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Right ladies and gents the bentley gt i think these represent absolutely fantastic value for money we could do quite a few of these we normally have two or three or four or five around at any one time i think we’ve got two or three at least now kicking around a couple of convertibles i think another hard top uh this particular car we handled the sale of this sometime

Back a couple of years ago i think now pushing on that way and uh to a family friend of ours we’ve just come back in but it’s basically not using it um so it’s come back in now it drove it up the only thing i can find is the gas straps are a bit weak on the bonnet drove it up yesterday um i’ll tell you a bit more as i go around just a bit it nearly stayed up just

Now it’ll be out of there she goes yeah but then it does slow up because i did want it to slam there you go it does slow up so yeah anyway that’s a minor thing in it so it’s probably two out of the four uh assisters there might be a bit weak now a few notes there by the vendor obviously we know it’s a continental gt four-wheel drive they all are 12 months mot

Four tires wheels are refurb replace both front both batteries that’s the important thing with these is voltage tops of dimension arms all four have been replaced full service history 14 stamps and runs perfect there you go that’s a little bit summary of the car black on black forgiving combination in it i like a dark interior i don’t like it too bright inside i

Like a nice dark interior so that suits me down to the ground if you remember i had another video last style of a gtc a convertible again black on black my choice so we just jump in oh lovely place to be inside 55 000 miles so she’s done a few but they do it well and i had a conversation with someone once a big bentley guy and i just repeat what he said and i

Think it was because we had a a fairly high mileage one in at the time and he said the high mileage ones he said are the ones that don’t give you any bother because people use them he said it’s the low mileage ones that give you bother reset because they don’t use them so they spend lots of time just parts up and these things like to be used don’t they so um he’s

Probably got a point there so that’s it inside quick look around the boot area triangles in there standard stuff in here the batteries have both been replaced he says on so that’s great because i could say they are voltage sensitive one battery starts dropping off a cell that pulls the other battery down syn gives you all sorts of funny faults which you think

Are going to cost you a fortune end of the day it’s a battery um so nine times out of ten i think it’s the right hand side that powers up as far as like the cranking and starts the car the left-hand side auxiliary that tends to be the one that faults or that tends to be the one that you don’t replace because if it starts you think it can’t be the battery because

It’s starting um but anyhow so both batteries have been done this works as it should there’s a button on the door then i just press the button that came up on its own the little spoiler thing i haven’t checked that but i’m sure that was working certainly working last time information there incidentally before i forget the rear spoiler i’m not guaranteeing it

Works but it was working and i’m sure it will be now windows are working as well as they should there you go that one just drops down the little one then back up again another little hiccup they have sometimes and that’s about it i think probably one of the most attractive cars on the road today certainly from the front new one today will cost you something

Like 165 000 quid which makes these cheaper than that your brothers had one loved it to bits but again never used it enough uh so but you’ll get another one i fancy one i’ve actually never owned one myself personally so i’m gonna get myself one because i think i i think they’re fantastic value for money b if you watch and look at the market they’re actually going

Back up again people are cottoning on to the fact they are fantastic value and uh prices are rising uh so not just for that but it’s nice to know you’ve got an appreciating asset that you enjoy as opposed to a depreciating asset isn’t it so that’s not the beyond end or you’re buying book because you want one and you like them don’t you anyhow oh i’ll stop waffling

It’s on display at pickering it’s here in good time the main viewing period really is that a week or ten days before a sale for two reasons a the vehicles are on site just in case you fancy looking at something else b they’re stationary so you’re not going to get run over anyhow oh i tell what we’ll do nearly forgot service jack i think young jack two jacks now

As yeah has laid out the packs lots of paperwork there for it 14 stamps so there will be four teams down to that’s what he says on there it will be right they’re all here bentley bentley bentley bentley bentley bentley bentley bentley bentley bentley bentley gt services gt services gt services there you go so there are all these guys come down have a look

Fantastic value for money

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2007 BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT | MATHEWSONS CLASSIC CARS | 21 & 22 OCTOBER 2022 By Mathewsons Classic Cars Limited

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