2009 lexus is 250
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2009 LEXUS IS 250

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Hey this is mike just want to show you this 2009 lexus is250 and at first glance it’s like a white color car but hopefully it’ll pick up in the video that it’s a little bit more than that looks really nice it’s got the projector headlights it’s got fog lights really cool looking lumen on wheels it has like a matte finish store like stainless steel let’s get a subtle

Roof and i like the way the sun protection is on the glass it looks really cool it’s got dual exhaust and i’m going to go ahead and open up the truck so we can check out in there now it does have the back up camera lens right there i see pretty good sized trunk i’ll notice that has like a storage little place there to store stuff as a first aid kit over here see

What’s under here there’s i believe there’s some tools in that little that little buck bag right there for changing the tire there’s your jack and your spare tire till you decide all right now it does have the proximity key does have two keys and see what that looks like pretty much just put that in your pocket here’s the inside of the back door it’s pretty basic

It does have a nice cool handle but there’s no pockets or anything in the door i’ve got the nice leather perforated seats here and got like a little pocket here storage change pocket or something this here opens up and you got an armrest you also have like a little access to the trunk there now this is pretty cool you push this in nothing’s up and you’ve got some

Cup holders this opens up you’ve got some storage in here so pretty cool little console compartment back here for the rear passengers all right here’s the inside of the front door we do have a little bit of storage pocket right here opens up and then you got your door controls there and your window controls there’s your power seats lumbar support as well you see

These are perforated leather seats look really nice here’s like a little place to put some quarters or something there alright so i have the key in my pocket and it has the push button start now when i put my foot on the brake see the little light now you see that little light turns green let me know i can start the engine but before i do that i just want to show

You everything is blocked out all the gauge is blacked out i pick the camera is kind of lumen ating get more than what it actually is it just looks all blacked out one like that right there so i’m gonna go and start it up push the foot on a brake button so everything just comes to life here it’s pretty cool all right so you got some paddle shifters here on the

Steering wheel nice sporty looking steering wheel and here’s your navigation it does have a backup camera again and put in reverse you can see that you see it’s a wide-angle view so you can see pretty good them amount around your the back of your vehicle does have the cd player satellite radio you have lots of different options as far as your on your menu system

And and there’s your little menu system you can pair your telephone and as a calendar it’s a touch screen so i got today we can we can put some stuff in there add memos and stuff so pretty cool go back to the map and climate different controls there so if you need touch screen there and climate controls you got dual temperatures here and here and you got like

Now i notice it does have the ashtray here in the front with the cigarette lighter but i don’t detect any smell where if somebody smoked in here but i may be wrong i don’t i don’t detect any kind of smell like that so i don’t from what i can tell there’s nobody smoked in here so this thing this closes up like that now you do have the heated and cooled seats here

In the front and for the driver and passenger you can see these little wheels here that way you turn it to cold or hot or whatever different degrees mmm there’s your shifter right here’s a little cup holder now here’s your center console armrest and this lifts up it slides back first and that way in case you need it you just want to our lowest showing back here

Maybe have access to another cup holder here and it also lifts up in case you want to access there’s more storage spots there’s also auxilary input and a 12-volt power supply back there now it is padded with like it’s some kind of felt material so that’s pretty cool glove compartment it is cut apart mentalize so you can keep it organized it’s not just see you you

Know when you put stuff in there sometimes it kind of piles up this way you keep a little bit more organized does have all of the mirror right here is your garage door controls on the mirror on if you could pick it up on the camera digital compass here a place to put your sunglasses are right here you got a lot a little light and now you can see pretty cool looking

Same thing on your passenger side and here’s your sunroof and it does have a shade and you know you can tilt it and slide it and all that good stuff here’s your visor it has a mirror and you also have a light that turns on when you slide this same thing on that side he’s got speakers everywhere the sounds good when you got some good music playing anyway camera

Doesn’t pick up sound all that good anyway but um here’s the view from the back oh alright if you’re interested in spherical let me know this is not going to last long and that’s a popular sales pitch but there’s a lot of interest in this vehicle especially now that the pictures are on the website so if you could let me know as soon as possible my name is mike and

My phone number and email address will be in the description see you next time

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2009 LEXUS IS 250 By MikesCarInfo

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