2006 bentley continental flying
Altair Club Cars 2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur – 6.0L W12, 556hp, Top Speed of 195mph

2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur – 6.0L W12, 556hp, Top Speed of 195mph

Welcome back to Autohaus of Naples! Today Haley is showcasing our Bentley Continental Flying Spur…

Uh hey everyone welcome back to autohouse in naples i’m haley and today we have a gorgeous bentley for everyone but before we get into this make sure and follow our facebook our instagram subscribe to our youtube click the bell to turn the notifications on and make sure and check out our website autohousenaples.com for all of our current inventory and more information

On this car all right so what we have for everyone today is a really gorgeous one this is a 2006 bentley continental flying spur so this is the sedan it’s the four-door version of the continental this is the first generation as well of the flying spur so it was produced in 2006 which was the first year and it’s still going on currently they still have this model

Which is really neat but i really like this first generation it’s cool you’ve got this big grill up front it’s very luxurious looking you can tell it’s comfortable even from the outside the headlights are in really great shape for an 06 as well overall it’s in really great condition the exterior is finished in a silver tempest is the color name and then inside

You’ll see that later it’s a saddle premium leather interior the airplanes already so this is basically it’s the new four-door version of the continental gt it’s got really classy styling and you can just see on the car it has these very elegant lines even over here on the hood you’ve got just very smooth like i mean there’s no other way to say than elegant and

Classy it’s definitely a luxurious sedan up front here on the tires and wheels you have pirelli tires and these ones are going to be 245 45 r19s and you’re gonna have these 19 inch wheels and they are these black custom bentley wheels really great shape overall it’s a different look to have the black wheels finished on the car and then again just the lines on

It they’re sharp but it’s just a very comfortable luxurious look which i really like and then on the back again you’re going to have the same 19 inch wheels same tires 245 45 r19 really great shape you’ve got the bentley b on there oh and a little ladybug we have a visitor today on the back you kind of have this notorious look for the bentley with those tail

Lights very signature look i really like you know you got your bentley logo that emblem right there i thought it was kind of interesting so before there was ever bentley ever made any cars they were a part of making the engines for aircrafts in world war one and so i think that’s kind of where the wings came from it kind of had this flight sort of i don’t know

Carrying it on into when they started making the car so i thought that was kind of neat and then on the key fob the key fob is nice and simple you’ve got your wings on there as well and then your lock unlock and to the trunk so we’ll just hit the trunk button so one of my favorite things about this car is the massive trunk it is literally huge there is so much

Space back there um suitcases bodies anything you want back there really great space i mean i don’t even know what you would put back here it’s like a little room it is huge so literally has this limousine feel which is kind of funny because you have all that space that it really truly is down here you’re also going to have a spare i like the spares nicer than

A typical spur that you’d see you got your tools all that just messing stuff up oh there we go all right and then up here too one thing that i thought was kind of funny is i like this bentley logo again but it’s kind of funny you got this little like hazard cone i guess if you’re on the side of the road which i feel like doesn’t really do well for their branding

That you’re gonna need a hazardous cone because you’re gonna be on the side of the road broken down but so that’s all in really great shape as well and this one doesn’t have any dings or anything on the doors or anything like that let’s pop the hood so we can see under the engine all right so that’s what i found to be kind of interesting because at first i was

Trying to find a latch but when you pull it off the beak comes up a little bit and you just pull that up kind of interesting kind of different i thought that was really neat the engine under here is super clean for a 2006 this is going to be a twin turbocharged six liter w12 so you’re gonna have 12 cylinders i just think it’s a very classy luxurious looking just

Like the engine like it looks so cool and the 0 to 60 is 4.6 seconds which is shocking and the top speed bentley claims is 195 which is so crazy considering a lot of mercedes top out at 155 so this is truly like especially the time frame it was in one of the fastest sedans like that would be just so cool on top of it if you wanted to pay 170 back in 2006 for this

Or upwards of 170 but at least you’d have a really fast sedan i mean you’re gonna get that for sure all right let’s check out the interior all right so the back seats are really spacious in this one kind of has a limousine-like feel so you have this really pretty leather interior it’s all premium leather you got quite a bit of space here the legroom is pretty

Crazy in here but you also have i like in all the doors you have all the store space right here and then you’re also going to have your windows and what’s really nice front and back everyone has heated and ventilated seats which is very nice you’ve got some different vents over here vents over here and then for the passengers you also have in the back seat you

