2007 chevrolet malibu serpentine
Altair Club Cars 2007 Chevrolet Malibu Serpentine Belt Replacement 3.5L

2007 Chevrolet Malibu Serpentine Belt Replacement 3.5L

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Hey everyone welcome back to another great episode of sell those flippin cars i’m zachary and in today’s episode we’re going to be replacing the serpentine belt on a 2007 chevy malibu uh this is the 3.5 liter engine so let’s jump in it stay tuned guys remember when buying your serpentine belt there is a with power steering and a without power steering make sure

You get the correct length on the serpentine belt you need that would go right here so if you don’t have something right here you have without power steering okay so i’m gonna go ahead and throw the serpentine belt diagram up on the screen this is very simple guys um we just have to take these two bolts out right here they should be uh both 15 millimeters uh zip

Those out you can move this bracket out of the way so you can access all the pulleys for your serpentine belt so i’m gonna throw that serpentine belt diagram up for you guys and we’ll knock it out myself hmm so so so oh all right guys i want to show you this real quick i’m going to zoom in a little bit here i’m on every pulley here even the crank pulley and

I was able to do that without taking the passenger side tire off now i know everyone’s going to say it’d be much easier just take the passenger side tire off and go through the fender well plastic and that is an option if you want to do that but i just showed you how to put it on all the pulleys without taking the tire off and if uh notice right here that there’s

One more pulley that we gotta do and it’s the roller oh there you go now it’s on every single pulley and that’s why you leave the smooth roller as the last one to uh put your belt on okay um now remember your serpentine belt should always be caught in normal interval maintenance to make sure that you don’t have any cracking or a dry rot on the serpentine belt

Itself so now what we’re going to do is we’re gonna go ahead and just move this bracket back in place and go ahead and uh fasten it back down and we are good to go on the serpentine belt so great job guys very easy maintenance uh protocol you gotta update there and you knocked it out uh less than 10 minutes so awesome job guys and also remember you see that i

Have my intake box out to give myself a lot more room to work on on this side of the engine so make sure you take that out you have to take the tube and the box they come out as a unit and just take it out you have so much room and you knock it out and get it done great job so what’d you think was it easy was it hard was it complicated i don’t really think so you

Only had to move those two bolts to that side mount to your engine get that out of the way and uh get the other stuff out of the way the air box that you already moved and it seems pretty simple but remember a shop would have charged you on average 150 dollars per hour to do this so no problem you went ahead and knocked it out yourself didn’t cost you anything

Except what 15 20 minutes so great job guys uh another job another dollar saved just a great feeling i know i love doing it and about jumping into another repair now as soon as this fuel pump module gets in today for the 2007 chevy malibu so definitely stay tuned for that one guys is going to be awesome and that’s going to save you over 800 uh doing that fuel

Pump module replacement yourself so thank you so much for checking out another great episode here on the channel if this video helped you in your serpentine belt replacement make sure you smash that like button down below and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet yes today’s the day to subscribe right buddy yep all right so make sure you subscribe that

Way you get notified of all the diy auto repair videos i release in the future to save you and your family money put more money into your yourselves so great job guys thank you for watching and until next time hey keep on wrenching take care

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