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Altair Club Cars 2011 Porsche Cayenne Diesel Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

2011 Porsche Cayenne Diesel Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour

A very big thank you to Julius and the rest of the staff at Porsche Centre Glenmarie for giving me this opportunity to make videos on Porsches! Although at the time of filming, time was restricted and I only got videos on 2 cars, but still, I enjoyed my time there and will hope to get back there soon!

Hey guys today i have a 2011 porsche cayenne diesel i’m gonna make a startup and photo video of it so here we go right so this car is equipped with keyless entry so you just have the key on you put it in the pocket or something and the cars current currently unlocked press this black button lock it and to unlock it you just tap the area behind the door handle so

To turn on the engine just put your foot and brake and twist this five thousand six hundred and sixty two kilometers put your foot on a break tiptronic shifting and you’re parking brakes actually down here you again put your foot on brake pull it to release it and you push it to engage it alright so let’s go ahead and turn on the hazards lights and fog lights

Take a look at the engine and this cars windows are all automatic 19-inch rims with goodyear tires led indicators front parking census led real lights with led indicators as well all right let’s see how she raves this car actually has a rev limiters dual zone automatic climate control if you drive a central science driver and passenger have their own individual

Roles and if you are different modes right here your front and rear defrost air conditioning will be circulation in your suspension settings and four-wheel-drive system mr. bots button i’m katie purrs open a just loves music my family might do here now the producers of that song firework is called stargate these two swedish boys okay they’re behind us we need big

Singles that you hear on radio constant like the one your phone this is one arthas that you used to produce for his name is mario he’s kind of people this scene alone i’m sure he’s gonna come back soon you never know and your sunroof how outlet people couple this your pedal shifters on the steering view you push it down to upshift and you push it towards

Yourself to downshift cruise control wiper and indicate the stalls steering wheel audio controls how folding maris your power mirror controls and power windows and this button is to control your boo all right so i guess that’s it for the startup let’s turn it off and continue with the rest of the tour as you turn off the engine and you have the doll it actually

Moves back and the steering wheel actually moves up cooked in a packs you’re full power driver’s seat for your this is for your lumber your seat back you’re seat position inclination and your listen memory for the seats seats do fold with your ear convinced and yours lock and unlock really comfy seats we have spoilers we’ve shot a trick light dual exhausts

With rear parking sensors power outlet spare tire and your toolkit cargo cover couple this full power passenger seat as well with 2% memory all right so i’m gonna take the cayenne back to its spot right there let’s go in and start it up from the inside all right so that’s it for the startup and filter video of the 2011 porsche cayenne diesel thanks for watching and good bye you

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2011 Porsche Cayenne Diesel Start-Up and Full Vehicle Tour By alexlovesmac

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