2011 chevrolet silverado ls crew
Altair Club Cars 2011 Chevrolet Silverado LS Crew Cab Walkaround

2011 Chevrolet Silverado LS Crew Cab Walkaround

This new 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS Crew Cab comes equipped with a 4.8L V8 engine, automatic transmission, OnStar, XM radio, CD, cruise, and much more!

Hello my name is jason walter and i’m one of the sales managers here at ross down and chevrolet today i want to talk with you a little bit about this 2011 chevrolet silverado crewcab ls and you know chevy silverado is is known for being the longest lasting and most dependable truck on the road and chevrolet has made a commitment to make you a truck that will help

You do the work that needs to be done so we’re going to talk a little bit about the features and and why you would want to consider there consider the chevrolet silverado so first let me say this particular package is the as the ls package which happens to be probably one of our most popular equipment groups the ls package gives you all the features that you need

And not necessarily a whole lot of what you don’t need it’s going to be an entry-level truck but chevrolet has packed it full of features so what we’ll do is we’ll start under the hood talk a little bit about the engine and work our way around the truck okay so let’s take a look at the the engine in this in this silverado you know the vortech motors are legendary

And have been around the chevy nameplate for a long time and you know this this engine is is is just tremendous engine it’s been out for a long time it’s extremely reliable it produces 302 foot-pounds i’m throw 302 horsepower and 305 foot-pounds of torque and you know will choke close to 5,000 pounds with you know properly equipped now even with even with that power

This this truck will still get you you know 19 on the highway and 14 in the city and some of the some of the features that this engine has is it’s all aluminum block so the engine is going to be lighter it’s a flex-fuel engine so should you need it it can run on 85% ethanol and 15% gas the bottom line is is this engine has been with chevy for a long time and if

You’re looking for something with with power to get the job done and also reliability then this is the engine for you when you talk about a truck being tough and being being long-lasting you know you have to you have to talk a little bit about the chassis and and and so we’re gonna we’re going to spend just a few minutes talking about about what this truck has this

Silverado is actually built with a body-on-frame architecture which is going to provide you with a real strong platform which is really suited for the activities you know that you’re going to do in the truck throwing stuff in the bed pulling things that that require having a strong rigid frame now the silverado front suspension is an independent front suspension

It’s a cold over shock with a stabilizer bar design and the rear suspension is actually a multi leaf spring which is going to balance your ride smoothness and your hauling and your trailer and capabilities ok rounding out the outside of the vehicle and what i think really sets this truck apart is the exterior this ls package gives you the chrome grill the 17-inch

Tires and also your chrome chrome rims really a great touch makes the truck you know stand out you know come standard on the ls package so let’s go take a look at the inside of the truck and tell you a little bit about the features on the inside ok as i mentioned before the the silverado crewcab with the ls package gives you a ton of great features in it it comes

Standard with power windows power locks cruise control tilt keyless entry it’s got a tremendous am/fm cd player with auxiliary port as well as standard onstar and x en you know lastly when it comes to safety every silverado is going to have your standard front airbags as well as your side curtain airbags as well okay so that does it for the features of the truck

Let me say i appreciate you watching this video but you may be asking well why would i want to buy from ross down to chevrolet well ross talon chevrolet has been in business for over 35 years and the bottom line is is we have the best prices on trucks anywhere around and our customer service is the best as well so if you’re looking for a good no hassle deal please

Contact us at eight eight eight two two one eight one eight five or visit us online at

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2011 Chevrolet Silverado LS Crew Cab Walkaround By Ross Downing

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