2008 2013 chrysler town and coun
Altair Club Cars 2008-2013 Chrysler Town And Country Caravan Abs Light Is On Code C2200 What You Need To Know

2008-2013 Chrysler Town And Country Caravan Abs Light Is On Code C2200 What You Need To Know

Welcome to best car fixes this is muhammad harun address please subscribe share and like today we have our brother say it here and we have a chrysler his car this is chrysler town and country minivan dash caravan they’re all the same you see the abs light is on the brake light abs light esb all these are on and sometime if you turn the key off and on again it

Disappear when you start driving they come up so let’s try to use as usual to narrow down the problem we have to start somewhere so we are going to use our maxim 608 i gotta go by vin number as usual getting the vin number and then from there go into diagnostic you see the vin number come there say okay this one is caravan town and country or voyager the same

So i gotta say yes if you have a car you can have this kind of charger is good because you have ac outlet and two arm charger and 3.0 charger the same time you have ac outlet is good get it i don’t know where he get it from this from home depot or amazon i’m not sure but i will look for it and give you a uh a link okay now i’m gonna scan the whole car i am

Sure that there is an engine control module there is one fault but i don’t see the check engine light on abs we have one fault mic mechanical instrument also have one fault radio also we have one fault heating air conditioning unfold tpm which is wind module wireless control module tire pressure module wireless control they have some faults i just want to get

A complete diagnostic okay hundred percent let me see the report we have fault fault but there is a line here after the line we see okay he said that evaporative emission evap system lose fuel fuel cap you say maybe your fuel cap need to be replaced yeah maybe you need to be replaced that what it’s safe for now but it could be more than that and uh the code

P04 p04 57 and now we’re gonna go again we have another quote um communication line we have five chord in the gateway central gateway we have five coats muhammad how are you good good five chords low beam right beam left front fog lamp right front fog lamp the radio have left from audio speakers communication the heat system recirculation door traveling too

Large that for the heat system it doesn’t matter this one um the tire pressure you change the tires because it shows that all the sensors are no good here okay and then um driver module front right side door module from right side that door module it’s a problem those are not my concern my concern is lost communication with integrated power module hmm okay

Plg m power liftgate module power liftgate module direction full open performance switch maybe you have a switch you have a problem there okay why i don’t see the abs okay yes the abs module here they say that the anti-lock brake module internal we have a code c2200 active it says that the abs control module the anti-lock brake control module you have a code

C2200 and it says that that the computer for the abs itself is no good the internet brake module computer service no good and most of the time putting a used one it may not work because you’re gonna flock the airbag light because the vin number unless if there is a tool to rewrite the vid number putting a new one i don’t know if it’s available or not for this

Car there’s a lot of parts that they are in back order but this i don’t know if there is an upgrade programming the module to fix this problem or not i don’t believe so but it’s a internal that means the computer itself have a problem unless if there is an update if there is no update it look like the computer have a problem let me see i have identifix uh in

First website let me see if that one will uh if there is any solution for programming or we’re gonna see who have this problem and what is the solution and just come to identifix and i say let me try to check identifix is a program that is very good you can get information that help and this code is the the second problem in in this car so let me see what what

Happened okay there is no there is no programming issue on this car here but people who have this problem in the world in america and united states of america and canada i believe they say that the abs module is no good the computer itself is no good if you need any service on identifix identifies have a lot of information you can subscribe like 150 a month this

For mechanic only but it shows that um the abs module it confirmed that a lot of people like almost 600 people they confirmed that abs module is no good so you have to think about replace it or see how much it costs labor and everything and try to drive it slowly meanwhile that’s it okay the other itself is not a big issue so this applied for chrysler it say

That the mostly the computer for the abs module is no good open it i want to show where is located okay that’s a computer you need to put a new one you don’t need to put a u but and after that you may have to program and also some of the light here they say they’re no good i don’t know if they are okay or not but they say headlight left side signal but those are

Not important that one if you get a chance try to change it also the tire you may need to change it because winter is coming and you don’t know the how good they are thank you for watching please subscribe share a like and see you in another video this is

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