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Altair Club Cars 2011 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS Awards Edition | Comprehensive Review | Autocar India

2011 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS Awards Edition | Comprehensive Review | Autocar India

Now whenever we think of italian exotics maserati is not the first name that springs in your mind but it is definitely a big brand with a lot of heritage behind it and now that this brand is trending its presence in india we decided to take a closer look at the 4-door for sita yet sporty saloon the maserati quattroporte now quattroporte in italian means four doors

But that’s all simplifying things a bit too much that would be like calling an f1 car a shopping trolley you would be missing out on the magic and the drama that suffuses every quarter birthday especially the way it drives fittingly instead of having more luxurious versions of the quattroporte maserati have sportier ones there’s the 430 bhp quattroporte sport and

Then there’s the full 40 bhp both report a sport gts then there’s the top-of-the-line quattroporte spor gts ofwhat’s edition this was the car that i was driving around in modena italy maseratis own ground the awards edition was certainly grabbing my complete attention now this is the quattroporte gts so it’s a slightly stiffer springs than the standard quattroporte

So when you’re running around down at low speeds and over less-than-perfect roads you can feel that firmness in the suspension on other variants an adjustable suspension is available but this is the top-of-the-line quattroporte lane and it has to exemplify its maserati ness which means sporty is better however the right isn’t uncomfortably stiff or harsh but it’s

Not what a luxury car buyer would expect either but as beats build things just smooth it out like the suspension the engine has a tough task ahead of it to deliver the best of both worlds it can’t be a brutish fire-breathing motor only maseratis are meant to be sports cars for gentlemen so the engine has to be quite flexible it can’t be all about just top-end bar

Unlike the screamers from ferrari maserati models are engineered to deliver accessible power and this 4.7 liter v8 makes most of its power fill under 6,000 rpm and it was quite apparent at lower speeds as it turns out there is quite a wide spread of torque so you can run around below 2,000 rpm in quite a relaxed manner even in the city the drive felt all the more

Smooth and relaxed because of the lush zf gearbox your shifts look leslee smooth and barely perceptible when taking it easy but when you want to up the pace yeah all you need to do is mash your right foot down despite all its refined gentleman lian when you call 440 bhp and one quick shout you get fireworks and if you press the right button things get better still

Now if you press this little button here marks port you get more of everything you get more noise you get more max revs you get a more sensitive throttle you get more fun once the small flap in the exhaust opens up that both report they starts to make the most beautiful sound you have ever heard the sound was divine just the kind you would like to hear on a winding

Road like this it’s absolutely epic the flap also unleashes an extra eight forces to speed things up engine and gearbox combined delivery company claimed 0-200 time of 5.1 seconds top vac is 285 kilometers and armed with the hammer down gearbox felt like different the gurcius became much quicker and weren’t anywhere close to being hushed i could feel them through

The seat now in fact even when you’re in sport automatic when attacking a corner the gearbox will change down on its if you want manual control don’t worry another very nice feature here with the gearbox if you tap it to the left it goes into complete manual mode so even if you are right on the rev limiter like this it will not change up see it will wait for you

To give the next shift act then it was time to see the quattroporte they really delivered on the handling it came prepared to deliver an experience of a lifetime the gts comes with stiffer suspension and lower ride height it comes with a 49 50 watt front to rear wave distribution along with a front mid-engine layout this gives the quattroporte remarkable balance

Even on the living when you arrive at a nice corners like this the maserati really enjoys being checked around it it turns in very quickly surprises you by how quickly three turns for a car that’s this big it’s almost unreal how well this big saloon endlich’s and it’s all the more impressive considering it is essentially a seven-year old design with a roll of

Thunder from the exhaust the tires digging into the tarmac and the engine howling to be let off the leash every corner is attacked by the quattroporte mercilessly now the steering isn’t all that heavy but it’s got a good weight to it and when you turn into a corner you just starts riding the steering however could do with more feedback and a bit more weight to

Match the drive experience of the quattroporte sport gts awards edition the bottom line from the driver seat it’s hard to remember that the quattroporte has another side our own corners like this it’s amazing how tight and how quick the quattroporte feels after all it is a full-size luxury saloon but when you’ve had your fun and you want to sit back and relax that

Water birthday is just as enjoyable just look at the back seat now as it turns out this back seat is smashing – i mean there’s good on the thigh support there’s good knee room headroom can be a bit type a taller passengers but just look at the amount of adjustability that’s there on this seat very impressive the power adjustment for the rear bench makes it easy to

Set up the seat to perfection and the front you see a simple dashboard with a prominent center console while there is a alcantara strewn all over the interiors the center console does feel a bit plain with a simple black plastic finish carbon fiber trim like on the gts version would be nice instead also the simple design of the ac vents seems a bit dated but then

The quattroporte is now 7 years old other than that the interiors are smart well finished and very welcoming there’s enough space for tall drivers as well and enough comfort to make long journeys without getting tired and you wouldn’t tire of the quattroporte is looks either the long grand aura like knows the tight muscular body and the simple minds they combine

Grace and power in a natural effortless manner it would be the perfect car to dress up your driveway and then take for a very long drive but for me it was time to say goodbye to my first maserati now the one thing that i didn’t like on the course report they was on the inside and this was the – it used some plastic bits you know we just detract from the otherwise

Rich and comfy and plush feel that the quattroporte has other than that this car is blending two words brilliantly on the one hand it’s nice and sporty fun to drive it’s got the punch really doesn’t feel as big as it is when you’re driving hard and fast and on the other hand it is a spacious comfortable saloon the back seat is well designed so on the weekdays you

Can sit on the back let the chauffeur do the driving and just sail through to office while on the weekends up into the front seat and have a blast sure at one point two crore rupees you might think that’s bit pricey to start off with but this is a car that’s planning to world’s brilliantly

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2011 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS Awards Edition | Comprehensive Review | Autocar India By Autocar India

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