2008 nissan maxima oil change un
Altair Club Cars 2008 Nissan Maxima Oil Change UNDER 10 MINUTES

2008 Nissan Maxima Oil Change UNDER 10 MINUTES

Oil change for a 2008 Nissan Maxima.

Things first jack your car up i took the oil cap off now gonna get under the car you need a torque wrench with a 14 on it that’s your torque wrench and then your 14. you need an oil pan as well just for the oil holds your screws gonna be right here i don’t know if you can see it my hand too it’s gonna be right here so we’ll go ahead and get that off once you

Get the boat off but once you get the boat loosen you could just unscrew with your hand so i’m doing right here i don’t know if you can see the hose put my hand right here so as it starts to loosen up just make sure you’re ready to hold on to the boat wow you move your hand back so the oil doesn’t spread on you all right now we got the oil coming out so we’re

Just gonna let that all drain out we’ll be right back okay so as you can see all the oil is done draining right now it’s dripping a little bit that’s where the hose right there is just dripping so right now i’m gonna go ahead and grab a screw that was right here and get it back on kind of just fill it with your hand where it goes you just start screwing there

You go now that’s hand tight what i recommend is see now my 14 is on loose so i’m going to put on titan and then just go ahead and give it one good turn right see how i just stopped right there just give it one good turn that’s enough now as you can see that little orange thing i’m not sure if you can see it but it’s right up in here oh bad angle let me see

If i could right up in there there it is a little orange thing that’s your oil filter right there so what you’re going to do is slide your pen over a little bit more now i’m going in there with my right hand go ahead it should only be hand tight just a little closer this right here with the car falling on me you just slide that back right here so it still

Catches the car right here it’s all good go ahead in with your hand like i said i’m going in with my right hand so i’ll go now it’s getting loose there it is so it’s pretty much loosed all the way i didn’t i didn’t take it off yet slide this over a little bit more i just don’t want boy to go flying everywhere got that right there in position finish screwing

Boom now we got the oil falling right from there now i left the the oil um cover for that’s on top it’s on the hood i left that off just so all the oil could drain at once there she is there’s that put this down honestly you can just throw it in here while that drains out and give that a little bit of time for everything to come out now i just got the oil

Filtered so now i’m going to go ahead and grab my new oil filter uh no washer came with this one there she is ph6607 that’s the one that that matches up with my maxima this is a v6 again there you go now for the oil just some synthetic 5w30 5 quarts now since all the oil drain from the oil filter go back under everything’s drained off that’s the old oil

Filter right there so now what i just do is i go ahead and fill out where exactly that filter was so it’s right back here right back here the oil pans right here it’s basically just right on the other side of it so i just put my hand right through here it’s right here i do have longer arms so sorry for my short arm people so it’s right here like i said what you

Go ahead and do is you grab your oil unscrew that real quick pop a quick hole now what you do is you lube the new filter so you just go ahead and take a little bit of oil right i think you just lube it in the filter i get it all around and stuff like that just so it’s easier to screw it on and it’s also easier to take off when you have to do another oil change

After this so let’s get some oil in there you don’t got to overdo it but there you go as you can see nothing too crazy very nice very nice now what we do is just cause now what we do is go back under i’m gonna switch hands go back under like i said this goes on the other side of that so go ahead fill it with my hand feels like it’s right where are we where

We feeling where we feeling right here all right so we just screw i don’t think i’m catching it yet where is it there it is not seeming to catch it right there there we go now we’re scrolling on i’m not sure if you can see my hands right here what’s going on now it’s nice and hand tight we don’t want to overdo this because so if we overdo this it’s going to

Be harder on the next little chance we got that nice and tight right here just hand tight nothing too crazy boom that’s that now we’re all done under here now go ahead and lower the car but as you can see the car is back to being lowered now if you notice from the beginning of the video i had this already unscrewed so the rest of the oil can drain so the oil

Could breathe that’s over with this 2008 maxima it’s a v6 it’s supposed to take 4.4 quarts of oil with the dipstick in so we got us a 5 cord right here synthetic 5w30 go ahead and take all that off so it’s four point four quarts with the dipstick look right on here four quarts look on the side and five is going to be up to here it’s at five right now so we’re

Only going to do 4.4 what you’re gonna do is grab your little tool right there got our oil and just get to pouring now i’m just gonna check where i’m at as you can see on the right i have almost two quarts left so just a little bit more so right here you can see i have exactly almost one quart left so i’m just going to dab a little bit more because we want to

Use four and a half quarts this is a five quart bottle four and a half we’re right there get that off of there all good grab your cap get your cat back on there cool that’s another chance for you guys

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2008 Nissan Maxima Oil Change UNDER 10 MINUTES By Car Help

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