2009 2013 mazda 6 bose 9m81 18t8
Altair Club Cars 2009 – 2013 Mazda 6 Bose 9M81 18T806 BB Amplifier Reinstallation and Test

2009 – 2013 Mazda 6 Bose 9M81 18T806 BB Amplifier Reinstallation and Test

2009 – 2013 Mazda 6 Bose 9M81 18T806 BB Amplifier Reinstallation and Test

Hey guys how’s it going now today what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be installing the power amplifier the bose power amplifier that i had sent off to be repaired now i got the amplifier yesterday i haven’t tested it i was saving it for today’s tutorial now when i got the amplifier um i’m going to be honest with you i wasn’t particularly impressed um

The big thing being that the presentation of it you know when i open it there were some little metal filings um presumably from this from the um the um the torx head screws that uh hold the case together and um i noticed more importantly that the uh receptacle that accepts the plugs uh there was a there was a crack in a part of of of it that wasn’t there before

Okay so i’m looking at that and i’m not really happy with that but i’m going to reserve judgment based on how exactly the amp works if it works it works if it doesn’t then we have another issue but prior to that one of the things that i found that was i don’t know a little unsavory was when i sent this thing off to to these guys you know i said to them hey look

You know i have a channel and you know this is part of the tutorial and you know they didn’t respond to that okay fine but after they sent it to me i sent them another message saying hey look you know i’d like to give you guys a shout out um you know was there anything in particular that you noticed with the amplifier that i you know basically i could mention

To the viewers and they ignored that as well now it is what it is um they haven’t given me their permission to mention your name so i won’t um but based on what i’m you know the vibe i got based on the the quality of you know the visual quality of the work i’m not really impressed and you know if something like this happens in the future if somebody contacts me

And wants um to patronize them i i don’t think i would be willing to do that okay even if the amplifier works because i’m a big big big fan of neat work and i’m not seeing that here with this but being as it is um let’s go ahead and get to the installation okay guys so here we have it this is the amplifier and we’ve already been through the removal process of

Taking off all the panels and so on and so forth so i’m going to jump ahead a bit and go right to the installation now what i’m going to do first is i’m just going to plug it in okay just plug it in first and test it to see if it works if it doesn’t work really does it make sense i put it back in probably probably not depending on what i plan to do would i plan

To return to these guys send it to somebody else but i really hope this thing works seriously but anyway let’s get into it now as i mentioned before guys these uh clips only go one way okay simple as that now let’s go ahead and test this see if it works okay so so um me all right well guys there you have it um sent off the bose amplifier to be

Repaired and it came back and the iota wasn’t repaired uh or um that just wasn’t the problem at this point i don’t even know which one it is but i can tell you i’m pretty disappointed um but you know we move forward we press forward um i’m not really sure what i’m going to do at this point what i’m going to put it back in or i really don’t know but clearly some

Troubleshooting has to has to happen on my side and um i don’t know like i said i’m pretty pretty disappointed um you know what what else can i say but many event it was a learning experience and it was great making this video for you guys and um you know i’m hoping that as things you know go on i can make you know more videos because these cars are really great

Cars and a lot of people have them and you know they you know they enjoy them you know they’re really underrated you know and maybe that’s a good thing but i just want to give back to the mazda6 community the second generation mazda 6 community in particular alright guys thanks so much for watching

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2009 – 2013 Mazda 6 Bose 9M81 18T806 BB Amplifier Reinstallation and Test By Richard Tait

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