2009 dodge ram 1500 slt
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2009 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT

Check out this 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT that is in excellent condition with extremely low KM’s on it. It comes with a Car Proof and full licenced AMVIC inspection. Under the hood it has a 5.7L V8 Hemi engine with a 5 speed automatic transmission. Some of the great features you will find throughout are remote keyless entry, 2 remote key fobs, power locks/windows, temperature gauge, compass gauge, Sirius satellite XM radio capabilities, comfortable cloth interior throughout, leather wrapped steering wheel with mounted audio controls, seating for 6, power adjustable driver’s seat, two front tow hooks and a 5FT. cargo box with a trailer tow package and dual exhaust. Come check it out today at Ponoka Chrysler!

Hey guys this is sarah with manova price our name and we taking you on a walker on a pre-owned 2009 dodge ram 1500 slt in a beautiful bright blue paint coat before i get started on my walk-around i am going to point out a few of my favorite features that will keep on going my first fear fear is that it does come with a set of 20-inch wheels with a set of cooper

Discoverer htp hours with plenty of tread left with a pair in excellent condition my second favorite feature is that you do have this beautiful cloth interiors throughout with seating for six as that middle seat in the front does fold up giving you that six seat and my third favorite feature is that you do have a nice sprayed in bedliner on this bag on cargo box

Okay so now that i pointed out a few my favorite feature will keep going on that walk-around so again this is a 2009 dodge ram 1500 slt under the hood has a 5.7 liter v8 hemi engine with your five-speed automatic transmission and as we’re coming down the front you do have your automatic headlights fog lights some beautiful chrome detailing and two front tow hooks

As we runner on this side you are going to be riding on 20 inch wheels with a set of cooper discover hd tires and plenty of tread left on them and they do have disc brakes on all four wheels you also have mud flaps on all fours as well as we’re coming up the side here you do have some nice chrome badges on the side there and a nice side signal indicating light

On that side mirror there the which does fold in as well alright so i’m gonna grab the keys and we’ll head on inside helping us into this 2009 dodge ram we do have our keyless entry and our panic button so let’s unlock it and we’ll head on inside ok so coming in on the driver’s door you can see there’s some beautiful styling with that two-tone gray and black you

Have your power locks windows and mirrors there with compartments for storage as we head down with the drink holder coming in on the driver side we do have some nice rubber floor mats here on the floor which have been covered up by plastic firely lovely service department and as we head over to the driver seat now you do have power adjustable driver seat with that

Nice cloth interior again and if you can see it has the two-tone coloring there beautiful interior and very comfortable and again that in the middle does fold up acting as your 60 so they’re receiving 4-6-3 up alright close the door you have a look here at this deer well you do have a nice ram emblem there we’re gonna start this vehicle up and we’ll keep looking

Around okay so having a look there at the adama tur you do have sixty two thousand four hundred and two kilometers on it so if we talk to our finance team you can find out what kind of warranty can be added to it or if there is anything remaining you also do have your compass so we’re facing north and your outside temperature is plus seven outside today so as we

Head into the center here now you do have your cd disc drive there you have your am your fm and your satellite radio there and you also have six inputs but if you press them two times they actually have twelve so you can preset each one twice you do have your you connect bluetooth phone here and then you have your audio and tuner controls there so you keep going

Down you do have your tow and haul your hazards there’s 115 volt plug activation which is right there then it’s making point any of all of your climate controls here you have your ac as well and then they pull this out you do have a nice big compartment for a drink holder and a 12-volt plug down in there then again the center console which does fold up into a

Seat where you can open it up and you have a nice deep compartment with a 12-volt plug inside and a little change cubby alright so that is the front of our 2009 dodge ram we’ll head on in to the back and we’ll keep looking around okay so coming in on the back again you have that nice two-tone coloring on the doors are you do have your power window option on the

Door with compartments for storage and coming in on the floor in the back you do have plenty of leg room and you have a nice big carpeted floor mat that runs all the way along the back keeping everything neat and tidy and if you do with that mat if you do have compartments on both sides for storage underneath there is also map holders on the back of both seats and

Again that nice cloth interior the seats are very cleanin in excellent condition this does fold down acting as an armrest or two drink holders and this back window is powered and does open with a push of a button in the front these seats are also a 60/40 split and they do fold up and there is a nice compartment underneath for storage so if you’re not needing that

Seat for a passenger you can fold it up and have it out of the way or you can leave it the other side down or you could sell passengers on the back you do have a five-foot cargo box here with a trailer tow package and dual exhaust with some nice chrome detailing on the back bumper there and a nice big round logo on the back here and if we all set up you do have a

Nice straight in bedliner 20-inch wheels side here and you can have a better look at those seeds thing is very clean and in great condition right here again this seat does fold up for you and if you open that up it’s just a nice deep compartment for storage if you see there is a belt under there as well the previous owner left your side and you do have the nice

Rubber floor mats on the floor here and there’s plenty of legroom in the front which is great seat then you have gills boxes in the front here start so if you guys are interested in this truck or you want to take it on a test drive or have any more questions about it you can head on down to panocha chrysler we have an excellent salesman a great financing waiting

To help you out we are located just on the salsa end of panocha just off the highway to eight have a wonderful day guys thanks for watching

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2009 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT By Ponoka Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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