2011 to 2019 ram 1500 classic dr
Altair Club Cars 2011 to 2019 RAM 1500 Classic drivers side low beam headlight replacement–on a 2016 RAM 1500

2011 to 2019 RAM 1500 Classic drivers side low beam headlight replacement–on a 2016 RAM 1500

So, if you watched this vid he removed WAY TOO MUCH and DIDN’T show you this white clip that releases the headlight. My video shows you an easier way PLUS the white clip and how to angle it down and up to release the headlight.

Okay super amateur video time i’m going to replace the low beam headlight on a 2016 dodge ram alright next i got out a screwdriver put a screwdriver pliers some cardboard for your knees i recommend something like that you hurt your knees right under here there’s an access panel some good shape i’ll be able to reuse that underneath here here’s the light i’ll let

You know how i’d do it next right here there’s a bolt holding on this for headlight assembly i believe this whole thing’s got to come out i’m gonna take that ten millimeter bolt out what’s happening is i can’t quite get it like that let’s see what happens if i pull it off no so i’ll just use the old-fashioned way use a ten millimeter wrench took like two minutes

To get that 1 to 10 millimeter bolt oh that’s right there there is another one right there though that’s a long ways down there’s two of them that should be it then the whole light come in from behind that access plate i was back here you know which i already removed i’m gonna push in behind there the whole light should just come out and then i should be able to

Access those lights oh other thing you’ll need it might be hard to find but this kovat nineteen stuff happened some rubber gloves because the lights that we got let’s see i’m not endorsing any sort of brand but just happened to buy us at the store it’s in h-11 bulb is a halogen bulb and the oil in our hands will damage that light there we go now i’m gonna remove

That next 10 millimeter bolt that’s way down there if i couldn’t get the camera to focus on there it is i also brought out two magnetic tools one’s got a light one doesn’t it appears that that thing you look at here as i shake this i think it’s gonna come with it let’s go behind here okay got my hand in the problem underneath here it’s a speed clip it’s a white

Clip and now i can finally see it see that white clip see i’m banging my hands around so i actually removed a bolt earlier they didn’t need to have to reinstall that one but that way clip i’m gonna push go grab it maybe i gotta pull out on slightly pull it toward me let’s see here there that’s what happened you gotta pull it toward you hitting something to pull

It toward you then up so here’s that one that’s an adjustment nut so we don’t want to touch that so i think we’re gonna leave that alone that helps adjust the headlight here’s this ball joint thing that clips into that that just releases so i was using my screwdriver right there it helped pop that out this is this thing it goes up and down up and down together

Take the wool beam out and replace it i can see how it pops in and out okay i supported the whole headlight on a chair maybe another thing you need to there’s probably twist oh probably twist one of the way oh pip top three i don’t there’s the old bulb looks kind of burned out doesn’t it it got all the package it’s the old one this is the new one so let’s ditch

That one down they look the same same numbers so i’m going to attach that to the clip which is right there yeah i’ll install it just that point it so it looks like there’s the big hole the big hole into smaller holes look in this one it’s got a bigger tab into smaller tabs so let’s try to do it like this i’ll try to do a video so small i should go like that you

Know twist there we go now this tab should disconnect know me i like to test stuff before i put all back together let’s just turn the headlights on we got light ones working – yep there you go turn them off and reinstall you can take my gloves up now again i actually tucked this part in first took that part in first then i pushed this part in and then i push it

Back it’s in that ball joint back there now it’s a simple matter of just reinstalling i guess that’s that screw in this screw and the one screw i took out from the back which i didn’t need to take out which is this one so hopefully that doesn’t that i don’t think this has any do with adjustments we’ll find out i guess reinstalled that little screw that you did not

Have to take out again there’s that white clip way back in there i’m gonna reach in there pull that down there was no it should be locked into place then so this little trapdoor is done i haven’t already i also i didn’t do this to begin with but i turned my tire in so it’s a lot easier to get at this here’s that little clip which i put here which i think actually

This point i might just stuff it in there i’ll see if it works which take a beauty there we go next work on those other ones up here you see how that’s kind of cockeyed in there probably gonna have to use a magnet tool to get in there and you’re going to fool around with it i’ll probably have to raise and lower the headlight well that’s it it’s all finished because

That tightened up which i actually did start this bolt so i didn’t tighten that one all the way down and they started this one also to make sure yeah okay that one down i could still get this one in so it’s a good idea to start this one at least before you finish that one also you can see how i got my tool laying across here not the best idea you never never want

To connect the two battery terminals with a piece of metal you’ll end up in the world of hurt so it’s better to keep him on the side over here like where it was doing or you could put a piece of cardboard which i could have done let’s take a piece of cardboard there you go hopefully you found that useful that was a real time video it probably took me by myself off

It took me an hour i did watch a couple videos but they really didn’t explain that cliff very well they never really showed it very well so i really want to make sure that that white clippety got to pull down and that access door again that’s behind there that white clip what’s gonna slow you down there you go hopefully enjoy it

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2011 to 2019 RAM 1500 Classic drivers side low beam headlight replacement–on a 2016 RAM 1500 By carsDAN7172

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