2003 ford f150 supercrew door lo
Altair Club Cars 2003 Ford F150 SuperCrew: door lock actuator replacement

2003 Ford F150 SuperCrew: door lock actuator replacement

This video is about 2003 F150 SuperCrew door lock actuator

Sad face alright what you want to do is take a door panel off first you got power windows or panel needs to come up what i normally do is i pried from the front here very carefully very carefully pull the switch back remove all the electrical connectors next off this piece is the story behind here get a pry tool carefully pry this trim panel off alright so there’s

A screw right here you need to remove it’s philips come in zoom and look at it there’s this tree right here and two underneath one here and one here unlike the normal single cab or the extended cab there is no filler piece here to remove you’ll also want to turn the dome lights off so you don’t drink battery if that’s even option or instructs help eyeline there’s

One more screw right here right here okay so once you’ve got the three phillips screws out and the seven millimeters screw out the door panel should just lift right and if your models got the light and twist counterclockwise pull the light bulb all right there’s a couple of bolts here that need to be removed door panel bracket on and now you should be able to

Peel this which would expose the lock actuator which is right in there yep right right there so we’ve got the lock actuator bracket here it is an 11 millimeter bolt that holds this and from here it’s just a matter of sneaking the motor around several way comes out might take some trial error you may want to unplug the electrical harness here and end its retainer

Here’s the plug now you might need to come this way what we’re trying to do is we run behind that remove this is actually right here we’re trying to remove it from the door latch so in this case i’m just going to have to twist and look out of the plastic fastener that it’s in you make take some trial and error okay so what i had to do there’s this retaining disc

Or cap that went around the piston here that was holding rod in and remove that to make space to get this out and around new actuator dorman corp seven four six one five seven comes with a new one of these different sized rods depending on your application just find one that matches the your existing rod as quickly as possible okay so what we’ve done here is we’ve

Taken this bracket and put on put it on the vise here just to make it a little easier the oem actuator is just kind of clipped into this bracket it’s just a matter of getting these pegs out of the bracket so use a little pry bar of sorts and it pops out just like that notice the spring tension on the clip here now it’s just a matter of getting the new one oriented

The same way so one quick tip for making this a little bit easier is to remove remove the window channel with a window guide and that’s 11 millimeter bolt right here and grab a hold of the window guide and pull down now this gives you a little bit more access to the left sembly you barely see it but there’s a second there’s a second little hole there next to this

This rod for the thumb pull through the door lock that’s where the lock rod actuator or the lock rod for the actuator needs to go what i did here is i prepped the correct size rod and it’s just going to go in that hole and around just like that like so and then from there we’ve got to connect connector piece to the actuator so what i’ll do first is i’ll get all the

Electrical connections buttoned up as best as i can it’s easier to do it now than it is to do it when everything’s in the door then on these dormant actuators this white little piece on the on the piston here just slips into that kind of difficult because you can’t get two hands in here it would really help if you could and you know it’s seated in there correctly

When you hear hop so just align the stud and the bolt snug the small bolt don’t over torque it and put the window track back in the top of the window track my finger here goes in this groove now you’ve just gotta line it see there’s a clip there it helps hold there’s a clip right there it holds things in place you just keep pushing up until the bolt hole down here

Are lines it’s very helpful if you have an assistant to start screwing up bolt in while you hold everything together just like the other nut snug not too tight before you button the door up you always want to check your work so for the door locks you just want to plug the green plug in go ahead and plug in the windows so we can check those as well she sleeps on

Make sure the window goes up and down properly we’ll have to move that wire over so it doesn’t hit the window or come goes down and unlock and lock make sure everything goes in the right direction when you hit unlock it goes up and locks it down this is why we check everything before button my door pamela up i ended up moving the retainer for this wire harness to

The other side of the bracket so that when the window comes down it doesn’t rub up on we always want to check our work there’s no rain now that the wire lever rub up against the window so all’s good now we just button door panel back up it’s just a reverse of how we took it apart can’t forget this bracket here there’s a little hook here that lines up for the hole

In the door get that lined up get these two screws started by hand go ahead tighten her up not too tight these are very tiny screws seven millimeters now we’ll grab a door the courtesy light goes in this hole right here just line up the peg and turn it clockwise so it snaps in now the door panels got these hooks that just go into the corresponding holes in the door

Just a matter of lining all those uh endless door lock let’s get everything in line push this back down and you can proceed to put your screws in starting with the short the short phillips screw it goes into the door next to the door handle two slightly longer phillips screws that go on a bottom of the door and one seven millimeter goes in right here careful not

To drop it screw now we pop the trim piece back on there’s this little tab here that needs to get put in first others just line up let’s snap in you know it’s done properly when there’s no gaps and the switch panel of all the connectors in there all different sizes so they only go in one way don’t force anything you have to force it in is likely you got it in wrong

And just like this panel this little tongue here has to go underneath the door panel and there’s a clip here on the front you just push down and now we the world down lock/unlock no more sad face noise everything sounds nice and good jobs done if you latched it ahead to make sure the lights stay off while you’re working make sure you pull on the door handle and

Push it back down otherwise you can’t shut the door just like i did earlier and that’s how you do a door lock actuator in a super crew

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2003 Ford F150 SuperCrew: door lock actuator replacement By AKJeeper

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