2011 chevrolet traverse ls all w
Altair Club Cars 2011 Chevrolet Traverse LS ALL WHEEL DRIVE | 8 Passenger | Review

2011 Chevrolet Traverse LS ALL WHEEL DRIVE | 8 Passenger | Review

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Hey everyone mike sherry here at paul sherry used cars we just took in this chevrolet traverse i just got done test driving it and now i’m going to review this car for you today so really difficult car to find 2011 chevrolet traverse all-wheel drive most of these are in the front wheel drive this is all-wheel drive still has the 3.6 liter v6 engine uh just under

125 000 miles i get the exact miles when we get inside uh but really nice clean car i’m very impressed so it’s a i believe they call it a deep blue metallic paint so the metallic’s going to have a little bit of sparkle to it in the sun the front end the whole car really shows clean if i see anything wrong i’ll let you know i got the chrome surround on the grill

The headlights are really easily they start to yellow and stuff this is maybe a little bit up top here but all around just a really clear looking lens there i’m surprised so it’s the little things alloy wheels here um does have a good amount of tread left on the tires themselves as you can see four wheel disc brakes on this car looks like someone added these little

Chrome strips here on the back of the door so they they took a little pride in their vehicle right again seats eight passengers and how it how that happens is of course you have two up front three in the center row and then you can do three in the back row uh i always like to point out too you do have heating and air conditioning controls back here for this

Uh back section fuel fill here on the driver’s side up i did spot something right there just a little bit of a ding again all-wheel drive this is the traverse ls is equipped with a hitch down here for towing it’s two inch receiver has a rear wiper defroster on the rear window it’s tinted as well and then back here you got some cargo space and then these seats

Will actually fold down pop for even more cargo space so both of the seats will fold down and then to pull them back up they got a nice strap there for you and you pull the headrest up easy peasy all right coming around to the passenger side a couple little scuffs back here a little bit on this door everything’s been touched up paint though so it doesn’t rust

Which is nice where they there’s a little scratch on it here and there all around really nice vehicle let’s check out the driver passenger compartment here we’ll show you some of the options and features that this car has brakes felt good going down the road it drove really nice power locks adjustable mirrors power windows all four of them got a beverage holder

Down there adjustable seat weather tech uh floor mats all right okay so yeah it’s a little high in the miles it has 121 218 miles on it not a single warning light on the dash so on the little red light you see there’s a seat belt light i just don’t have mine on does have automatic headlights so you just set the auto and forget it does have cruise control does

Have hands-free connectivity so you can talk through this car’s audio system on your cell phone hands-free you have some volume control here for your radio it does come with keyless entry uh does have a radio am fm radio with the cd player heating air conditioning controls for up front are right here again the air conditioning blue cold today all around really

Clean vehicle it isn’t automatic in the glove compartment here all the little nooks and stuff should nice and clean so really cool vehicle these are great for families if you don’t want to drive a minivan but you need the space of a minivan these are definitely a great option i believe they were right at around like 23 miles a gallon yeah that’s what i wrote down

There uh for all-wheel drive eight passenger vehicle that’s excellent okay so what i’ve shown you here is the history report this is like the uh the carfax or the history report they call it the auto check this will show you if it’s ever been an accident this one has not uh looks like three previous owners and there’s seven pages of this and we post this for free

On our website so when you click on the first link that i post below and you see that emblem click on it it’ll open that up for you now financing is available on this vehicle um and you can actually see if you qualify for that and at what rate and term right from home on whatever device you’re watching this video on i’ll post a link that says financing and such

Just start right there it’s super easy to do and secure without this this 2011 chevrolet traverse i’m impressed i don’t think it’ll last long when these come in at this price it just makes a really affordable family vehicle and yeah we hope to see you soon we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business thanks for watching

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2011 Chevrolet Traverse LS ALL WHEEL DRIVE | 8 Passenger! | Review By Paul Sherry Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

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