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Altair Club Cars 2010 Mk6 VW GTI Review – The BEST Used Car?

2010 Mk6 VW GTI Review – The BEST Used Car?

2010 VW GTI Review by The Straight Pipes. Yuri bought a Mk6 GTI for his wife. It’s a DSG even though he always complained about the DSG’s being boring. Could this be the best used car bargain?

I’m hearing jacob we’re going for a drive uris 2010 volkswagen gti dsg with launch control oh here we go lots of times we hope but then it’s good yeah and it actually has that light lit to start off for the lodge so i bought this car so my wife could have something to drive she can’t drive the element cuz it’s nick and the prowler is a special car just for

Me i feel like you can trick your fiancee or wife into letting you buy this more than you can into an st she’ll complain about the seats in the sd yeah and she’ll know it’s a race car here should be like oh it’s just my nice little white volkswagen so true actually so mr. manuel buys a dsg volkswagen which he’s been complaining about in every single review and

Then we’ve got dsg in the car that i’m driving which is so boring gone fast you guys know i’m a volkswagen fanboy right apparently and by the way a lot of people call me out they’re like you just don’t like volkswagens and you like hyundai to be honest my preference i do enjoy my time in hyundai’s more because the infotainment sophomore but i do really like

Volkswagens and i really had a good time the gti so let’s start with the horsepower and torque actually you tell me what the horsepower torque is 210 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque that’s pretty respectable for 2010 yes and it is a 2-liter turbo four-cylinder so i’m going to start this off with a little boot through cliche corner you know how much i’ve

Been loving for all wheel drive hatchbacks it’s like the veloster and the elantra gt online everything yeah i mean you ended up buying one so i’m gonna use my paddles downshift in there this is pretty good man it’s more fun than i thought it’d be for a 2010 even a little like oversteering if you lift off oversteer yes but that’s that’s fun like it’s actually

Gripping through yeah this does handle really well i’ll give you that so let’s explain why you bought this particular car okay so i was looking for a car for my wife for a while and i was looking for something like small and cute yeah you were sending me all these very very terrible examples so i was looking at a little fiat 500 cuz they’re cute i was okay

With you getting that and then i was also looking at like volkswagen beetle convertibles and stuff i was also okay with you getting that and then i also thought the pt cruiser cuz my wife thinks it’s cute and i was totally not okay with that but i went on a test drive with you that were crazy oh my god wait how do you think we could talk about it okay but i did

Check out a bunch of dealerships i called them to check stuff out and like it was kind of a hassle all the time there’s always little things wrong like the one fiat 500 it’s like oh yeah the locks are broken the armrests are snapped the trunk doesn’t open but a wolf fix all that i forgive the deposit and that’s a new car it felt pretty nightmarish until my buddy

Decided to sell his gti coz he was getting a tiguan for family room so i figured you know i’m gonna hop on this show joey yeah and he ended up getting a tiglon because this is a three-door this isn’t a four-door he said if it was a four-door gti he probably could have kept it yeah so this is actually really cool cuz they don’t make these anymore and i really like

How this looks and it has the cool wheels that i really like i love these wheels these are the best wheels volkswagen has ever put on this gti and i think i mentioned that like three years ago before i even had a dream of owning this do you like the wheels on the autobahn i love wheels on every single gti yeah starting with the one with the circle cutouts which

Mark was that those are kind of like phone dials from like porsche days that was the best gti wheels i agree i’m a little upset that this isn’t on bags yet but all that it’s like this is not they’re not gonna get a stage anything – this better be stage 3 by the end of the year is it gonna stay stock sponsors if you guys want to hook us up i will encourage you

To put this through stage 3 and blow it up i won’t tell my wife she’ll just get behind the wheel is so loud why does it keep flashing launch control and then another cool thing about this particular one is it has the gyro taillights yeah that’s right so you bought it like this yeah our buddy knew how to do up his gti yeah they definitely look a lot cooler than

The stock ones and he was the original owner so you know i knew he took very good care of it he doesn’t like beat up his cars or anything so it’s pretty much the most ideal thing i could have gone yeah and then you also had been looking over before you bought it showed up in our mechanic yeah yeah i got it safety and everything it was pretty much like the dream

Car buying experience exactly so before i get you into the driver’s seat first it does fit a cup of coffee and the cup holders there’s two different sizes so you can put the small cup at the top the medium cup at the bottom and they’ll be the same level there you go visor test yeah let’s do this the newer one didn’t fare too well a couple years ago three two one

