2006 dodge ram 1500 quad cab hem
Altair Club Cars 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Hemi V8 video overview and walk around.

2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Hemi V8 video overview and walk around.

Let the camera be your eyes and ears as we take you for a tour in and around this gorgeous Ram 1500 Hemi V8 as we demonstrate all of its functions and features. You’ll feel like you are right here reviewing it along with us. Thank you for joining us!

Good afternoon folks ari here from direct auto outlet in fair oaks california i have this gorgeous 2006 dodge ram 1500 yes you’re correctly dodge ram back then they had a dodge in front of them i have been a big fan of these dodge pickup trucks ever since the early 90s since that movie twister came out where that 1994 dodge ram 1500 got its debut i was in love

With the grill and the general styling of the vehicle this is an evolution of that first generation dodge ram it is in the quad cab configuration on this particular one this is the sport model which is somewhat uh out of the ordinary not very many of the sports made once you go inside the vehicle you’ll see the embroidery on the backside of the front seats that

Read off sport as well most of the time you’re used to st’s slts laramie trims this this is neither one if i have to say how it’s configured as far as what it’s comparable to i would say it’s comparable to the laramie in the way that does have leather seats power everything body color trim and body color bumpers uh body color grille this particular one is a 4×4

Brilliant silver metallic exterior what you see on the quarter panel here just shadows from the tree behind me they’re not imperfections in the paint love these chrome wheels they are 20 inch was optional on many of the trim levels this particular one does have it you have privacy glass in the rear this one is equipped with a 5.7 liter hemi v8 this powertrain is

Extremely tough and capable i owned a 2006 two-wheel two-wheel drive version of this particular truck and i just love how smooth it drove one of the best looking pickups out there very affordable very capable lots of comfort luxury and capability with this particular truck this particular unit itself is also very well taken care of as you can see the headlights

Are crystal clear front of the vehicle has not been hammered away with awkward rock chips or imperfections very good condition inside and out this is definitely a testament to how well a vehicle can still remain and perform if it was owned by a responsible person and it was loved this particular truck has a hundred and seventy three thousand miles on it and you

Really wouldn’t know by taking a look at it as you can see the door panels are nice and tight in great shape none of the buttons are loose leather interior is in fantastic shape even at the entry and exit points i love the two-tone color gray and dark dark blue with the red stitching adds a beautiful touch to the vehicle as you can see the sport is written all

Over the back sides of the seats leather wrapped steering wheel power adjustable pedals power windows and power door lock power mirrors this is also equipped with the infiniti premium sound system tilt steering wheel cruise control another thing dodges have done is they put these audio controls in the rear of the steering wheel on both sides and that allows you

To be able to adjust not only your volume but also your stations they’re kind of hidden and out of the way as you can see you have 173 775 miles you really wouldn’t know by looking at the vehicle dashboard here is free of any cracks and the interior is free of any rips or imperfections auto dimming rear view mirror you also have distance till empty compass and

Fuel economy you also have home link up there so you can program up to three garage doors two 12 volt power outlets one on the right and one on the left or rather left and right this one does have a cigarette lighter that obviously has never been used you do have some additional storage down here three cup holders two large and one small some additional storage

Down there some real thin storage up here perhaps for a cell phone and you have a two level center console a smaller level that has a divider and coin tray and does have a 12 volt power outlet and does have the cutout right over here for your cord for your power outlet so you can charge your phone and be able to close this and have the cord come out and down

Below you have a larger one with a removable bottom rubber pad so you can clean it out if you needed to beautiful vehicle inside and out headliner is in great shape no drooping no sagging gorgeous condition through and through now let’s go ahead and pop the hood but first take a look at the rear of the vehicle but before we do that do want to point out you have

Additional storage compartments in the pockets of the door panels taking a look in the rear seating area you’ll find much of the same you have your dual dual tone colored rear seats and these seats do fold up and these tr these two trays that are present on both sides do fold out for additional cargo space and you could lay your cargo completely flat on top of

Here or you don’t have to use it at all these seats fold back down with ease carpeting in gorgeous condition no visible stains no pet hair no smoke odor no rips no cracks it’s a beautiful conditioned vehicle bed of the vehicle looks very softly used and it looks like it has its original ram bed liner which has likely been on the truck since the truck was brand new

So you can bank on the fact of that bed being in great condition underneath you have your seven pin connector and your heavy duty tow hitch as you can see the bumper here is not beat up my wife and i always point out practically every pickup truck you see on out on the road i tell her look at the bumpers and they are beat up the fact that this one does not have

Beat up bumpers and it is not equipped with a backup camera is very impressive just shows how careful the previous owner of the vehicle was and how well they took care of it beautiful conditioned bed you have the little hooks on top on each corner and you have these bottom hooks on each corner as well be able to strap just about anything down tailgate is not

Overly excessively heavy it is manageable switching over to the passenger side you’ll notice that the seating arrangement is a 60 40 seating arrangement so you do have your larger rear seat section on this side and you do have your cardboard pop out for your cargo to lay flat and you can see that it does have a cutout for your cup holders as well they thought of

Everything you do have an additional 12 volt power outlet in the rear and a small storage compartment not an ashtray you also do have these handles you can grab and help yourself into the vehicle you have those that are all four corners so even the driver has one and front passenger as well to help you be able to get in door panels in beautiful condition at all

Four corners the leather and interior is even more brilliant on the passenger side than the driver’s side because it’s got an even less use on this side you do have your sport embroidery and dashboard again in great condition on both sides all electronics are in proper working order books and manuals included and you have a little pouch over here for some additional

Cargo as well now we’ll go ahead and take a look under the hood where the true magic happens under your hood you’ll find your 5.7 liter hemi v8 tons of power tons of capability and these are great sounding engines if you wanted to add an aftermarket exhaust system like a magnaflow or a flowmaster these engines really do come to life but stock as you can see they

Are very tame and very smooth sounding and a lot of people like it that way as well folks you can find this pickup and many others on our website which is www.directauto outlet.com you can also phone us down here the lot at any time at area code five seven 916-765-7575 i do wanna take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to watch our video we sure

Do hope to see you down here at the lot soon thank you and have a great day you

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2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Hemi V8 video overview and walk around. By Direct Auto Outlet

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