2010 chevrolet copo camaro for s
Altair Club Cars 2010 Chevrolet COPO Camaro for sale at Volo Auto Museum (V20552)

2010 Chevrolet COPO Camaro for sale at Volo Auto Museum (V20552)

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Hi my name is jade rams my family is on the volo auto museum since 1960. we have a few hundred of the most exciting collector tires and they’re all for sale in one location i personally have hand-picked them from around the country welcome to my sales shop come on let’s go for a spin what’s going on guys it’s caleb today we’re taking a look at a very rare

Opportunity this was completed in 2014 using a 2010 camaro donor car this is a street legal one of five copo camaros it was completely stripped down and built by turnkey automotive if you don’t know who that company is take look them up they are the licensed performance shop that builds copos 4g gm this one however has things like air conditioning power steering

A horn turn signals mirrors on it so it is street legal it does have a title it does have a vin chances of you seeing one again probably not ever going to happen now guys real quick before we get into the rest of the video if you guys have been enjoying our youtube videos make sure you subscribe to our channel if you click the bell icon you’ll get notified every

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A look at our full studio shots of these vehicles we have close-up shots you have in-depth interior exterior engine bay underneath the vehicles it’s all on the website bolocars.com there’s a couple hundred both modern muscle and classic cars they’re all for sale it’s highly addicting i’m on the site all the time looking at these awesome rides so make sure to check

It out alright let’s get into it so like i was saying the owner had to find a new camaro to use as a donor so he bought a 2010 body or a 2010 camaro it was sent to turn key automotive in 2014 that’s when they disassembled this car and rebuilt it from the ground up this was repainted in that blu-ray metallic uh very gorgeous color it’s got a deep blue to it almost

Some purple and metallics in it depending on the light a very sharp collar very appealing it does have the copo graphics along the sides and on the hood it says 416 supercharged so that’s a little different from the regular camaro copos but this was built using 100 percent copo direct parts so it is a true copo it was built by them kind of underneath the table uh

Gm ended up finding out about these cars uh and put an end to them so that’s why there’s only five in existence but it does have a 2010 camaro title and a vin that matches this body so everything else was completely stripped down this does have the rear mounted wheelie bars and the parachute mount it does not come with a parachute however you can go on copo direct

Parts and order one new comes with two sets of wheels well two sets in the rear this is sitting on the bogart copo camaro wheels so there’s ultra lightweight i actually have a set of bogarts on on my trailblazer so very nice wheels very lightweight they’re wrapped in a mickey thompson et street radial they are so well there’s skinnies up front obviously have a

Massive rear tire on them it does come with a set of weld wheels for the rear with some drag radials on it if you do want to track this car this car has never seen the track it was dyno tuned it has been street uh driven so it has 138 miles on the chassis on the build the odometer does work as well as the speedometer on it underneath the car guys it’s absolutely

Spotless uh brand spanking new make sure you take a look at the pictures on the website but this is using complete strange components i’m going to read a list here so i get it right it features stranges s track four link axle suspension a three inch stainless steel exhaust all the way to the rear it does have corsa muffler tips at the end there’s actually dual

Electric cutoffs that end right before the rear axle there you can flip them open electronically with the flip of a switch right in the in the cab there right next to the heat and air conditioning i’ll show you that in a little while this is sitting on a strange solid rear axle with a very streetable uh gear ratio in the in the rear end it has fully adjustable

Coil over strange shocks so struts over shocks in the front and the rear it has strange’s four-wheel disc brakes so this thing is completely built even from underneath it’s done right again 100 percent copo direct parts so it’s the exact spec of a copo camaro let’s take a look inside all right guys coming into the interior uh it has been stripped down quite a bit

Uh reducing weight on it so they got rid of the speakers the door locks stuff like that this does have the nh nhra certified roll cage with a quick release on it so that’s kind of nice this does again it features the copo racing bucket seats on it it has a five point harness seat belts as well all the carpet obviously everything was pulled out completely entirely

Stripped and then reassembled it’s got a hurst quarter stick shifter right in the center there with line lock on it there is a parish or there’s not a parachute release mount so if you did want to purchase the parachute for it you would have to purchase the controls to hook it up into the shifter there does have a reverse lockout as well this car was equipped

With some streetable accessories so exclusive to this car that copos don’t have it has vintage air and heat it does have a working horn and turn signals and a single windshield wiper in the center there next to the fuel gauge next in front of the shifter is where the electric cutoff switches are and that’s where your vintage air and heat controls are everything is

Working and then a working fuel gauge next to it so very similar to copo that’s because it is it has all the control switches in the middle there that’s how you start the car turn it on and off as well you have all the auto meter gauges just like a regular copo we have oil pressure water temperature fuel pressure and a transmission temperature the steering wheel

Does tilt as well so you can get in and out a little bit easier which is nice to have overall again 138 original miles on it guys so this thing is ultra clean the rear seat’s been deleted obviously it has that nhra chassis mount in here so no room for passengers while single passenger but that’s about it there is no radio anymore unfortunately oh i did forget

To mention it does have electric power windows so the window switches do still work for the front or the passenger and the driver now to get into the trunk in the gas flap here if you pop it open there’s a little orange pull tab that’s going to release the trunk on it guys so so right in here you’re gonna have to pull that out it releases the trunk there’s also

A cut off switch right here you push it on and off this does have dual batteries just like the normal copos it’s all wired in nicely if you look at our at our drag copo that we have on our site everything looks the same it is down to the exact spec they do strip all the carpeting and and trimming on the trunk just to save some weight we have a nice voltage meter

This does have a bigger this is a 15 gallon fuel cell so obviously if you are street driving it you want to have a little bit of gas in it so you don’t have to stop every five minutes to fill back up a dual electric pumps i mean this thing is down to the t of a copo so very nicely done by turnkey automotive this is a very impressive car moving on to the engine

Bay guys obviously this does have that very recognizable copo cowl hood on it they do a fiber carbon fiber vinyl graphic in the middle so the hood latch still works it’s held up with the hood strut all right guys so the engine is a little different from a regular copo this is a completely fully built edelbrock ls3 engine stroked out to 416 cubic inches it does

Have their edelbrock supercharger right on top because it’s they weren’t able to uh because of certain factors they couldn’t use the copo engine so they had to put an edelbrock in it uh turnkey would not put that coppo engine in it it does have the custom copo long tube headers into that full stainless steel exhaust make sure you take a look on the site at those

Pictures it’s absolutely a beautiful work of art everything is brand spanking new on this it is showroom condition uh just mint from tip to tail okay hopefully i did this car justice guys i will include the full description on the website i have the complete build list on it but anyway that was my impression on this 2010 copo camaro again this was assembled

Disassembled and reassembled by turnkey automotive in 2014 it is 100 street legal this car will hurt a lot of feelings out on the road so if you want something that’s a midnight second car uh here you go it’s street legal ready to go it is literally turn key you will not have to do anything except fill up the gas tank thanks for checking it out if you guys are

Interested in purchasing it you can visit volocars.com there if you click the buy it now button it’ll secure refundable deposit on this car it’ll shoot us an email we can help set up financing if need be we can also get this shipped right to your driveway again this car is financable it does have a title it does have a vin so that’s a plus to it if you want to call

Us you can ask for me caleb i’d be more than happy to talk over the car some more with you we can also go over financing options and shipping that way as well it’s super easy so check out the website or give us a call but thanks for checking out our 2010 copo

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2010 Chevrolet COPO Camaro for sale at Volo Auto Museum (V20552) By Volo Museum Auto Sales

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