2007 chevy express 2500 passenge
Altair Club Cars 2007 Chevy Express 2500 Passenger Van

2007 Chevy Express 2500 Passenger Van

Are looking at a 2007 chevy g20 500 this one has just over 200,000 miles it’s a state of maryland corrections van as a poor point eight liter v8 it’s the same as the five three but a slightly smaller displacement hey very nice set of tires the back goodyear and there are a little more off-road looking type tires it does have a full-size spare here in the back it

Has dual zone climate controls right there which is pretty cool when you have a bunch of passengers the interior looks clean and because it was a prison you know it’s not been smoked in the paint is a little rough on the edges it’s been sprayed over but it’s a little rough there’s a little bit of peeling around the top the seats are in great shape guess you get in

Further trouble if you mess the seats up because these are really nice now in the front again also clean must have been minimum security types of detail because there’s no cages and guards and all that other mess that are in some of these oh yeah in the front are different tires in the back but they’re all in all four of them were in good shape let me fire it up

You can hear it run for a second i’m gonna take you for a spin it does run well as i said two hundred and thirteen thousand miles no check engine light the air-conditioning turn the rear off that’s good there feels cold it’s not a really really hot day here today run quietly i’m gonna take it for a spin let me walk around and once it sit before we go for a

Ride it’s not a bad looking van i think it had some pain issues beyond that at a great price point on a 2007 see here but from a body perspective it doesn’t have a whole lot of body damage or anything like that there’s one little scrape right there i think they hit a traffic pylon or something like that let’s take her down the road so if you decide that this is

The van for you you’ll owe a deposit of $250 followed by the balance within seven days then have a total of 30 days to pick this vehicle up here in frankfort delaware frankfort delaware is located 20 minutes north of ocean city maryland about two hours south of wilmington in philadelphia we can pick you up from the airport there’s one little chip i see i’m actually

Gonna have that replaced and she gets up and goes if you fly here you want to fly to salisbury maryland airport which is airport code yes we can pick you up during business hours or by appointment open interval my simona all right we’re back we can pick you up at the airport during business hours or by appointment bring you back to the lot put a 60-day delaware

Temporary tag on this fan and you can drive it open to wherever you’re from you have any questions about it wallets up for auction send a message through ebay you can call the car lada 302 732 6800 my name is j office managers name is john brakes really nicely tuned no brake work needed be more than happy to answer any and all questions even to make another video

Or take some pictures and whatever but you’re looking at a very nice passenger van at a very low price so if you have any other questions please let me know and actually the aca is cold but good luck and happy petit

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2007 Chevy Express 2500 Passenger Van By Jay Futrell – BPUC

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