2004 volvo xc90 awd suv test dri
Altair Club Cars 2004 Volvo XC90 AWD SUV TEST DRIVE VIDEO review

2004 Volvo XC90 AWD SUV TEST DRIVE VIDEO review

Let the camera be your eyes and ears as we get behind the wheel of this 7 passenger Volvo SUV and take you along with us. You’ll feel like you’re right here with us as we put this vehicle through its paces! Thank you for joining us!

Good morning folks ari here from direct auto outlet in fair oaks california i have this gorgeous 2004 volvo xc90 all-wheel drive suv for you today this will be a test drive video of this particular vehicle we do have an in-depth walk-around review video of it as well so be sure to check our website for that where we go through the ins and outs of all the features

In the vehicle and take you along with us for uh the demo on that one but this will be strictly a test drive video that will demonstrate how the vehicle runs and operates we’ll give you our our takes and our opinions of it as we drive and go through the engine and transmission and put this suv through its paces so without further ado please join us okay start

Of the vehicle we have 180 148 miles go ahead and get our belt on here do you also want to mention that the timing belt was done on this vehicle at 120 000 it’s recommended to be done in most cases between 90 and 120 000 so at the very least you’ll have another 30 000 miles before you have to worry about that this is a seven passenger vehicle it does have a

Third row seat that does fold away if you’re not using it as you can see here it does have uh two keys one key fob power windows power door locks power mirrors of course you also have fog lights air conditioning is blowing nice and cold you have your self dimming rear view mirror you also have your moon roof which is fold up and slide back one touch let’s go

Ahead and get started first observation is the vehicle is very smooth i don’t hear any unusual rattles or squeaks while driving the vehicle which is impressive for a vehicle with a hundred and eighty thousand miles this five-cylinder powertrain is quite competent and will be able to get itself up and going with little to no effort whatsoever transmission shift

On these on this particular suv is nice and butter smooth transmission is something that uh this style of vehicle these volvos ever since 2001 have been struggling with these higher mileage ones don’t necessarily scare me it’s more so the lower mileage ones between 100 you know anywhere from 75 80 000 all the way to a little over 100 000 miles that’s typically

When they give you uh trouble and when they act up and oftentimes is the valve body and if not uh taken care of in a timely fashion it can cause you to have to replace the entire transmission if there is excessive slippage for long periods of time at 180 000 i actually would expect this vehicle to drive just as good as it does at 180 000 if you had one of the

Faulty transmissions it would have already been remedied by now otherwise the vehicle wouldn’t have made it this long and based on that logic i’m not surprised whatsoever that it runs really nice and it shifts smooth one owner vehicles oftentimes are just a little bit nicer than others you also have the hid headlights on this particular unit which really lights

Up the road quite nicely in front of you cruising down at 40 miles per hour you’ll notice that it is just smooth and quiet going through the twists and turns vehicle does track straight i have let go of the wheel here and the vehicle is going straight when i do apply my brakes i get no shaking or shimmying on the front end no shaking on the steering wheel and no

Shaking on the brake pedal nothing to indicate that any of the rotors have any warpage or excessive use on them vehicle accelerates quite nicely and smoothly power comes on naturally and easily this particular stretch of road has a lot of potholes and uneven pavement really puts the suspension through its paces and this vehicle is handling it beautifully it’s

Just gliding over these bumps and potholes it’s quite obvious that the suspension and shock absorbers are not original they have been replaced and have been serviced vehicle writes firm and confident these seats if you’ve ever experienced or if you’ve driven a volvo before you’ll probably agree that the seats inside the volvo are of some of the most comfortable

Seating that you will find in any vehicle whatsoever volvos have over time become famous for being very safe vehicles very solid and reliable vehicles but one thing that a lot of people don’t mention is that they are also very comfortable again shifts are butter smooth you cannot even feel the vehicle shift go ahead and make a stop over here create a little bit of

Distance between us and the next vehicle safely make sure there’s nobody behind us blind spots are virtually non-existent in this vehicle due to the number of windows you have as well as all these large mirrors accelerating you’ll see that the vehicle does accelerate quite smoothly engine sounds great 55 miles per hour no trouble whatsoever go ahead and apply

Our brakes firmly to avoid getting too close to the vehicle in front of us and again brakes feel great all wheel drive technology in this vehicle will allow you to get up to the mountains and get in the snow and be able to travel with confidence plenty of room in the cargo area will allow you to take you and all of your friends and all of their things along with

You into the snow just really a lot of car for the money folks oftentimes especially during this period of time where we are having trouble with new car production the cost of this car the entire cost of this car is actually less than just the simply just the markups on new cars nowadays so if you are in the market for a new vehicle and even if you can afford

A new vehicle if you can find it it’d still be a great idea to purchase something like this and let things settle down a little bit in the market and this will be a great band-aid vehicle for somebody who’s in the market for a new car but doesn’t want to compete with the inflated prices that are out there currently it’d be also great for somebody who just wants

An affordable family car all-wheel drive four-wheel drive vehicle get their family safely and securely where they need to go my overall opinion of this vehicle is very positive the vehicle does perform quite well very smooth very quiet and we’ve sold a lot of these xc90s and they they seem to hold up really well and our customers seem to like them and be happy

With them i think they’re of higher quality than what volvo’s putting out nowadays in their new vehicles so it’s a win-win save money and get probably the best era of or one of the best eras of volvo’s volvos have been great some of their stuff that came out of the 70s and 80s and 90s were fabulous as well but of the modern era of elbows i’d say this is probably

One of the best of them handles these uh hills and bumps quite nicely and easily as we make our way back to the lot i do want to encourage you guys to subscribe and hit the thumbs up arrow if you did enjoy this video and if you do so please be sure to also hit the bell icon to be notified of all of our future videos and be sure to leave all of your questions

And comments in the comment section and certainly look forward to seeing all of them if there’s any specific content you would also like to see on this vehicle make sure you leave that in the comment section as well and we’ll certainly get back to each and every one of you i want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time and joining us and we

Certainly do hope to see all each and every one of you down here at the lot very soon thank you and have a great day

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2004 Volvo XC90 AWD SUV TEST DRIVE VIDEO review By Direct Auto Outlet

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