2011 ram 1500 slt quad cab 44 st
Altair Club Cars 2011 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab 4×4 Stock # UBS693703 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA

2011 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab 4×4 Stock # UBS693703 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA

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Very Low Mileage 2011 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SLT 4×4 with a 4.7L V8 Engine and Automatic Transmission. Locally traded and great mileage for year this Ram offers a nice break from elevated truck prices being sold under $20K. Comes with popular equipment like Bluetooth, Backup Camera, Tow Package, Satellite Radio, Bed Liner, Chrome Side Steps, Soft Bed Cover, Bug Shield, Visors, this truck comes well accessorized!

Hey guys thanks for checking out this 2011 ram 1500 quad and it’s going to feature a 4.7 liter v8 engine and it is rear-wheel drive with the four-wheel drive option this 2011 is going to have around the 70 000 um mile range so for 2011 still considered low miles so we’re going to make our way around the vehicle noticing any sort of features and benefits that

It could have for you and then at the end we’ll make our way around noticing any sort of dent stings or imperfections that you could expect to find on a used 2011 truck so you can see it is a silver color in nature going to have the silver and the black accents here on the front so it gives it a nice pop there for you making our way to the tires we do guarantee

Three quarter tread or better go over this um once we make our way into the passenger side glove box and i can tell you those exact depths you are going to have the running boards um the entire length with the foot grips here which is always nice on those rainy days looking at the interior here you can see you have cloth seats it is like a gray color on tan on

With the checkered um so pretty nice looking very well maintained especially for a 2011 can have that six seat option there with that center console that does fold up which i will get to once we make our way around to that driver’s side just taking a look in this glove box here you can see you do have an owner’s manual and you’ll also have that checklist that i

Was referring to so tread depth you’re looking at 9 30 seconds the entire way around brake pads you’re looking at 16 and 15 30 seconds so everything is in great shape not having to worry with that anytime soon we’ll also note that you do have a top console or glove box here as well it is going to be manual adjustments as far as your seats are concerned so you’ll

Have this lever on the side and then also the forward and backward motion on the front looking in the back you can see you still have a good bit of space for your backseat passengers two-tone color for your doors which is in the front as well front’s going to have power locks and powered windows backs you will have powered windows um so again very well maintained

Clean smells great no odors or anything that are coming from the vehicle you do have the cover here over the bed and we also have the tow hitch down here with the seven and nine pin wiring taking a look in here can see the bed liner has been very well maintained just as the rest of the truck go ahead and take a quick sneak peek in the past or the driver side back

As well going to look exactly like the other side same with the door looking at the driver’s side door is going to feature the powered locks windows and mirror adjustments do have some storage space down there you’re still going to have the manual adjustments for your seat lights are going to be on this side here and again still have the running boards on this

Side so we’ll go ahead and hop in so you can see here um steering wheel’s still going to be that two-tone color um you have your selection options here on the left and the right looking up here 76 338 miles on this 2011. on the right here you’re going to have your gear options am fm sirius xm radio as well as all of your heating and cooling options down here

Below this is going to be your bluetooth settings here and then you also have your four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive options this cup holder does pull out so you don’t have to have it down if you want to sit something down here on the floor but it is a nice feature to have there for your cup holders do you also have a charging area right here on the left hand

Side as well as the right hand side down there this center console nice for storage so if you open it up here you do have all of these compartments however if you are needing a six seat you do also have that as well looking up here you do have your light options and then this is going to work the back window so you can see here just pushing the button does

Open that for you as well as close it so if you ever need some circulation in here you can always use that um use that and you’ll have access to that from the very front of the truck so um just a quick note here for the carfax history report there have not been any accidents or damages that have been reported on this vehicle and it has had two owners so for the

End of the video what we’re going to do is hop out noticing any sort of density or imperfections that you may expect to find on the vehicle i’ll be very honest there’s very very very minimal as far as the interior is concerned only thing i would note is this slight tear here in the driver’s side seat but again overall very good condition exterior wise one thing

I will know is just a little bit of shipping right here with the black also it does show the silver but that’s really all that i’m seeing on this driver side at the moment you do have a little scuff right there as well making our way around the front can see a little scratch right there slight stone chipping which is again to be very expected with a used vehicle

But nothing that is abnormal or that jumps right out at you you do have some discoloration right here looks like just a little scratch again right there on the mirror but not noticing much on the truck itself again you can see on the black there there’s a little couple of chips but i’m not noticing anything else throughout i mean the rear of the truck is actually

In very good condition as well as far as getting items in and out only note i will make is right there so again a 2011 extremely good condition especially for the year low miles at 76 000. four-wheel drive if you’re thinking that this could be an option for you please feel free to give us a call 717-485 go online and check us out at www.allthingsautomotive.com

Or come down visit the showroom 21518 great cove road to mcconnellsburg pennsylvania thanks and have a great day

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2011 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab 4×4 Stock # UBS693703 | #RelyOnATA | @RelyOnATA By All Things Automotive

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