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Altair Club Cars 2009 GMC Savana Passenger SL 1500, Seats 8, DVD, Rear Air Controls Review | Island Ford

2009 GMC Savana Passenger SL 1500, Seats 8, DVD, Rear Air Controls Review | Island Ford

Come down today to check out this 2009 GMC Savana SL1500! Stock # 17384BContact us for questions or availability. Or see more new inventory at

Thanks for joining us today at island ford superstore located on north cross road in duncan bc off the trans-canada highway we’re in the couch and valley on vancouver island today we’re looking at a 2009 gmc savana sle 1500 ban in summit white it has grey cloth and vinyl seating for 8 and it has six stores in total two up front for the passenger two on the side

Passenger’s side and two in the back it’s a v8 rear wheel drive it’s really easy to get into this van just talked to our sales team and should you need some financing our finance team is friendly and knowledgeable georgian door and power locks and windows your driver’s seat is manually adjusted and you have a step to get in your lighting controls are located here

And your dash controls are here your steering wheel can tilt on the face of the steering wheel you’ve got cruise control when we start up the vehicle we’re going to see the important messages as well as your odometer reading and i can toggle through as well – displayed language and other things there’s your trip a/b fuel range average economy feel used timer

Average speed tech nama tur and then back around again in the center you have your climate control up front here and that’s your ac your front defrost you also have rear defrost you’re seeing the time and also your media which is am/fm and you also have a cd player located here you’ve got your volume and tuner you’ve got toho located here and it’ll appear on your

Dash to the right and then i’ll push it again and off it goes down below if you’ve got a 12-volt traction control and another 12 volt is off to the side you’ve also got a little cubby here and you’ve got cup holders as well as more space up above you have a manually dimming rearview mirror and these are the controls for the rear air you also have a dome light up

Above and you can push that to add late-teen inch wheels black door handle lockable fuel cap on the driver’s side your back windows can unclip for venting and you also have a trailer hitch when i want to release those doors i can do so by pushing button on the pod and then i just unclip it or i can use my key to unlock it as well and inside it’s nice and roomy

And i can open the second door simply by clipping this it’s carpeted as well you’ve got dome lighting up above and some hooks as well as a fire extinguisher and then when you want to close everything up simply close your left door first and then your right you jump in and everybody can head out or just lock it up using your fob up handle in the door as well as

A window that unclips you also have a step to make it easier to get in and the store eclipse as well you have a grab handle on the back of the front seat a dvd player up above as well as air vents the second row has seating for three as does the third row and you have 3-point seatbelts on the floor carpeting as well as all-weather mats privacy glass in the back

Windows double passenger door halogen headlights and so many more reasons to visit us at island ford superstore bc’s number one rated ford dealer

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2009 GMC Savana Passenger SL 1500, Seats 8, DVD, Rear Air Controls Review | Island Ford By Island Ford

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