Wow yes didn’t even fly off and now the box test box test we already have two inside plus these four makes six then four more makes ten more than the newer ones somehow shout out box test members so now i’m gonna get you in the driver’s seat to verify how sick this gti is so for launch control we need to turn the esp all the way off then we put it down to sport

Hold the brake all the way floor it and that’s power squeal there we go and it auto up shifts so like we complain about in current gt is which you said rattled you very much this does that but the way they got around it here is they hit the auto up shift point like halfway through the red lines which is kind of funny so if you’re an owner this is your car you’re

Probably not gonna push it that far anyways because you’re probably worried you’re probably gonna shift just over 6,000 even though this shifts much farther than that in automatic and turning off traction with the light keeps flashing in the gauges that is actually really annoying yeah but i guess you know look up but the gauges are pretty sick too they are

We’ll talk about in a second but let’s go through cliche first let’s go straight to the point and cliche so this does have a little tendency to oversteer on throttle liftoff which is actually hilarious but this does handle really well there’s a little bit of body roll i think that’s probably something to do with the age of the shocks but honestly this handles

Really really well and it actually keeps up with some pretty fast cars through here how do you how does this feel to you compared to the newer gt is like honestly feels really good like almost a little better well i just it’s not as fake like it does have a fake pump tee and audio but let’s explain what it actually is well let me talk about the handling first

So it does feel very comparable to the new ones but this does have more body roll than the new ones that’s about it okay so that one fit the sound thing so in 2011 they introduced the sound actor which was like a speaker that pumps in digital audio but for current ones have yes but before that we had a noise pipe so that’s what we have it pretty much is a pipe

That goes from your motor to your firewall to add sound and it actually sounds good and it’s fine because it’s authentic yeah so what’s real engine sounds being pumped in not through speakers or anything like that yeah which like that’s cool that’s kind of cool i think you should just put an intake on here go stage three but anyway it’s not getting touched and

Similar to the newer ones this does have the little dinky plastic paddles but these are even smaller which i think is better really because like if you’re not gonna have good paddles to make them as small as you can and i think that’s what they did here now they’re getting a little too big for crappie paddles yeah whatever i don’t really like them but not my car

Yeah how about the steering wheel does this not feel like it’s better leather than current ones yes it feels fantastic it’s also a d-shaped i love how the steering wheel feels i love the steering feel going through corners and everything like that like it’s wild okay another difference this we’ve got the same volkswagen style key but you actually have to put it

In and turn it yeah old-school so like look how close your knee is to it i know i’m afraid you’re gonna snap that right off how’s your knee hit the steering column in this one no but i think i know when i drove a volkswagen keep my knees spread now okay so that hasn’t had i haven’t an issue with that and we don’t have any gloss black on the steering wheel no

Do have a little bit of gloss black each stuff on the dash but it’s like it’s got it’s got a pattern so it’s fine exactly i agree and then the steering wheel button layout it’s like similar to the new ones but not like it’s got overlapping buttons that are kind of weird yeah then if we move on to the gauges you know to analog tax digital in the middle similar

To the new ones but like more lcd old-school but it shows my speed and the needles are very very bright but one thing that this doesn’t have is the tartan seats tear that would be cool but these other seats are really comfortable yeah it was an option that way about like i don’t mind ya know the first time i saw this i’m like oh damn you got leather yeah yes i

Picked that back yeah and it still says dsg on the shifter we just still oh yeah yeah the new ones still say dsg on the shifter this does have a handy brake just like the new ones which is great remember we tried the little e break in the jetta the jetta and now was trashed this was fantastic i agree and you want to see some cool stuff there’s no usb port i

Use the cigarette lighter thing for usb you know but guess what’s in here something to connect your phone something to connect an old ipod iphone you could have optioned it with the usb but he chose the old apple that’s funny and like the new one this does have a ratcheting armrest that will stay in place how nice is that it’s great we’ve got plenty of back

See room which is great but it is a two-door so it’s a lot harder to get in yeah moving back to our front shifter area we have a lot of blank switches i know we complained about blank switches in the future of videos which are now the past videos which porsche is now doing with weird gloss black stuff so i’m not allowed to complain about this because of the

Way other companies are doing weird buttons i honestly don’t even know what else they would optimize i like i want to know what five possible buttons would do in this car okay now let’s move on to the infotainment yako four so we have an actual screen it looks kind of modern and we got hard buttons on the side so we’ve got our band media sound map the map the

Nav that stuff’s kind of useless it works but if we go to band we have satellite radio and we’re doing sirius xm we just have serious because this is before they were merged but the cool thing is you could actually get sirius xm to still play on this like they future-proof the old companies so make sense yeah so i have satellite radio in my 2010 gti doesn’t it

