2006 lexus is250 is so good
Altair Club Cars 2006 Lexus is250 is so good

2006 Lexus is250 is so good

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All right welcome to cruise control my name is eric and today we’re in a 2006 lexus is 250. this thing is a fantastic buy thank you so much for watching please like and subscribe i don’t want you to miss out on any fun reviews like this lexus right here i cover used cars new cars and i do live streams now back to the lexus all right so who is this car for well

Let’s say you want a luxury car but you don’t want to spend brand new prices for electric car this is going to be your vehicle this thing is fantastic right now we’re cruising at 65 miles an hour it’s quiet it’s comfortable i have my heated seats on i got my sunroof open it’s smooth yet it’s still nice and nimble this car is exactly what you would want to get

For your entry luxury vehicle you know what this one’s actually on sale it’s got low mileage it’s under off it’s under 10 000 to buy i’ll put the link in the description if you guys want to buy this lexus i highly recommend it it’s going to be in the link in the description i make zero commission for this car but i would highly recommend buying this vehicle

This vehicle is fantastic i really like the layout i like the leather i like the dual climates the cool the cooled ventilated seats the heated seats i mean you talk about classic gauges these gauges look amazing it has a tilt and telescoping wheel so you can find a comfortable driving position paddle shifters in case if you want to pop it over here into sport

Downshift yeah man that’s fun go back over there put it into drive put cruise control back on set it forget it this thing is fantastic has a nice little 2.5 liter v6 makes 204 horsepower 185 foot-pounds of torque 30 miles per gallon out on the freeway great commuter car great for in town it’s not too big it’s maneuverable it’s the smaller lexus it actually

Has some sporty intentions without it being uncomfortable it really walks a balance between a sporty sedan and a luxury sedan so it’s that sport luxury no it’s not the 350 it’s not as fast but you know what it’s more affordable than the 350 looks just as good as their 350 and gets more fuel economy better field economy than 350. so if you’re looking for an

Affordable luxury sedan this one’s on sale right now all right so i’m in the front seat remember i am five foot eleven so i still have about an inch and a half maybe two inches of headroom it’s got a nice sunroof that’s up here i have really good leg space because these window switches tilt down i don’t have anything that like hits against my leg i

Actually have really good space for how small this vehicle is i actually have really good space the steering wheel tilt and telescope so you can find a really good comfortable driving position i really like the paddle shifters i really like these classic gauges the heated seats the ventilated seats the leather the layout of the dual climate system everything

About this vehicle i really like it a plus up front let’s go to the back and see how much space i have all right so remember again i am five foot eleven i am behind my driving position my knees do touch but i can bend them out this way so that they don’t touch my feet fit nicely underneath the seat i have a really nice arm rest that’s to the side that even

Has a couple of storage bins some cup holders i have rear ac vents so thank you i’m actually really comfortable back here i could probably spend four hours on a car ride in the back and probably six hours as the driver but you know what for being a smaller sedan this is rear-wheel drive i actually have a good amount of space i’m actually pretty comfortable so

Good job all right so why do you get one of these guys because you want a luxury vehicle but you don’t want to overpay you want something that’s going to be reliable fuel efficient good looking sporty but yet not uncomfortable this hits all those marks all those metrics this knocks it out of the park i would highly recommend buying a vehicle just like this or

You can actually buy this exact one for under ten thousand dollars right now the link will be in the description thank you so much again for watching my name’s eric this is cruise control please like and subscribe so you don’t miss any used vehicles that i review new cars and also do live streams thank you so much have a good day

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