2010 gmc terrain test drive and
Altair Club Cars 2010 GMC Terrain Test Drive and Review

2010 GMC Terrain Test Drive and Review

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Coming up a little later here on alternet tv you’re probably sitting in there toasty warm aren’t you well it’s 14 degrees out here so we decided to check out the 2010 gmc terrain right there in 14 degree weather we took it through some pretty deep snow and you know what it performs pretty darn well i’m scott newell i’ll have my review of the gmc terrain coming up

A little later judging from how these things are flying off dealers lots gmc has struck the right chord with one of its smaller crossovers it’s the 2010 terrain the sibling of the chevy equinox the styling is stellar despite all the ice we piled on the terrain while it comes in all-wheel-drive to our test car was front-wheel drive it handled some heavy snow just

Fine and the standard anti-lock brakes gave us that peace of mind you expect in a truck like vehicle like this you can get two engines in the terrain one is a four-cylinder 182 horses the epa says to get 32 miles per gallon on the highway with that and that is fantastic for a vehicle like this now our test car had a v6 in it 264 horses which is good for a vehicle

Of this weight plus the epa says you’ll get 17 miles per gallon city 25 highway with front-wheel drive which is what we had subtract one mile per gallon on the highway for all-wheel drive we managed to push our highway mileage a little above the epa estimate and found we didn’t have to make that many gas station stops our test car had the tow package which can

Handle 3500 pounds when you need to haul stuff inside you can fold down the split rear seat and open things up here’s one feature that adds to the flexibility of the interior of the terrain let’s say somebody in the front seat has their seat back pretty far back and you need more legroom well pull a bar here and magic you’ve got more legroom because the rear seat

Travels back and forth there’s also a power outlet in the back seat handy when you need a quick charge the interior of the gmc terrain has lots of rich looking and feeling materials this car looks expensive inside though it has a tough look as well contrasting stitching usually is the sign of a luxury car and the terrain had it those cloth seats in front were heated

A welcome feature with the cold weather we were testing it in there’s a little compartment up on the dash to keep valuables hidden there’s a usb connector in the console here in the center you can plug your ipod into it and the great thing is that your play list will then show up right here on the instrument panel that way you can control your ipod without having

To pick it up we found the premium pioneer sound system handled our music tastes quite crisply i appreciated the tilting and telescoping steering wheel for maximum driver comfort and safety at night just about every control lights up another safety and convenience plus and the cockpit is bathed in a striking red glow speaking of safety we found the rear-view

Camera on our test car very helpful for avoiding collisions with stationary things and living things you can get into a 2010 gmc terrain for just over 24 grand but it’s easy to add features and push it up into the 30s sure the turning circle is a little wide for my taste but just about everything in the terrain is executed very well made us feel warm and comfy on

A very cold day with alternet tvs test drive i’m scott newell

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2010 GMC Terrain Test Drive and Review By Scott Newell

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