Have your own temperature setting so you’ve got not dual temp i guess in the car you got quad temp so you’ve got you can change your temperature which events it’s blowing out automatic and then you also have a cigarette lighter and a ash tray i really like one of my favorite things in here is these little like knobs to turn on and off the vents so that’s how

You turn off the vents i don’t know i thought they were really neat but that’s pretty nice and then up here you’re gonna have your lights so you can turn on and off the lights back here i think with the wood too it just looks so luxurious you got this full leather headliner in here and it’s really soft material it looks really nice it feels really nice over here

In your center seat this was an option because some cars you could do a four seater this one’s the five seater so you have that center seat and you have this little bentley emblem which looks nice oh it didn’t close that all the way but you’ve got good space in there and then you’ve got two cup holders right there they just kind of pop out if you need them but

Overall it’s got really good space in here i like how much leg room there is and all the leather in here just looks really nice so let’s hop into the front seat and we can turn that on and of course you got your little bentley emblem right there and then you’ve also got your adjustable seat so up front got the same leather here i really like the look of

This leather it’s kind of bright it looks really well with the silver um yeah it’s just really nice i like that the steering wheel you’ve got um a black accent on the steering wheel i’ve seen some that had an all kind of that brown color steering wheel but it’s nice to have the black around the the edge of it seats are in really great shape all right let’s get

This started and then like of course you’ve got start on the left starts up nice and easy sounds good down here too you’ve got three memory settings for your seat all the adjustments everything like that you got your bentley plate down there i really like the instrument cluster in this one it’s very simple i like that they put the little b down at the bottom of

Like the speedometer and the rpms i think that looks really neat it’s just super luxurious i don’t know how to describe it other than that just the colors the wood it just really screams luxury and this one is a canadian model so it is in kilometers per hour it’s not 340 miles per hour that’s for sure but um overall it’s in pretty good shape up here you got 43 000

Miles on it and then here again your steering wheel you got your emblem all the buttons are in really great shape just looks really nice i like the two-tone steering wheel and then you also have your vents up here with the analog clock it says bentley and little cursive writing that looks really nice again you can turn your little vents off and then one thing i

Really like is it sounds like one of the big cons of these cars had to be that there was a cd navigation and not dvd i like that they put the aftermarket system in here so you’ve got a lot of different settings you have full navigation in here you got eight hd radio you got satellite radio you got bluetooth spotify pandora disc ipod like literally everything you

Want you’ve got it in here which is really nice and it’s just a super easy to navigate touch screen so that’s really nice as well because that was kind of one of the downfall of the the models with the stock infotainment center and then you got a whole bunch of buttons down here you have all your temperature settings again driver passenger get their own settings

You’ve got all kinds of buttons different settings everything like that right here you’re going to have your shift knob got again the bentley b right there you’re going to push that down to shift get your parking brake and then driver and passenger heated and ventilated seats you’ve got your it has a rear window shade so if i push that it’ll put the rear window

Shade up that’s really nice especially if the sun’s coming in through the back you got your ashtray cigarette lighter and then right here i think this is kind of an interesting little armrest situation so i guess if one person doesn’t want it you can push the armrest up but then you’ve got this little compartment right here which is really nice and i like this

Little quilted pattern that they did on the bottom the quilted look always looks pretty luxury and then each one of these are going to have some storage in them so that’s really nice as well a little added storage nice space right here you’re going to have your glove box and then you got some of the cd disc changers in there as well but that’s really good space

Overall in there and then again you got this wood trim you got the two-tone leather all the stitching is in really great shape too it looks really nice in here one thing too i like about these door panels is that the door will kind of like it slides open so you can open it up a lot easier i thought that was kind of nice but overall it’s in really great shape

Everything looks real nice i think the leather headliner is kind of one of the top cool things about this car besides the fact it’s a bentley that too all right let’s go for our test drive safety first all right we got the open road today no one in front no one behind i don’t even know how fast going because we’re in kilometers that’s probably good for my for

My own well-being on this one oh wow i like how smooth it is though like even though it’s fast it’s like colliding it’s like a little cloud just floating by everyone yep this is pretty cool it’s nice too the road the the road noise in here is fairly silent like it’s not overly loud or anything um i mean you can hear that we’re going fast on the freeway but it’s

Not over the top by any means it’s pretty manageable okay oh okay let me just slam on my brakes wow now that is a super luxurious very fast sedan make sure and check out this bentley on our website autohousenapples.com and let us help you drive your dreams you

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2006 Bentley Continental Flying Spur – 6.0L W12, 556hp, Top Speed of 195mph By Autohaus of Naples

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