2005 2010 chrysler 300 ive w530
Altair Club Cars 2005-2010 Chrysler 300, IVE-W530 install

2005-2010 Chrysler 300, IVE-W530 install

I start pulling the dash apart at 3:45 if you wanna skip the beginning. In this video i install a double din alpine head unit without an aftermarket wiring harness. This Chrysler 300 has the base model stereo. if you have a different model with a different stereo i can still help you, leave a comment with your question and i will try to answer right away. i installed it this way to avoid purchasing the aftermarket wiring harness, because im cheap hahaha lol.

All right well i said i was gonna do a video of the stereo install in my 2007 chrysler 300 i actually started doing it already but i put it all back together so i could take a video i’ll just quickly show you a few things here so i’m putting in these pioneer six by nine i had them in my 2010 $10 journey and then i sold the journey but uh the chrysler 300 takes 6 by

9s as well so here’s the model number 600 watts rms are sorry 660 watts rms i’m gonna be running these off of the deck then now i’ve already installed one in this door let’s see it quickly show you this is the deck i’m gonna put in i also had one of these in my dodge journey and i really liked it so i’m gonna run this for now brand new i’ll do a separate video

Unboxing this got a really good deal but anyways everything’s in there so i’ll do a short video unboxing this and then i’ll continue with my install video so it’s gonna be six by nine 6×9 i have another box of them right over there so those are gonna be in the trunk which i haven’t taken that apart yet so i’m not too sure how but i’ll figure it out but anyways

Let’s get to the deck install and with the deck install i’m not using a wire harness i’m just gonna wire it up myself show you you feel a few tricks to doing that and yeah let’s get started this is probably my favorite tool for taking – pieces off you see the ribs on it there i’ll show you what that does you stick it in here baby so once you get it in there

Then the – piece hooks onto that rib and then you can pull it out of the clips because this is just all held on by clips and this piece will help you so you don’t break anything even though i’m not gonna be using this – piece i’m gonna be installing okay hopefully you can see back there there’s quite a few clips here there’s this guy right here you just push down

On the top pull it out next one push down on the top pull it out now this guy right here has this little red tab and see that that little red tab has to be up like so into this position and then you can push right here and wiggle it a little bit this one right here is for the clock it has a little tab on the bottom you push that up pull it out there’s one more in

There and that’s for the hazard light switch this one tab is on top that’s it now this is free to come out and then we got a number two phillips right here here here and here now this is i believe the touring model of the chrysler 300 it could be the base model i’m not 100% sure but anyways i think it’s the standard stereo so behind mine we have one harness and

One radio antenna so this clips on top pulls out and the radio antenna just pulls out there you have it and now that is all open i might have to remove this since i’m putting a double din in but it’s just the four screws but uh anyways i need to figure out what all these wires are so this is the harness here your typical aftermarket head unit has 11 main wires eight

Of them four speakers two wires per speaker on a regular four channel system and then the other three wires ones your constant power and the other ones your ignition power and then your ground you see how these two are twisted together these two are twisted together these two are twisted together these two are twisted together and these two are twisted together so

I guarantee you these are your four speakers because they’re twisted together in pairs and there’s eight of them none of these other ones are twisted together i actually know what this one fisted together but there is a fifth speaker in the – so that’s one of those is probably that there’s all of our speaker wire and then we got four wires left so we got to block

Of green stripes and to gray with green strait and the rest are speakers i just started cutting stuff so i’ll just figure it out as we go you that’s those are speakers so normally i use 9-volt battery but i don’t have a fresh 9-volt battery to do this little trick but i have these lithium batteries tied in series which is going to be around 12 volts a little

Bit more than nine but no big deal so least yep that’s that speaker that’s right rear speaker front and that is not a speaker i just turned my turn so this is the old one all right here’s the new kit all put together look better with a nine inch but scared to buy one and you probably don’t need to see me run microphone it’s gonna go under the

Dash around up this column behind the headliner and right come out right here above the mirror so you can’t really see very much that’ll be it for this install video and i’m gonna do another video for the door speaker in this door and the speakers and the truck that’ll be it and i’ll put some subs in too but i don’t need to do that’s pretty straightforward this

Is more of just a a how-to if you own a two thousand five six seven eight nine or ten chrysler 300 this will be the starting position of next video which will be taking the door panel off

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2005-2010 Chrysler 300, IVE-W530 install By Evrythngtek

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