navigation system so in terms of the uh functionality and such i don’t use the

Navigation at all i just use my phone uh i don’t really have issues with too many issues with the bluetooth i guess every once in a while there’ll be this random like glitch where it’ll disconnect my phone reconnect it and everything will be playing super slow like it’s kind of like chopped and screwed a little bit so um it’s super odd it only happens like once

Every couple months and i hate it so basically i have to turn the car off wait for everything to disconnect and shut off then turn the car on let the you know bluetooth reconnect and whatnot but outside of that in terms of the audio system i haven’t had any issues and you know it still sounds great outside of the sub rattling and whatnot the amount of compliments

I have got on the back seat have been crazy i’ve had two friends that are like six three six four 200 plus sitting comfortably black comfort comfortably wow back here and they you know we’re like this is probably the most comfortable car i’ve ever sat in and it’s actually kind of fun to hear just because you know you wouldn’t ex you just don’t expect that you know

For driving a toyota avalon um but it’s extremely comfortable and you know you have all of this space and this is my ride position and if you haven’t seen my first video of just like when i picked up the car like you have i mean i have i’m five eight on a good day i’ve got like a foot of room here and i like to sit a little closer to the steering wheel and then

Of course you’ve got the reclined seats to where you can kind of just chill and you see it reclines a couple inches but incredibly comfortable car um you have a lot of space you have a lot of you know just like a room to breathe you’re not squished like a damn sardine as you would be in you know like a smaller vehicle uh outside of that i mean the car has been

Great i absolutely love it do i want to pick something else up yes because it would be nice to have a little bit more space to be able to haul some things and pick up some things and carry around like you know a truck or an suv or something like that but at the moment this serves my needs it fills its purpose and it’s doing a damn good job at it do i have any plans

For it not necessarily i like to kind of keep things as stock as possible outside of maybe the rims if i can find some oems that’d be great but i might just my headlights are flickering a little bit i forgot to mention that um at night i noticed my headlights flickering a little bit and i think the uh ballasts are starting to go out or the headlights are starting

To fail because they do them both at the same time it’s not one or the other so i feel like my headlights are starting to kind of go out but yeah outside of that i’m gonna keep it stock i like the way it looks with you know the tint it’s it’s subtle it’s it doesn’t stand out it doesn’t make noise and you know i’m not trying to cause attract any attention or do

Anything like that with a toyota avalon so great vehicle highly recommended if anyone’s looking to pick one up or interested in pick one up guys go for it i mean if you can find one for a good deal that’s been maintained just like you know any other vehicle you know do your research and take it to a mechanic if you need to but they’re great vehicles um i had

My reservations at first because it kind of has that you know uh reputation of being like a grandpa car but who cares man just drive what you like the car cruises you know people are gonna love sitting in it people are gonna have a good time they’re not gonna feel cramped and feel achy when they get out of the car um you know maintenance has been pretty cheap

I mean i have to do a synthetic oil change and what not in here but outside of that like it’s a toyota it runs well you take care of it it’s going to take care of you so i think that’s all i got for this video like i said it’s been a year i’ve put 17 000 miles on it 165 to 182 yeah 17 000 miles and i absolutely love the car and who knows if i have it for the next

11 months to make it to year two i guess i’ll give you guys an update but that’s gonna be the video thank you all for watching if you have any questions or anything that i could answer i’ll do my best comment down below and i’ll see you all next time

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2011 Toyota Avalon Limited Long Term Owner Review By The Average Car

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