2009 toyota tacoma double cab pr
Altair Club Cars 2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Prerunner SR5 – used cars miami – Vehiclemax.net White 31289

2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Prerunner SR5 – used cars miami – Vehiclemax.net White 31289

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For sailing out vehicle max of beautiful 2009 toyota tacoma double cab prerunner sr5 white on the exterior with tan cloth interior with only 48 dozen miles chrome brush guard chrome step bar mirror chrome handles door handles and mirror caps has also a color back up camera for brand new general grabber tires that we just have put on and as a clean title and a

Clean carfax you could be right now for free on our website vehicle max net we are located at 3200 northwest 37th street miami florida 331 420 zip code we’re open monday through friday from nine am to 6 p.m. saturdays nine to five and we’re always closed on sundays we have been in the car business is 1992 and it sold over 31,000 cars we are an accredited member

Of the better business bureau with an a+ rating you can check that out for yourself on our website right on the homepage is a clickable link to the better business bureau site which will take you right to a rating if you have any questions feel free to call me my name is george i can be reached at 305 to 185 for 62 games prerunner double cab sr5 has a class three

Tow package with the electrical connection they’re ready to go bedliner with the site fleet to slide up and down so you can tie it down stuff i’m going to finish going around the vehicle and then i’m going to go ahead and get inside get it start to show you the interior options mudguards color quarter fender flares cars really really nice condition definitely was

Not used for work as it doesn’t have any bed scratches or dents or anything like that and the bed liner is nice and clean split rear glass the center portion of the rear glass slides back and forth james go ahead and i get it started now let me just go ahead and stop at a real wheel and tire does have a little wheels let’s get it unlocked alright the door panels

Are tan with charcoal black on the top here of course we got part of windows power door locks cruise control let me pan over the seating area before i sit down you also got curtain side airbags as well as seat side airbags there’s no burn holes anywhere in the seats door panels headliner carpeting and just note or smoke so it looks like your previous owner was a

Nonsmoker you see your seat side airbags here and the curtain center backs on for in just a minute but let’s go ahead and get it started first get also power mirrors traction control get remote control stereos for the radio right let’s string will easy going all right car has 48,000 0 14 miles just turn forty eight thousand one rev the engine keep an eye on the

Left hand dial the tachometer and the reason i’m doing this just so you can see that the cars running and adeline perfectly and there are no check engine light on whorebag lights no service engine soon the maintenance even nothing like that the only like that sovereign over there flashing it’s a seatbelt like because i’m not wearing my seat bill to shoot a video

Ok let’s get the windows open and get a little bit of lighting in for the video the driver’s side window is automatic meaning one touch all you don’t have to hold switch of the way that will go down is you’re here curtainsider bags that was telling you about before one let’s see saturday automatic transmission with console shifter cup holders on the front there

And also back here and then you get an axillary port for your ipod let’s go ahead and turn on the stereo so wma mp3 player with the auxiliary port for your ipod and i think it’s telling you before you can control the stereo right from here and you can change stations with the other button down here these are to move about your preset stations and this is a change

Mode to go from am to fm i believe this it’s got more than one if everything’s got to a feminist yeah and uh and not one am ok what else though the rearview camera and you put the car in reverse on the upper corner here of your rear-view mirror you can see a camera it’s going to come on and there’s our rearview camera and it’s in color it’s teeny but it works it

Does it does um help out a lot it’s hard to see on do on this video but when you’re sitting here from the driver’s seat this definitely helps out a lot ok up here we gettin up mini overhead console this is to put your garage door opener there and it’s got like a relative thing that you could put it on there you can actually press from here ok matt blake’s and a

Pocket here for your sunglasses umaine glove boxes over here and there is your owners manual with a booklet and all supplemental booklets that you need it span over the passing your seating area here so you can see it’s in great shape again no burn holes anywhere no order a smoke so definitely looks like a belong to a nonsmoker no either under sun the panels and

The doors leather up straight win and i’ll pan around done nice and slow so you can see it’s in great shape the stitching is not coming apart coupling your color now damage or twist it in any way no burn holes in the rap either let’s go ahead take a look at the dashboard here same thing no blemishes no burn holes no nothing all right i think we’re ready to go

Ahead and know we’ll check out the passenger seating area in the back by the way the mirror here has an arm as a sonado dimming mirror means somebody put the high beams on you it will dark in the mirror so it doesn’t bother your vision all right rear door panels are the same pan with a charcoal back and i don’t know if you notice is like holes here these are not

Really for cups they’re more for like bottles you know because this can they can’t tilt in there that way you won’t you want to spill it this vehicle is equipped with the child lock protection our works is the following this little over here you slide down and what that does is that disables is inside door handle as in case you got small kids you want to be able

To open the door from the inside once you engage that the only handle is going to open is the outer handle to re-engage just do the opposite flick it back up and this one though we’ll start working again ok this is the five-passenger two in the front and three in the back okay you also got our anchors for your baby car seats it’s two on each side of the vehicle

And this can be lifted up to access a little storage bins that you get back here i think there’s another one the other side and then you lock them here so it doesn’t open seat belts actually tucked under ok split rear glass is what i was telling you about before and this is the manuals play glass you just got a little tab here you slide it manually all right ah you

Look at if you look at the headliner so you can see there are no burn holes or stains is not sagging anywhere perfect shape alright um the cleats here these cleats are they have like a little wheel on them you twisting to the left and that allows you to slide them up and down this track here alright and then when you want to pass them down you want to lock you and

You tighten this thing here all right tail light to all in perfect shape during that damage your scarf too nice and clear rear bumpers in great shape to it’s not pitted or dented you know no chrome coming off this is our the rear view camera that we were looking at it before the little thing right there right rear tail light perfect shape that’s telling you before

When you look at a truck up and the trucks been just head use for work you always see little nicks and dents and stuff on the side of the bed here and you’ll see these plastics are in really good shape i mean not that they don’t have any minor little blemishes like you know little things like that here i mean clearly at some point may have used it for something but

Not used for everyday work definitely you know look are clean the sides of the bed or even to even these plastics they don’t need to be replaced or in great shape we got four of these anchors now again you can reposition them every anywhere you want one here got two over there and the fourth ones here and they can go for my own any side here you also got a pocket

Here i think this is for storage i forget what’s in here let’s look as is for storage and it has a cover here for the uh for the hitch that whatever deeper whenever the details car they didn’t put it on but i don’t put our own ugh this is a little dirty but you clean it up a little bit and it’ll look nice because it covers up the hitch portion back there okay i

Probably talk a little bit too much now let’s talk about financing for a minute if you require financing let me tell you we have excellent credit we got excellent rates for good credit we also have special financing for not such good credit maybe have some programs for really rough credit if you’re concerned about the financing or you live a long distance away or

You just want to get pre-approved before you come over that’s really simple just go to our website vehicle max net around the home page is a silver tab that says apply for credit click it fill it up completely click submit at the bottom of the page and then give us a call so we can retrieve your application and get your pre-approved we know the look here at the

Front we’ll conclude the video after her let me remind you that we’re located at 3,200 northwest 37 street man before the 33 142 zor’s if goat open monday through friday from nine am to 6 p.m. saturdays 925 and we’re always closed in sunday’s again if you have any questions feel free to call me my name is george i can be reached at 305 to 185 462 it’s going to do

It for the video in this unit i want to thank you for watching our video at vehicle max net

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2009 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Prerunner SR5 – used cars miami – Vehiclemax.net White 31289 By VehicleMaxDotNet

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