2011 rolls royce ghost for sale
Altair Club Cars 2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost For Sale

2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost For Sale

2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost For Sale

Hello everyone this is our 2011 rolls-royce ghost with 22 352 miles definitely an iconic luxury car spirit of ecstasy just have the rolls-royce emblem etched into the headlights super cool hids led daytime running lights front parking sensors headlight washers all kinds of awesome stuff it does have a little bit of wear which is more readily visible in the silver

Portions doesn’t have the rock chips quite as well they’re not very noticeable but it does have a small flurry of rock chips across the front the hood is in really good shape with only just a few very very very small marks but the vast majority of the front is unscathed and looks excellent just a few rock chips there towards the center looking at the driver’s

Side front fender it’s in really good condition i do apologize if you see you know bladed grass or something on the car they’re doing some landscaping work out here so that’s somewhat unavoidable front driver’s side wheel looks great no rash no scuffs or anything like that driver side mirror looks good small spot that’s been touched up here kind of difficult

To see but it is there front driver side door looks good just a tiny bit of scratching right here very faint rear driver side door looks good driver side rear quarter panel excellent condition tons of metallic flake in this paint it’s like a gray blue kind of color it looks really nice though i definitely like it rear driver side wheel absolutely flawless

Wheel looks excellent moving around to the back got a backup camera and reverse sensors back bumper looks excellent i do apologize for the grass again the face of the back bumper and the trunk lid are both in excellent condition the only flaws i’ve really noticed in the back are right here just some very very small marks on the driver’s side of the face of the

Trunk lid top of the trunk lid looks flawless face of the back bumper looks perfect moving on to the passenger side looking at the passenger rear quarter panel looks great rear passenger wheel no issues there rear passenger door no issues front passenger door does have two very very small dents and scuff marks incredibly incredibly small not very noticeable

At all passenger mirror absolutely flawless no marks whatsoever front passenger fender amazing no issues and the front passenger wheel does not have any issues either no scratches no rash nothing like that so i’ll go ahead and walk around the vehicle from a one foot distance to give you a better big picture idea of the overall condition of the vehicle here at

Exotic motorsports we like to do these comprehensive walk-around videos to give our out-of-state buyers the confidence and peace of mind they need to purchase a vehicle from a site on scene if they choose to do so walking around a vehicle from a one foot distance is a lot more indicative of what you might notice on a day-to-day basis if you were to own the vehicle

Yourself it helps to separate the larger more obvious flaws from the smaller less significant ones giving you a better realistic idea of the overall condition of the vehicle if you go looking for flaws you will find a couple this is an 11 year old vehicle however given its age it is in very very very good condition the blemishes that it does have are not easy to

Find whatsoever we do have keyless lock and unlock just by pressing the button there on the door handle auto dimming door mirrors power adjustable power folding auto dimming side mirrors one touch windows massaging heated and cooled memory seats this is a four button car twilight sensing headlight night vision heads up display lane keep assist and collision uh

Prevention assist power adjustable seats of course perforated white leather seats absolutely beautiful love the way these look and they are extremely comfortable push button start and we do have a little warning triangle right there it says that the battery voltage is low so it um it is not calibrating the tpms currently so the battery just needs to be charged

A bit more and then it will calibrate the tpms and that’s the only reason why that warning triangle is there otherwise the car is in great shape we’ve got navigation bluetooth adaptive cruise control there’s your bluetooth controls here heated and cooled seats as i mentioned navigation very nice analog clock love that dash is in perfect shape no uv damage or

Fading universal garage door remotes auto dimming rear view mirror dual pane panoramic sunroof passenger seat is in excellent condition passenger seat also has memory massaging heated and cooled power adjustable seats passenger door panel looks excellent all the wood grain accents are in perfect condition not like some of the older mercedes where they’re known

To crack this car does not have any cracks in the accent pieces at all everything looks fantastic none of the markings are worn there’s no wear on the steering wheel at all this car looks brand new on the inside it’s been taken very very good care of and of course we have rear reverse opening doors door panels look great bench seat is super comfortable very

Clean carpeting in the back very nice view with the sunroof as well and here is our v12 beautiful engine bay i definitely love the uh art and aesthetic behind the way the engine bay is set up i think it definitely looks really nice and it photographs very well that’s definitely for sure the vehicle doesn’t have a v12 to make high-pitched exotic exhaust notes or

To go really fast it produces torque at a very very low rpm which makes this vehicle extremely drivable in the very low rpm range and you don’t feel the vehicle shift you don’t feel it rev up it’s very easy to keep it an incredibly smooth ride when you’re able to get a lot of torque in the low rpm area which is exactly what rolls royce aims to do with this vehicle

It definitely lives up to the hype this vehicle drives incredibly smooth you don’t hear it you don’t feel it you just float like you’re driving a cloud it’s really an amazing experience to drive one of these or to be driven in one i should say because it is a rolls royce so that is our 2011 rolls royce ghost if you have any further questions please feel free to

Check out this car on our website at exoticmotorsportsok.com thank you for watching

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2011 Rolls-Royce Ghost For Sale By Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma

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