Rewind no but do you know what this does it the new what does it have to mix should i just crash this in there right now no it’s fine but you know what this has if anyone’s also have one look at that volume knob yeah i know i know it’ll spins below or it still spins the new one still spin yeah that’s what i meant yes and we’ve got hard buttons for climate overall

It’s pretty well set up and you even have heated seats which is really nice i know like this is pretty cool and like the graphics are like actually showing up and everything fancy it does have a bluetooth thing here but the heck if i’m ever gonna attach my phone to this you know what i mean yes i’m not worth it and i might i might if somebody wants to hook it

Up put in an aftermarket head unit with apple carplay maybe we can make a video about that i know a lot of people requesting in the whole video about that maybe a whole instagram video follow us your attention straight pipe because it would be cool to have apple carplay it would be nice for you now let’s dabble with the looks a little bit more because we already

Talked about the euro taillights in the three darkness those students quickly love the front end the rear end love the side profile i do it personally okay okay that’s good then yeah that looks great are you disappointed that there’s no led strips on the front yes i actually am a little bit disappointed with that but it’s cool that it does have red calipers and

The continental recommended tire for the 2010 volkswagen gti tell me what it is the conti sport contact five just like my plymouth prowler and you haven’t had a chance to get those on here yet but you will yes yes for sure well i’m gonna get some viking contact sevens for the winter front winter yeah exactly and then we also have a little tiny bit of a lip kit

On this because this is the gti and we do also have some red in the front end because gti no one’s gonna look at this car which is actually one of the nice things for me because i could like take it for groceries yeah yeah and it’s like not the element i know if the drive sticking it won’t rattle and it’s not the prowler i will have to do a million things and

Not fit my groceries in there and it even has grocery hangers in the back well obviously it’s a practical car okay now when i was doing some research on this car i did watch some youtube videos of reviews from back in the day and the funniest thing ever reviewers from today we’re reviewing this car nine years ago like whoo okay redline reviews and it was very

Similar to how he’s doing it today which is awesome because it’s got a catalog of like very consistent views for him matt farah oh that’s awesome and he had some amazing facial hair shout out your facial hair then we had matt watson her car buyer okay before we went to car wow it looks like he hasn’t aged a bit so good job for you too and then also everyday

Driver was doing a thing on this so it was like really funny to see a reviews from before i was doing anything car related and now i’m in like the same gang as all those guys yeah that’s cool hopefully we can last longer or just as long yeah people gonna be making fun of us in 20 years ago jacob had a beard yeah yuri had a weak little mustache since you’ve been

So excited i haven’t really had a chance to talk about anything i would like to talk about like why this actually shift relatively quickly because it is a dual clutch it doesn’t shift as fast as i would like it on up shifts but on downshift it’s fantastic oh it’s totally 2010 five it is it’s great hey that engine does pull pretty hard too yes but what’s weird

About this car for someone who’s newer to driving like my wife since it’s a dual clutch it’s got that weird creep and everything all the time so i feel like it’s kind of a bad first car but it’s also kind of a wicked first car yeah for parking lot stuff i can see that being a little bit weird for a first car so this one wasn’t optioned with a reverse camera but

It still does have the volkswagen logo in the back that does open the trunk you can’t open it with that you have to unlock it and pull the trunk open yeah it’s so like with the key fob you can’t like touch to open which kind of sighs i’m so used to it in newer cars yeah but to open the trunk you need to either unlock from the inside or hold the trunk button on

The key fob before you open it a little bit annoying but how about the exhaust tips exhaust tips are real yes like it’s like wicked they did so much good stuff back then they did so we should probably talk about how much this car costs nowadays well how much does it cost if you look online they list from anywhere between five thousand canadian to about twelve

To thirteen thousand canadian makes sense and an i paid somewhere in-between and i’m very happy with it how much were these new about $28,000 canadian so pretty much in line with what they cost now yeah like to be honest that i do a good job of buying a car you did a great job from the ones you were showing me to what you ended up with i couldn’t be happier with

What you ended up with so let us know what you think of my new gti did i do a good job your wife’s my wife’s new gti did i do a good job with specking it out picking a good car what should i do to an expert i just leave it the way it is you guys have some old gti’s that you wanted the crap out of because if you did i want to hear about it so that i could tell

Your et convince him to go state street put it on bags or do a bunch of crazy stuff don’t forget to subscribe don’t show this video to my wife but we’re gonna do a space cruiser into it hit the notification valve check out patreon.com/scishow and our youtube membership and check out teespring for some sick swag

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