2006 dodge ram 3500 mega cab lar
Altair Club Cars 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 MEGA CAB Laramie 4×4 5.9L CUMMINS, SOLD

2006 Dodge Ram 3500 MEGA CAB Laramie 4×4 5.9L CUMMINS, SOLD

Hi everyone this is john from the car company and this is our 2006 dodge ram 3500 mega cab check out this truck it is gorgeous mega cab dually laramie all the options you can get on this truck this one has nice chrome handles and chrome trim on the doors the driver’s side is in excellent condition there are no dents i don’t see any scratches the rear tailgate

And rear bumper look great again no dents no tailgates bedliner the truck does have a sliding rear window i’ll show you inside that is power as a banks exhaust system on it the truck does have the muffler in it that way it’s not too loud nice chrome wheels these are 235 80 17 mega cab the driver’s side of this truck and the passenger side or the same condition

They’re both in excellent condition you’ll have a little rock chips on these dually flares that’s to be expected with any dually hell with any truck really most of them all have chips right around there in the front of the fenders which this has but very nice truck tow mirrors it’s got the painted vent shades on all the wood windows you’ve got the chrome bug

Shield on the front laramie so you’ve got the chrome insert on the bumper fog lights tow hooks cab lights very nice truck we’ll go ahead and look inside this truck has all the options you can get power windows power door locks power mirrors door panels in great shape infinity stereo leather seats you’ve got the console and the in the front there power seat the

Carpets in great shape adjustable foot pedals the switches right here there’s your switches for your cargo light and your headlights tilt cruise steering wheel controls on the back of your steering wheel that’s for your radio your cruise controls on the front of the steering wheel this is a 2006 truck with a hundred and forty thousand 901 miles this is the 5.9

Liter cummins diesel and it’s 32 degrees this is a cold start the truck runs out drives great factory in – nav there’s your climate controls push-button four-wheel-drive heated seats the middle is a power slider that’s for your rear window and these mega cats there is no way you’re leaning back there and opening that window up brake controllers right here nice

Wood grain center console plenty of storage inside you’ve got an extra 12-volt power outlet a change holder they also have a second center console and in this we’ve got the headphones and all the warranty books and of course all your information your navigation the factory book that comes with the truck the headphones are for the factory dvd player and the truck

Has a factory sunroof navigation sunroof dvd all factory it’s very rare especially to find the sunroof and the dvd player in the same trucks because you see how close it is there’s just switch for your sunroof home link for your garage door opener this all goes through your readouts for your head display you’ve got hands-free calling auto dimming rearview mirror

The trucks gonna go ahead and idle up because it’s cold we’ll look in the back here the rear door panels in great shape again here’s what everyone wants to see these maiya cams they are excessively huge no one really needs this much space in the truck it’s just nice to have it if you do center console on the backside you’ve got extra storage 12-volt power outlet

All the carpets in great shape i’m six-foot this – front seat is set for someone in that six foot you’ve got 10 inches 11 inches of space between i’m sitting perfectly straight up everyone will be comfortable you’ve got enough room for everyone another view of your center you’re – and your center console here’s your dvd player everything on it works i don’t have a

Dvd to try but it works the rear seats in these mega cabs they recline back pull this handle up you’re going to recline the seat back and you can actually fold them both all the way down this handle right here pull this up folds a seat down you have storage behind you’ve got the built-in compartments both sides and then obviously this amount of space right here

For storage all the door panels on this truck look great it’s 140,000 model truck so there might be a few little things here and there but really i think i’ve pointed out about everything that i’ve seen wrong with the truck the rear seats are in great shape i don’t think anyone sat in them you’ve got the armrest cup holder combination here in the back the front

Seat driver seats heated as well as the passenger seat these are painted to match window vent shades the mirrors are heated they are also tow mirrors so they flip up get door panels nice car fits nice this seats are nice 140,000 model truck this trucks been baby a lot of life left not abused and we’ll take a look at the engine this is a 5.9 liter cummins this is

A sought-after motor a lot of people don’t want to have to deal with the 6/7 because they have the emission controls stock airbox manifolds never been drilled or tapped for an eg team the trucks never had a programmer on it it only has the exhaust and a few little body modifications the bug guard and the window vent shades so very nice truck this is john from the

Car company that’s the car company online.com make sure you check us out on the web site and look at this truck as well as any others that we may have in stock and give me a call at six one four five six three nine nine nine nine with any questions thanks have a great day

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2006 Dodge Ram 3500 MEGA CAB Laramie 4×4 5.9L CUMMINS, SOLD!!! By JohnsTrucks4Sale

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