2009 2014 nissan murano key prog
Altair Club Cars 2009/2014 Nissan Murano Key Programming and Diagnose what You Need To Know

2009/2014 Nissan Murano Key Programming and Diagnose what You Need To Know

Uh welcome back uh today we have 2009 nissan murano and we have a problem with the key uh let’s go and check what’s going on and what is the solution okay here is a car 2009 nissan okay you notice our problem is that this is the key that my friend has it when you see the problem like this in your car and you keep please try to get this per key so now this one

A walk door lock unlock work but the proximity when i put it in it’s done you’re gonna say you no key you see here okay let me try to see if i can hit it a little bit it’s gonna walk i don’t know but door don’t wait you see nothing you say no key you see so now we have to start all over so i have two keys i’m gonna try to see we’re gonna program one and uh

We’ll see what happens so we are using our hotel so i’m gonna go open it i’m gonna go to emo put the hazard light on so that to let the immobilizer is gone so we’re gonna go here and i say accept i already connect my scanner it has a it’s a wireless bluetooth it’s already connected here through the small icon i’m gonna see here you see vci connected so now i’m

Gonna go with nissan or i’ll go with uh with vin number it’s not gonna be okay so i’m gonna put manual manual uh i don’t need the vin number just leave it like this i’m going to go by nissan and then it will try to communicate what you need to do manual selection or auto i’m just going to go to auto sometime it will get it hazard on and then it will go and look

For the car year model and well what the functionality i have the hazard light is on it take a little bit of time you know it’s going one by one so you take at least one minute before you see the door lock unlock is locked by itself always i give advice to the people who have cars to have sparky sparky is a peace of mind yes 28 percent no it says 28 percent i

Will wait i will alcohol now okay now you see we come to the uh it’s emo smart so if you go to this one it will not solve your problem i’m gonna show you why because you don’t have a steering lock release also don’t forget that you have a security light blinking there so that one when his time come it will flash five times so now i’m i’m able to diagnose the car

Okay after this one is finished he asked you all kilos but it will not solve sometimes it will not solve your problem when you come to all kilos so let’s see what’s going to happen sometimes it’s work sometimes it’s not this one clear all the key okay insert the key and then without doing anything turn the key on if it’s work okay it doesn’t work so this way it

Doesn’t work it doesn’t communicate so we have to do it different way skip this okay now skip this come to mi smart in imo smart go to immobilizer remote and then click on this still unlock exterior you’re gonna here click right soon okay say yes turn the hazard on yes yes you see the steering column released and what they say success so say okay now maybe

You register a key or you can do something let me just push the button it’s supposed to turn on and that was supposed to blink five times so let me see okay because there is no key here i’m gonna put the key and see what’s gonna happen see here we go okay now ignition is on let me take it out again also but if you notice there is nothing there so now with the

Ignition on we’re going to do the registration i’m going to go here and then ignition lock hazard on battery switch let me see what it’s gonna say okay i’m gonna say yes insert the ignition key in the slot okay okay let me see now see now what it’s gonna do now is okay so now what you’re gonna do turn this one out and then what you’re gonna do is turn the key

Off take the ignition out lightly go off put it in turn the key that one we’re gonna blink five times it’s supposed to be one two three four five that’s good now turn it off turn it again on it’s done so i’m gonna take it out push it again here push this door lock unlock work now push this one because this one here will work always with the remote this is the

First generation i’m gonna freeze a break my car is start everything is good and perfect so if you need to do more than one key you’re not gonna close it don’t don’t put the fairest one just take it out and put the second key the third key 4k and then after that you put the last one in and it will work right now everything is good you are in the road your car

Is perfect also i see something else here you see in this place here we have uh airbag light on we don’t know what happened but i’m gonna diagnose it for you this is a different story i’m gonna check it out for you i don’t charge you for it but we’re going to go out of this system yes i’m going to exit it and it will come back again but by vin number but this

Time we’re going to chase diagnosis diagnosis by win now you’re going to see the car is running i will read the win number automatically here just wait a minute you see infinity nissan because nissan infinity is the same i say accept now it’s going to go through the same step initialize you see that the vin number i will say okay and i will break it down murano

2009 i say yes now diagnose i need one control unit i don’t want to go all i need airbag what happened to my airbag airbag airbag airbag airbag is coming read code what happened to you airbag do you have okay occupant sensor unit fail occupant sensory unit fell that means we have this court and this code it looked like occupant sense unit fell sometime i believe

On this on the seat here there’s a unit on it if that unit is go about it create this problem but i try to see if i can i can erase the code you see ignition have to be off but uh i don’t have no ignition off read the code again no code the airbag light is gone so i don’t see nothing maybe sometimes say fail maybe it’s a history i’m gonna start it again that’s

The airbag light if it’s come back again i mean we have a problem if you never come back again that’s we are good so everything look okay you have checking your light also on right yeah let me see why also that another issue another another another i go to the engine and then from the engine it will communicate for us and we will go we will go to to the engine

To see what code we have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten the engine okay rate code sometimes could be in the transmission sometime could be just okay we have airfield ratio sensor air fuel ratios that’s that’s auto sensor air fuel air fuel ratio sensor one bank one so it could be an auto sensor we have a problem there i will clear it also if

They come back then we can fight for fixing it okay raise it i say yes yes i supposed to turn the key off but it work work okay let me go read again there is nothing you see nothing what do we have again we have the tire pressure sensor on tire pressure also let’s go again check the tire that one where is the tire pressure i don’t know where it’s supposed to be

Supposed to be inside the bcm but on the side the base here okay diagnose initialize inside here we are supposed to get the tire pressure sensor oh not that go back go down air pressure monitor a special function read id but i don’t see no quotes you see everything is there but i don’t see no maybe the chord is true the chord gonna be through through the bcm

Bcm code because he can say air earth air pressure he will give you the code because bc me the mother of all this so if i can get the code i will delete the code establish communication as a bcm it may take some time i cannot get it yeah you see here communication flat tire right rear flat tire battery voltage battery voltage battery voltage all these are flat

Air you have flat air on right rear tire right right rear rr yeah and then voltage what for this right now you have it so this here i’m gonna clear all this code and see which one gonna come back you see everything is clean now record again no cut the tire pressure sensor also is gone so everything yeah but check your tire yeah if you need air yes that means

The right drill okay yes thank you for watching mobile electronic diagnostic this is muhammad haroon please subscribe share and let us know if you have any help or any question of your car or even if you need part for your car i’m going to put a link there please subscribe share and like and see you in another video

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