2006 audi tt special edition
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2006 Audi TT Special Edition

Hey guys is my 2006 out ett special edition this car is in great shape paint looks awesome on it the interiors in near perfect shape the car runs and drives absolutely awesome it’s super fun to drive it handles great you know so low to the ground it’s tiny you know 3.2 v6 in it plenty of power it sounds great going down the road sorry about the glare it’s pretty

Sunny out today but you see the seats are awesome there’s no rips or anything like that it’s a little bit worn on the on the driver seat on the edge right here just a tiny bit though everything else in here is really really nice the back seats are really nice although they’re very tiny i don’t know who would actually fit back there i think that’s more like a

Grocery shelf than a seat but nevertheless there are backseat car has a hundred and forty two thousand nine hundred and forty three miles on it those miles are probably gonna go up slightly because my girlfriend is in love with it and she’s been driving it around it’s got this cool little door of the radio here started up no lights no check engine lights no warning

Lights nothing you see it starts right up runs nice and smooth the air conditioning works great it’s kind of magic settings just simple temperature dashboards in nice shape headliners in the shape everything on this car is nice and clean this is very very well taken care of show you guys the engine inside the trunk use the engine bay also clean and nice i don’t

Know if you can tell but the paint actually has pearl in it you really can’t see it unless it’s really sunny like today and i don’t know if you’ll be able to see it on the camera or not even the black has some metal flake in it it’s just a really cool color the car is very very sharp looking it has a surprising amount of room inside the trunk for a car this size

And these seats pulled forward would make this whole area here usable for cargo all the doors and everything open and shut nice it’s just a really really really clean really nice car cars got plenty of power goes down the road nice and smooth at corners really well it stops really well air conditioning works it’s about 75 degrees out today the acs on works great

Radio there’s this cool little door over it all the tts have that type 3 do underneath radio stereo works great jim little led zeppelin for you this is how the climate controller works you can turn it down you said the temperature do you want automatic where you can manually do it everything in this car works and it runs and drives perfect it’s a cool little car

It’s fun to drive she stops good v6 has plenty of power sounds nice and throaty when it accelerates the car handles great as you’d expect for car like this it’s fun to take you through the turns

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2006 Audi TT Special Edition By Rides By Ryan

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