2009 2018 ram 1500 barricade t4
Altair Club Cars 2009-2018 Ram 1500 Barricade T4 Textured Black Side Step Bars – Quad Cab & Crew Cab Review & Install

2009-2018 Ram 1500 Barricade T4 Textured Black Side Step Bars – Quad Cab & Crew Cab Review & Install

Shop These Barricade T4 Textured Black Side Step Bars:

Steps currently available if you own a ’09 to ’18 quad or crew cab ram 1500. be three inches in width or they’ll be a little which offers a little bit less real estate steps, especially if you’re wearing big boots or something like that. they’re actually made out of stainless steel it’s usually applied to things like armored to work at it to actually scrape the finish so,

You don’t gotta worry about them rusting if you do own a ’09 to ’10 ram 1500, you might if you’ve ever touched a hand drill, you’re therefore i’m gonna give that install a one i promise you, you can definitely get this so again, if you want one of the most affordable 1500, go ahead and pull the trigger on the i’ll show you what tools you’ll need and then you’ll also need

A 10-millimeter deep socket, now optional but helpful tools include a 5/32 all right, so the first thing we have to do now in order to do that, you’re actually gonna kit, thread it into the nut side of the bolt plate. when you do this, make sure you grab some plastic retainers. all right, so the holes we’re working with are right here. you wanna get the stud of the bolt

Plate to and then you’re gonna secure it so it rests once you’ve got the plastic retainer in place, do the same thing for the other five holes all right, once you’ve got those bolt plates now the support brackets are labeled accordingly, now once you’ve got that support bracket in you’re gonna thread it through the support and you’re gonna need a 13-millimeter deep do that,

You’re gonna throw a flat washer, and again, 13-millimeter deep socket for this hardware too. of the support bracket are lining up with the holes in the pinch seam. now if you’re using power tools like me, it’s helpful to have a swivel socket. all right, once you’ve got all your support we’re actually gonna secure these to the pinch now in order to do this, you’re gonna

Need they provide the allen key but you’ll also now you’re also gonna need a flat washer on it is a little bit of a squeeze so if you all right, so you can see, i do have to resort now it’s obviously a little bit time consuming if you wanted to, you could flip the orientation however just keep in mind if you do that, and it might not look as clean but that’s personal opinion.

Now alternatively, if you wanted to go fast on the outside of the pinch seam, you could but before we do that, we’re gonna install it’s not functional in any way but it does…is complete the overall look. you’ll need a philips head screwdriver to tighten all these down. tap it in gently with a hammer and you’ll be good to go. now, i’m still gonna keep the truck up on

Of where the stuff is supposed to go but you’re they already have the crush washers and flat go ahead and throw the steps on top of the the support brackets themselves, throw these all right, so once you’ve got both sides bolted also wraps up my review of the barricade t4 keep it right here at americantrucks.com.

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2009-2018 Ram 1500 Barricade T4 Textured Black Side Step Bars – Quad Cab & Crew Cab Review & Install By AmericanTrucks Ram

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