2009 hyundai accent blower motor
Altair Club Cars 2009 Hyundai Accent Blower Motor Fuses & Relay, Blower Motor Testing & Troubleshooting

2009 Hyundai Accent Blower Motor Fuses & Relay, Blower Motor Testing & Troubleshooting

What’s going on guys i’ve got here a 2009 hyundai accent and i’m using this car to point out to you the location of the two fuses for the operation of the blower motor and the blower motor relay i’m also going to show you how to access the blower motor itself and where you can find the blower motor resistor so to begin we’re going to inspect a fuse that is behind

This cover here to the left of the steering wheel we just open this up like so allow it to hinge down what we’re looking for in here is a 10 amp fuse called the blower fuse this fuse provides power to the blower motor relay for it to engage and we can find this right here so i’ll go and pull this out just want to show you what a good fuse looks like so as you

Can see this one’s ready to rock and if you need a spare fuse you can use that as a spare right there so check that out first when you’re done with that we’ll reinstall the cover and we’ll move under the hood this is where we can find the blower motor relay as well as the main fuse that provides power to the blower motor so both of these things are going to be

Here on the driver’s side we open up this cover by pushing in on this tab and hinging upward now this is the blower motor relay and it’s supposed to get engaged whenever the car is on you can troubleshoot this relay by tapping on it just sometimes the relays get stuck and by tapping on it you can get it to start working again and when this relay engages it sends

Power directly to the blower motor from our 40 amp blower motor fuse right here so this is what’s called a j case fuse you just wiggle it from side to side while you pull up if you need to remove it and you can look down through these fuses and see if they’re intact or not this one is in good shape so uh that one’s ready to rock now one thing you can do is you can

Swap the blower motor with the main relay so these relays are identical swapping them just a troubleshooting step this main relay is important for the car to run so if you swap these and then your car stops running then you know that your original blower motor relay is no good now let’s move inside the car on the passenger side we can take a look at the blower

Motor itself now the blower motor relay all the fuses that i pointed out to you those only provide power to the blower motor for the motor to actually run it needs to get ground and that ground comes in from the switch traveling from that switch it goes to our blower motor resistor here those two components work together to provide power or sorry to provide a

Ground for that blower motor and the ground comes in at different strengths that’s what determines the speed that the blower motor operates at now this is the bottom of the blower motor much like the relay a great troubleshooting step is to whack on the bottom of it sometimes these can get a bad connection inside the motor itself and you can sometimes get them

To start working again just by whacking it here this is the connector for that blower motor we can see there’s a red and a blue wire the blue wire actually carries power from that blower motor relay under the hood so you should see power here and the ground comes in through here from our blower motor resistor that i pointed out to you earlier and uh just goes

In right here now i like to wiggle the connector to test for a bad connection sometimes wiggling the connector can get the blower motor to start working again you can disconnect the blower motor connector by squeezing that tab and you’ll want to inspect the pins to see if they’re burnt or corroded if you do see power in a ground here but the blower motor is not

Working probably your blower motor has failed and it’s real simple to replace it there’s uh i believe there’s three phillips screws so there’s one there’s one there’s going to be another one here on the back when you take those phillips out this whole blower motor assembly just drops down so yeah i hope that this information has been helpful for you or at the

Very least a good starting point in troubleshooting the blower motor on your hyundai accent please do let me know down below if you have any questions or any advice thanks for watching

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2009 Hyundai Accent Blower Motor Fuses & Relay, Blower Motor Testing & Troubleshooting By Lehew Tech

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