2004 nissan maxima ac fuses rela
Altair Club Cars 2004 Nissan Maxima AC Fuses & Relay, Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

2004 Nissan Maxima AC Fuses & Relay, Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

What’s going on guys i’ve got here a 2004 nissan maxima and i’m going to use this car to point out to you the location of the different fuses for the operation of the air conditioning so we’re going to begin by inspecting some fuses that are inside the car they’re behind a cover that’s to the left of the steering wheel so you remove this by just hooking on this

Here and letting it hinge downward and you can read about the fuses here on the back but i’ll go ahead and show you what you need to know so please note there’s also a fuse puller here that you may find useful now the first two fuses i’m going to show you are 15 amp fuses up here at the top so they’re actually right next to each other and they both provide power

To the same circuit these two are for the blower motor and both of them have to be intact in order for the blower motor to operate so definitely get those two checked out now there’s also a 10 amp fuse right here that nissan labels the electrical parts fuse so this fuse actually is what provides power to your control unit there so definitely check that out as

Well and there’s a final 10 amp fuse located right here this is also known as the accessory fuse and its role is to provide power when the key is in the on position so those are the four fuses here for you to check now you’ll note if your blower motor fuses are good but they’re not receiving power when the car is on you could have an issue with the blower motor

Relay which is on the back of this fuse box assembly i’ll show you a quick view of where you can find it so there are two blue relays here and the blower motor relay is the one at the top so that’s something for you to check only if the two blower motor fuses are not receiving power now we can move under the hood this is where we’ll find the dedicated fuse for

The ac compressor and i’ll give you some other troubleshooting steps as well so over here on the passenger side we’ve got this cover that we’ve got to remove there are going to be a number of tabs or plastic clips that hold it in place they’re all broken or missing on this car which is why i can just pull this up and set it aside now there’s a fuse box cover here

For you to remove i can just unclip this tab right here and this will just kind of come up if you wiggle it from side to side and pull it up it will come out again if you want to pull this out further to get better access to the fuses you can do so by pushing on the tab here and there’s an identical tab down here on the back side so that will let you pull this

Up maybe get a better angle on the fuses now the fuse that provides power for the ac compressor is a 15 amp fuse located right here so i’ll pull that out and show it to you this is what a good fuse looks like now there is a relay that is activated to send power to the ac compressor that relay is built into this assembly it’s not serviceable it’s not any of these

Relays here it’s actually internal to this unit so unfortunately we can’t access that to test it but there’s some other troubleshooting steps i can give you now one of the most common culprits that explains why your air conditioning is not coming on is a slow leak in one of the ac lines so we’ve got a low side port here here is your high side port you can hook

Some gauges up to these ports to make sure that your ac pressures are in an adequate amount and if you’re low on freon you can add some freon into this low side port here they sell these cans at parts stores that will allow you to do this another thing for you to check is if your check engine light is on there are certain issues with the engine that can cause your

Air conditioning to be disabled uh one of those being a misfire like a po300 or po303 so if your check engine light is on you may want to look into that before you get too much in depth with diagnosing the air conditioning the compressor itself is going to be down here so yeah i hope that this information was helpful for you or at the very least a good starting

Point in troubleshooting the ac on your nissan maxima please do let me know down below if you have any advice or any questions thanks for watching

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2004 Nissan Maxima AC Fuses & Relay, Air Conditioning Troubleshooting By Lehew Tech

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