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Altair Club Cars 2010 Toyota Avalon Limited Walkaround

2010 Toyota Avalon Limited Walkaround

This is a requested video for a 2010 Toyota Avalon Limited Walkaround. This vehicle has almost every options possible. If you have any questions or would like to get your super low price quote contact Justin Elliot at Jim McNatt Toyota in Denton TX. We can arrange to have you picked up at the airport or can have the vehicle shipped directly to you. Send me a request and I will show you why we have to lowes pricing around!!

Hi this is justin on the internet director over here at jimmy natural de in denton texas i get a request to do a walk-around video on a 2010 toyota avalon this right here is the 2010 toyota avalon it’s the limited edition it’s black with beige interior as you can see the limited you get the standard fog lights on the vehicle it has the chrome grille right here in

The front since the power sunroof on it it’s really a loaded up vehicle you have the smart key system it’s got the upgraded wheels on it the smart key system on the vehicle you have just the key fob you can lock it unlock the doors right here hold this down to pop your trunk on it i’m gonna demonstrate how the system works you want all you have to do is basically

Hold your keys in your pocket or your purse and put your hand right on the door handle and the vehicle will unlock automatically for you as soon as you get in and all you have to do is push the button and start the vehicle as you can see it’s got the limited badging right here on the back toyota sign it says avalon right here it has the dual exhaust started to pop

The trunk on the vehicle all you do is hold this little button it automatically opens right up for you you have plenty of trunk space in this a huge trunk as you can see you have plenty of room back here the you actually have access right there also so you can if you were going skiing or if you needed any boards or anything that you needed to carry you can actually

Stick that through right to the front of the vehicle as you can see you have the extra speaker right here in the back there’s a little place right here so you can put a card in the milk on top of that or eggs this one has been mat right here in the back so you don’t have to worry about messing up your car printing on it that’s what it looks like right underneath

This this is all insulated and lined right here so cuts out on the road noise and just gives you a little bit better look to it if anybody becomes locked in the trunk it has the glow-in-the-dark handle so they can get out of the vehicle backseat on the vehicle you actually have plenty of space back here also you have the wood grain interior all four windows on

This one are automatic plenty of leg room even the person sitting in the middle if you notice the floorboards almost flat on this that way they don’t have to have their knees right up around their neck on this vehicle all the rear heating and cooling ducts back here the center comes right down and you have an armrest right here along with cupholders and the seats

If you see that right there the seats actually recline here in the back that way if you’re going on a long trip and you wanted to rest a little bit you can do so it’s really really really comfortable in the back of this vehicle with plenty of legroom and as you can see i’m gonna lock the door right now putting the key in my pocket and we’re just gonna walk up to

The driver’s side door i’m gonna put my hand right on it as soon as i go to open the door it automatically unlocks itself its power windows power door locks you have memory seats two different settings depending on who the driver is going to be you have the power seat with the power lumbar control on the inside the steering wheel and the – it’s all wood grain

And it’s not that real cheap looking stuff either it’s the really really nice one you have automatic headlights on this like i said before this vehicle comes with fog lights power mirrors power door locks this is pretty cool cuz the blinker is right in the mirror on this vehicle also give the push button starter you just put your foot on the brake the little green

Light comes on hold that down for a second just like as if you were starting the vehicle normally as you see right here you have the tachometer peter speedometer how much fuel you’ll have left right here also putting a reverse neutral drive you can put it over into the s mode where you can shift up and down like a manual transmission without having to use a clutch

And it’s a six-speed transmission you look lay down here this is your shifter that’s when it’s a normal drive and if you put it over here that’s how you shift up and down without having to use a clutch you have all your temperature controls right here on the steering wheel automatic climate control on the steering wheel you can shut off the fan right here you have

All your radio controls right here on the steering wheel also that’s for the volume your set stations mode like i said your headlights are automatic one other really nice feature about this one is it has laser-guided cruise control after you put the regular cruise control on you can push this button and decide how far away you want it from the vehicle in front of

You so as the car in front of you slows down there’s a little laser beam that goes out and you’ll slow down automatically so you don’t get too close to them it’s a really good safety feature if the other people slam on their brakes it’s gonna slow you down accordingly so you don’t get into an accident or minimize the chance to get into an accident you hit that

Way you don’t have to keep on setting the cruise control over and over if you’re going between 60 to 70 miles an hour and kept on changing the vehicle would do it for you automatically which is great you have your bluetooth controls right here so you never have to take your phone out of your pocket either when your phone rings it’ll lower down the radio and the

Phone will ring as soon as you pick it up you’ll hear the people talking over the speakers now up here on the dash everything is hidden on this one which is a really nice feature also you have the center armrest that comes up right here you have some storage down here you have an auxilary jack and a power outlet down there little tray is removable there’s a couple

More things right here in the middle that look really nice also this little button right here you push that this will open up with another power outlet down here there’s a place to put your cell phone right here you can clip that right in it’s adjustable so you have to worry about your phone falling out you can close that right back up it’s got heated seats on it

And cooled seats for both driver and passenger that way depending on if it’s really hot outside or really cold outside you can adjust it accordingly you haven’t have the cup holders right here which are also adjustable so if you have one of those big 7-eleven cups or a little can that both fit now up here you have your temperature controls once again and for the

Passenger side all your other temperature controls the radio is right here in the middle just put that up and you have am/fm satellite six disc cd changer all in – the windshield wipers on this vehicle are also automatic it’s got rain sensing wipers you can set it to full auto and change the intensity of it basically it’s going to be the sensitivity settings right

Here whether you wanted to go faster or slower and you actually have a navigation system with this vehicle also auto dimming mirror with the compass in it and home link system so you can set your garage door opener up to three different ones right here now the navigation controls this one’s not the touchscreen because it’s so far away anyways you pop this little

Thing out right here you can go between climate to your audio settings you can go info which shows you a trip computer maintenance i’ll show you your map you can set your destinations on this one between address points of interest restaurants you can set a function to go home will you basically just click the little button you’ll say go home and the vehicle will

Take you from wherever you are right to your home address map voice control button zoom in zoom out right here this little back button will take you between the menus regular menu let’s just some set up things right here you have a glovebox right down here plenty of room inside that this one has the paid protection in the shield package you have a sunglass holder

Right here and you have the power sunroof right up here as you can see this vehicle is fully fully loaded there’s almost every option possible on it drive super super nice handles great you have plenty of room for passengers or if you’re just looking for a vehicle for yourself and you want that smooth ride without paying a hundred thousand dollars for one this is

Your vehicle one of these stickers for just under forty thousand dollars but with the equipment that you get and all the standard equipment you’re gonna get the same type of stuff that you would get on a hundred thousand dollar car but spending not even half the price hopefully you enjoyed the video you learned a little bit about the limited avalon once again my

Name is justin elliott i’m gonna do mine at toyota in denton texas and i look forward to working with you if you have any requests on any videos send in a comment let me know

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