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Altair Club Cars 2008-2013 Nissan Maxima-Altima Remote Key Fob Programming Step By Step

2008-2013 Nissan Maxima-Altima Remote Key Fob Programming Step By Step

Uh welcome to best car fixes this is muhammad haruni ruiz today we have 2012-13 2012 nissan maxima nissan altima it could be the same we need to program a remote proxy for all key lost using maxi 608 so let’s go together and see how long it take this car have a proxy slot here as you see you can put the key inside there there is no chip in the key itself the

Metal key that’s only emergency key and let’s go one two three please subscribe share like i’m gonna go to uh asian car i will choose nissan put the hazard light on so that oh so the battery cannot go into sleep mode i would like to go to automatic selection if it’s possible let me see turn hazard warning light on open close the driver door okay say okay

Then we are going to wait for the system to take a little bit of time but is okay it will work please subscribe share and like and you have any question feel free to ask this is muhammad haroon idris 43 percent i know that i can stop the video so that we we go through it but just to follow up with us if any problem happen or any glitch we know what we can do

49 51. hazard light is on still when you push the button here nothing happen you see let me take it out put it in nothing but when you open the door you’re going to see that it start blinking and also you’re going to see the light come on here the car is wake up okay it give us complete i want to do a muscan it will scan the emo system to tell you if there

Is any key in the system any quotes and you can read the code from here especially the body control module how many k is registered there is two key registers okay okay let me see what code i have there it doesn’t want to go to the next or still reading because we have 85 percent and you see the bcm supposed to be green the best thing to do is to go clear the

Quotes before you start doing any programming let me close the door completely from okay you see now everything hundred percent and we have three codes so let’s see what code we have this is a bcm you see these here are the codes communication low voltage okay clear all the codes that’s the best thing to do so that you don’t have to have a something to prevent

This the smooth running of the programming so i’m gonna go to all kilos by the way you can’t do this one here go back escape because this car have a steering wheel and then unlock esl here you’re going to hear the noise like if it has this car doesn’t have it but it will be success it will tell you success and the car ignition is supposed to come on look you

See ignition come on but the car will not start so i’m going to close this turn the radio off where is it ready here and turn the ac also off now you can you can come from here and go to smart key learning ignition have to be off this one can come out too because you don’t need to do it here turn turn on and off the driver door once maybe lock i’m not going

Okay turn on and turn off the driver door once okay like door lock unlock say okay he will clear all the keys ignition must be on key outside is better you’re gonna put the key you say unsuccessful next you say insert the ignition into the slide without depressing push the brake you have to put the key inside here and push the brake if you push it i mean turn

The ignition without break there will be a light blinking five time here let me see where it is look at it see here baby let me see what it’s gonna say and then say okay now turn the ignition off remove the key so i’m gonna turn the key off yes now i’m gonna put it and please see where is that security flashing i’m gonna put it back and i will turn the ignition

So let me know where it’s going to blink see one two three four five six you see now i’m gonna take the key out put it back again turn it again if you put the same key it will close the programming cycle now take it open it again turn the key on now if you take the key the ignition will not go off see ignition never go off you say no key turn the key off for

Some reason maybe the battle here is dead okay let me see now it doesn’t start looking for the key say okay you say no key as soon as i take it maybe the battery is dead so i’m gonna go and try to learn the battery because he said no key i have to put it in there so let me try to go and check my battery on the remote okay okay yeah maybe the battery is weak

Let me see this yes see but this one like very weak so i’m going to change this battery first and then see what happens okay i changed the battery but i see like this one is different than this one this one have very nice smooth frequency and this one here is different even though i start the car when you put it in okay so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna take

This one off okay let me see if i can do it i’m gonna program all of them again so what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna go back here i wanna go all kilos okay start okay this is different has our own you all have to be open close success insert one key i know which one this is the one that is already programmed insert turn the ignition on and then say okay just

Gotta delete all the keys success turn off the key remove the ignition this is the first one they say okay now you put it back turn the ignition on one two three four five say okay now you want to do another one say yes turn the key off take the key out say okay now put this one you say put now the other one put that one turn the key on one two three

Four five say okay five times no turn the key off move this key put it here this is a second one this is the first one now insert the layer which is this one to close the program okay turn the ignition on wait five seconds for three second say yes turn the key off remove the key say yes learning complete okay let me see if now it’s gonna work see this one

Doesn’t work so yeah so this one worked fine but and start the car now i don’t know to put it in the slot so look here this one may be frequency wrong or maybe something wrong with this key let me show you here see nothing it was the frequency like different meaning this have already like bouncing voice but this one look yes so this one is for ours which is

Good thank you for watching please subscribe share and like and see you in another video matthias brooklyn new york

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2008-2013 Nissan Maxima-Altima Remote Key Fob Programming Step By Step By Best Car Fixes

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