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Altair Club Cars 2009 Hyundai Accent Starter Relay & Fuses, Starter Troubleshooting

2009 Hyundai Accent Starter Relay & Fuses, Starter Troubleshooting

What’s going on guys i’ve got here a 2009 hyundai accent and i’m using this car to point out to you the location of the two fuses for the starter and also the starter relay i’ll give you some advice for what to check for when your car is not starting as well so to begin with the very first thing i always do when the engine’s not cranking over is i’ll shift it into

Neutral and try to start it again so there is a neutral safety switch that will not allow you to start your car unless you’re in park or neutral so uh shifting it into neutral can help detect if that switch is failing so moving beyond that we’re going to head under the hood this is where we’ll find the starter relay as well as the main fuse for the starter so it’s

Going to be over here on the driver’s side of the car so real simple to open up this fuse box you just push in on this cover and lift up we can see here the different fuses and relays now the relay for the starter is this relay right here and my absolute favorite way to troubleshoot this relay is to have an assistant inside the car trying to start it and while

They’re doing that i’ll come down here and i’ll actually tap on this relay sometimes relays can get stuck and by tapping on the relay or even wiggling it around you can sometimes get it to start working again now further troubleshooting beyond that we can remove this relay set it aside and we can swap in a different relay a good relay to swap in would be the

Horn relay here because if your horn works you know your horn relay works so you could put that in and if after doing that your car is able to start but your horn no longer works then you know that the original relay is probably no good now there is a fuse in here that provides power to the starter and that’s going to be this 40 amp fuse right here so this is a

J case fuse you can look down through the top of it and see if it’s blown or not this fuse is in good shape but i’ll go and show you how to remove it you just wiggle it from side to side while you pull it up now what happens when you actually start the car is the starter relay will energize and it will connect these two pins together right here so you yourself

Can connect these two pins together and that should result in the engine turning over because you’ll be sending power directly to that starter so you can do that as a troubleshooting step just make sure that your car is in park or neutral and that nobody has their hands anywhere near the uh the engine there and uh while we’re here you know we’re right next to

The battery so go ahead and check and make sure that your battery connections are clean tight and free of corrosion now obviously the ignition switch plays a big role in the car starting how do you know if your ignition switch is working well it’s supposed to send a signal to that starter relay and we can actually check to see if that signal is coming through

By looking at a fuse inside here so to the left of the steering wheel is a fuse box cover we just pull that out like so and looking in here there’s a 10 amp fuse that is all the way down here it’s in the bottom right hand side so i’ll go and pull it out here for you so this is the starter signal fuse this receives power from the ignition switch only when you’re

Turning the key to the start position and if you find that that’s blown you can get a spare fuse located up here so that’s a spare fuse right there and uh what’s really cool about this is we can troubleshoot this if you look at the exposed metal on the fuse you can use a voltmeter or a test light to see if it’s receiving power when you turn the key to the start

Position if you don’t see power at that fuse with the key in the start position it’s very likely that your ignition switch has failed so yeah i hope that this information has been helpful for you or at the very least a good starting point in troubleshooting the starter on your hyundai accent please let me know if you have any questions or any advice thanks for watching

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2009 Hyundai Accent Starter Relay & Fuses, Starter Troubleshooting By Lehew Tech

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