2010 ford transit connect review
Altair Club Cars 2010 Ford Transit Connect Review – Kelley Blue Book

2010 Ford Transit Connect Review – Kelley Blue Book


This unusual vehicle is the ford transit connect in parts of the world where roads are narrow and space is scarce the transit connect makes an ideal delivery vehicle based on its popularity abroad for things americans might like the transit connect – hello and welcome to our comprehensive kelley blue book review of the ford transit connect the traditional american

Van has soldiered on for years with only minimal changes by comparison the ford transit connect is downright revolutionary with substantial cargo capacity tidy exterior dimensions impressive handling enhanced fuel economy and a hefty dose of modern technology to boots small businesses are the obvious target but civilian buyers may also be drawn to the transit connect

Impressive cargo space maneuverability and compact design despite its generous volume the relatively short six foot length of the transit connects cargo area may not work for buyers who need to carry particularly long loads among the many surprises offered up by the ford transit connect one of the biggest is how well it drives burdened with a full 1600 pound load of

Cargo we expect its road manners would suffer but unladen ford’s little van –let handles shockingly well offering decent grip and solid steering feel along with nimble handling the suspension also delivers a slightly firm a totally livable ride acceleration on the other hand is less impressive the transit connect pulls away slowly from a stop and the engine strains

At high revs when attempting to pass while not up to modern car standards interior noise at speed is lower than many other commercial vehicles we’ve driven topping our favorites list is the tool link option available for the transit connect man by affixing rfid tags to different items tools for example the driver can scan the vehicle to ensure nothing important or

Expensive is left behind we also like the combination of optional wireless keyboard and mobile internet access with the ability to write documents cruise the internet or access computers remotely via the nav screen the transit connect works quite well as a mobile office from a visual standpoint the transit connect looks like nothing else at all roofline square body

And oddly sleek nose hint at its foreign origins given the transit connects pragmatic nature we like that from certain angles it almost looks sporty the transit connect is offered in either wagon or windowless cargo van configurations the latter making an excellent canvas on which to advertise a business in either configuration sliding side doors a low load floor

And rear barn doors contribute to the easy loading and unloading of cargo or people minimalist and functional words we would use to describe the interior of the ford transit connect the audio and climate controls are logically laid out and most surfaces are made of drug and plastic with softer cloth used strategically to enhance passenger comfort wagon versions

Of the transit connect feature a two or three person rear bench seat while cargo versions forego the rear seats in favor of a spartan rear cargo area the wagon offers 78 cubic feet of storage space behind the rear seats and up to 118 cubic feet with the seed stove the transit connect van eclipses that number with an impressive 135 cubic feet of space additional

Storage is available on a shelf located above the front seats standard equipment for the excel trim includes a 2 speaker am/fm radio air conditioning and manually adjustable windows mirrors and door locks xlt trims feature power accessories a cd player with auxilary input cruise control and body-colored bumpers all transit connect feature anti-lock brakes front

Airbags front seat side impact airbags and a tire pressure monitoring system stability control is standard on the transit connect wagon but optional in the band options for the transit connect include floor mats daytime running lights in an engine block heater while only the higher xlt trim can be equipped with bluetooth remote engine starts rear parking sensors

And wide opening rear doors transit connect vans can also be outfitted with rear and side windows or the two link feature an apple other options include an onboard computer with touchscreen and wireless keyboard and a crew chief feature that allows a fleet manager to remotely track the location speed fuel usage and other stats of their vehicle business owners can

Also work with several aftermarket companies to create custom cargo management solutions for their transit connect power for the transit connect comes from a 2 liter four-cylinder engine producing 136 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque the only transmission offered is a four-speed automatic in terms of fuel economy the transit connect delivers numbers in the

Low 20s in the city and the mid 20s on the highway the least-expensive transit connect xl trim starts at a little more than $22,000 for the wagon and a little less than $22,000 for the van moving up to the xlt trim adds around $1,200 to the price tag when fully equipped the price for a ford transit connect tops out at less than $26,000 to find out what consumers

Are paying for the ford transit connect right now we suggest you check the new car blue book value page in terms of resale values the transit connect is expected to offer average resale values over time with slightly stronger residuals than the standard ford e-series van and that’s our comprehensive kelley blue book view of the ford transit connect

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