2009 2018 2019 ram 1500 classic
Altair Club Cars 2009-2018 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Rear Coil Spring Swap TufTruck XHD TTC-1211 Replacement How To 4WD

2009-2018 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Rear Coil Spring Swap TufTruck XHD TTC-1211 Replacement How To 4WD

Another thing with Ram 1500 trucks nowadays is the suspension is super soft and they don’t hold much weight. Swapping out the stock springs with TufTruck Heavy Duty springs stiffens the ride quality and ability to haul stuff squatting half of what you would with stock springs, all things same.

Just another thing these ram trucks um the back end you know it’s real soft real squatty hook anything up on the back the squats down there’s this tough truck xhd springs ttc 1211 but they do make the rear stiffer 50 stiffer so we will show you how to replace your rear coil springs we’ll do one side at a time i’ll do the driver’s side first and really i’m just

Going to remove this lower shock bolt one down at the rear shock bolt is out we just pulled the shock from the perch now we’re going to jack up the frame the jack there’s on the frame and we’ll just keep going until these brake line cables get kind of snug you want to make sure not to go too tall otherwise you could risk breaking your lines but for now just keep

Jacking jagging keep going keep going we’re getting there do another half a jack another quarter jack all right we’re good right there at this point we’ll just give it a quick push up and over the knob and the old spring comes out so we’ll take the ice later it just comes and sits on the top and we’ll put this onto our new spring and then reverse the assembly

With the new stiffer coils hey are you alive yeah yeah we got work to do yeah so free length looks to be a little shorter but definitely a beefier spring something to keep in mind too the stock springs when we go and compare them left to right we’ll show you a shot when we’re all done the stock lift spring is actually longer than the stock right spring to take

Into account the weight of the fuel tank but the tough truck springs are both the same length so they can get installed on either side so passenger right here passenger like this needs to be that way driver’s side passenger side see the height difference isolators on top foreign thread this back through up into the pocket up top now you can see because this

Spring is shorter there’s plenty of gap here it doesn’t even sit on the perch right so we’ll just lower it down have another shop hand shop buddy shop prop er guide this as it comes down so we lowered it and got the spring setting pop the bolt in it is a different direction right now but we’re just doing this for the test switching to the passenger side jack

In place same thing remove the lower shock okay i’m gonna start jacking it got my uh brothers sitting there watching the brake line close let’s get there one more half a one okay i’d stop there let’s uh take a peek at that line so yeah the line is tight i mean you could undo stuff but what i did on my truck and the other one here in the driveways i just bent

This bracket down a little bit too but i did a lot more plano suspension stuff but this is plenty five hey where’s my spring is it is it it’s like a glove hey lower down solely wait last thing you’ll want to do make sure you put in the lower shock bolts and tighten them down both on the passenger side and on the driver’s side and that pretty much wraps up

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2009-2018 2019 Ram 1500 Classic Rear Coil Spring Swap TufTruck XHD TTC-1211 Replacement How To 4WD By Brap Stuff

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