2008 mini cooper s clubman walk
Altair Club Cars 2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman walk around and start up video.

2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman walk around and start up video.

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Hi folks and thanks for joining me here at ashton’s cars for a video walk around of this our mini it’s a cooper s and it’s a clubman model 2008 very very unusual sort of car because the the cooper s obviously is the top of the range um engine for these i think this one’s about 175 horsepower it’s a 1.6 turbo but it’s the clubman body shell on this one which is

Quite a sought after model you’ve got a bit of extra practicality you’ve got a much bigger sort of back on it with these two big um doors which open give you a much sort of better boot and with this extra door that you’ve got on the side which gives you greater access to the rear so i’m going to take you around this car show you a couple of bits on it um this

Car is now available on our website which will be somewhere in the link for this so as you can see it’s a really really smart looking car um it’s got the black alloy wheels the black roof and the black mirror caps which contrast against the the white exterior finish on the car the uh the tyres are all good on it i think they’re quite decent rubber on it it’s 205

17 tires and it’s a yokohama rim now a little bit of curb in here on the alloy wheel which i’m gonna get um which i’m gonna get touched in but they won’t be refurbished but the overall look of the wheels there’s no corrosion on them at all so with those touch-ins then i think you’ll find that this car is gonna look pretty much perfect so yokohama tires they’re

Very expensive sort of rubber as you probably know on these it’s got xenon lights as well a couple of little stone chips on the front then but nothing too serious on it just something that befits a 12 year old mini really which which is what you expect now let me show you the way these open if you haven’t seen a clubman before it’s quite impressive so first of

All that’s the first door open there’s another little handle just inside this door which i can pull to open that up and look at that interior it’s got what’s called the chilli pack on it this one so you have got half leather seats in it beautifully laid out interior really really smart this particular car it’s got the air conditioning on it obviously it’s got

This nice half leather seat trim it’s a six-speed box and it has got a sports mode which you press the button down there and that just gives you a little a little bit more uh connectivity with the throttle response that sort of thing it sort of just tightens things up for when you want to play with this thing it’s a really really fast car because 175 horsepower

In a car that weighs as little as this is is always good fun so let’s leave that open a sec because i’m gonna go and do a little bit of a walk around um here just to show you the back and then we’ll start the car up for you so back doors open up like so they’re on gas straps so it’s a nice action when you do that and look at that it’s quite a good sized boot

Obviously it’s lowest you know it’s not going to rival a monday over state or something like that but it’s probably about double the size you get in a standard mini hatch and you know it’s quite a good accessible area to get to so something that you know not just looks good this car it’s also quite practical so we shut those like so and um let’s have a little

Look inside again i’ll shut this for now and i’m going to jump behind the wheel so this particular car i know the previous owner of and it was originally bought for his daughter he spent quite a lot of money on the car it’s all been fully serviced quite recently mileage as you can hopefully see there let me zoom in is seventy thousand four hundred and fifty six

Now i’ve bought a lot of these over the years i’m very very fussy with my uh my mini cooper asses you do sometimes get timing chain rattle on these which is always a bit of a worry this particular car is absolutely perfect if you can hear but the twin exhausts were cracking then um it’s got a very very smooth rev right the way up to the red line i’ll just come

Outside it sound quality is never the best on these phones but it’s got a lovely sound to it got twin exhausts on this model obviously it is the coopers a genuine cooper s model with that turbocharged engine it’s completely standard it’s not been modified in any way i think at some point someone might have changed the color on those wheels to black or they could

Be factory it was a factory option on them but you know other than that the car is completely standard it’s not been messed around with there’d be nothing to declare to an insurance company on this car um that has been modified on it hopefully you can hear on there that this is very quiet and very smooth it’s not got any of the telltale signs of wear that we we

Look for on these so if there’s cars of interest here please give me a ring my number’s 07932 873 646. i’m happy to take part exchange against this car just let me know what you’ve got we’ll work at a price i’m also happy to deliver this car anywhere in the uk we do free delivery within 150 miles and we do a very sort of cheap delivery service thereafter for

You so give us a ring again with your postcode we’ll happily put the deal together with pod exchange with delivery with whatever options you want it’s got three months guarantee on it which are parts and labor that’s included in the price so my number again 07 932 873 646 please feel free to give me a call this beautiful beautiful car could be sat on your drive

We deliver it right to you thanks very much for watching please give us a like please give us a share and please subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos like this thanks again have a great day thanks

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2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman walk around and start up video. By ASHTONS CARS

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